An Evening with Helen Rappaport

Sep 12, 2018

Helen Rappaport is speaking about her new book The Race to Save the Romanovs on the Wednesday 27th June 18:30 at Waterstones Piccadilly.

Published ahead of the 100-year anniversary of their deaths, The Race to Save the Romanovs is an incredible detective story that uncovers the truth behind the secret plans to rescue Russia’s Imperial family. Helen Rappaport will be joining us in store to discuss her latest book, the legacy of the Romanov family, and how her work has overturned the popular narrative of this period of history.

Drawing on extensive lost and overlooked material, The Race to Save the Romanovs overturns 100 years of traditional thinking that the failure to evacuate the Romanovs to England in 1917 was the fault of King George V. Rather, Helen tracked down countless missing documents, destroyed papers and covert plots to consider how many more players and conspiracies were involved in the failure to evacuate the family. This was never a simple case of one British King’s loss of nerve: in this race against time, many other nations and individuals were facing political and personal challenges of the highest order as the Romanovs, imprisoned, awaited their fate.

Ground-breaking, gripping and evocative, join us at Waterstones Piccadilly as Helen discusses The Race to Save the Romanovs, and the truth about the secret plans to rescue Russia’s last imperial family, and what really happened in 1918.

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