PFD Celebrates 100 Years of Storytelling: 1924 to 2024

© David Gentleman

Peters Fraser + Dunlop, London’s leading literary agency, marks its centenary this October, celebrating the anniversary year with an exciting line up of events, including an original illustration by David Gentleman (left), a client since 1976. From a peek into the archives and profiles of authors to commemorative cocktails and a mentorship scheme, the agency is raising a glass to its unrivalled cultural legacy while looking towards a bright future.

Commenting on the centenary milestone, CEO Caroline Michel said, ‘Past and present – the power of delivering the very best of storytelling from the best of writers is our passion at PFD. From our youngest intern to our most experienced agent, we get up in the morning to work with our writers, finding and exploring territories, markets, formats, and trends to enhance every aspect of what we deliver for our clients. I believe we are living in one of the most exciting times of possibility for our authors.’

Set up by A. D. Peters in 1924, PFD is proud to be one of the oldest, independent literary agencies in London. Peters’ original aim with his literary agency was to support writers who felt unprotected in the world of publishing, and, a century later, the agency remains true to its roots: focusing on writers, championing their stories, and representing their best interests.

Over the decades, PFD has built on this rich heritage celebrating stories in all their forms, with classic authors like Evelyn Waugh, Rebecca West, Hilaire Belloc, J. B. Priestley, and E. M. Forster to contemporary writers including Jeanette Winterson, Rose Tremain, Richard Coles, Danielle Steel, and Simon Schama. PFD’s children’s list has followed suit, with classics old and new, like Michael Rosen’s Going on a Bear Hunt and Onjali Q. Raúf’s The Boy at the Back of the Class.

Passionate about securing every opportunity available to writers and their work, the agency is committed to innovation and creativity. This dedication has succeeded in securing deals that pioneer new trends, like The GCHQ Puzzle Book, selling rights that make the old new again, with stage and screen adaptations like The Inheritance based on E. M. Forster’s Howard’s End, Greyhound based on C. S. Forester’s The Good Shepherd, and the recent Van der Valk series based on Nicolas Freeling’s detective series. PFD prides itself on bringing stories to new readers around the world and finding homes for under-represented voices through programmes like the Queer Fiction Prize.

‘At PFD we go out of our way to find new talent, whether we are dreaming up ideas for writers, discovering someone’s extraordinary words in print or on social media, or reading  through our very welcome submissions. We are curious and committed to discovering and working with the greatest writers across the world.’

With an energetic and collaborative team across Books, Children’s, Foreign Rights, Contemporary Classics, Film + TV, and Broadcast departments, PFD is perfectly poised to take on the next hundred years with enthusiasm, agility, and strength.

Illustration © David Gentleman, 2023