Apr 26, 2019

Does the power of the word still hold strong in a world ruled by Twitter?

Have the vessels of ideas, the carriers of argument, the components of poetry, the language that makes us human – seemingly lost their strength in the time of reduced attention span?

Historian, critic, journalist and broadcaster Simon Schama has been living in a house of words for over fifty years. He has orchestrated a symphony of words in grand novels and snappy essays; from live comedy in Chicago to cooking shows on TV. He now has a brand new body of work on all manner of subjects from Leonard Cohen to Falstaff and populism to pomegranates.

Experience his words live on stage with Simon Schama: The Wordy Tour at the following locations:

Theatre Royal Haymarket, London – 2nd June

The Apex, Bury St Edmunds – 5th June –

Dublin (venue to be announced) – 6th June

The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh – 9th June –