Publication of Ayelet Waldman’s A REALLY GOOD DAY

Jan 4, 2017

Congratulations to Ayelet Waldman on publication of A Really Good Day by Corsair in the UK today! Ayelet’s memoir of a month experimenting with microdosing LSD as a treatment for anxiety depression, it’s a fascinating, eye-opening, miraculously honest and moving book, and we’re very proud to be Ayelet’s UK agents. Don’t take our word for it?

“Ayelet Waldman is fearless, which is our good fortune and sometimes hers. That boldness led to her fruitful adventures in mind-altering substances recounted here. Subtly mind-altering; this is a book about sub-hallucinatory microdoses of LSD but also about marriage and family life, insomnia, addiction, her past as a defense attorney, our insane drug laws, moods and dispositions and afflictions, and a lot of other stuff braided into an informative, amusing, nonchalantly incendiary narrative.  You could call this book her war on the war on drugs, but it’s so much more, and so much more funny.”
Rebecca Solnit, author of A Field Guide to Getting Lost

“Crisp, hilarious, and weirdly optimistic, Ayelet Waldman breaks from the convention of mental health memoir the way an acid head breaks from reality. At its core this is a deeply romantic story about the redemptive power of marriage, surprising and easy to celebrate.”
Jenni Konner, showrunner and executive producer of Girls, co-founder of Lenny Letter

“It’s a simple, delightful premise: a journal of microdosing. Then Waldman brings so much to the project that it turns into something else, something far more beguiling. Her marriage, her family, her formidable neuroses, her years as a lawyer and a law professor, her skills as a journalist, her stand-up comic’s timing, her harrowing gift for self-knowledge—all of these become the main strengths and true subjects of her study. The result is constantly entertaining, slyly educational, and surprisingly moving.  You end up wishing desperately for her radical honesty to be rewarded with a greater ration of contentment. I don’t know another writer like her.”
William Finnegan, author of Pulitzer-Prize-winner Barbarian Days, Cold New World, and A Complicated War

“In this raw, honest, and ultimately hopeful journey, Waldman takes us deep into the forest of her mind and moods. The success of her story with microdosing reminds the medical and legal communities how much still remains to be understand about the brain.”
Dr. David Eagleman, neuroscientist, New York Times best-selling author of Incognito, creator of the PBS series The Brain

“Ignoring decades of drug war propaganda, Ayelet Waldman bravely chose to take back her psyche using forbidden medicine. The result is this candid and fearless mental travelogue. Funny, wise, surprising, and all too human, this book about peering through the veil of self may just – if you dare to let it – drive you sane.”
Walter Kirn, author of Up in the Air (Adapted to Academy Award nominated film)

“A hilarious, intriguing, and thoroughly persuasive account of how a middle-aged mother of four, a writer and lawyer terrified of drugs, found life-changing serenity by microdosing with LSD. It seems that LSD can not only make walls breathe and worlds become one, but turn grouchy, yelling people into happy, reasonable ones. Ayelet Waldman’s terrific book holds out hope to the mood-afflicted everywhere that there is a solution to their misery without the side-effects of anti-depressants—a solution that doesn’t produce mystical revelations but just a really good day. LSD is illegal, but fortunately this book isn’t, and it has much the same effect.”
Larissa MacFarquhar, staff writer for the New Yorker and author of Strangers Drowning

Available in bookstores, and on Amazon here.