New York Times Review of Books lauds ‘St. Ivo’

Apr 16, 2020

Following the much anticipated publication of Joanna Hershon’s fifth novel, St. Ivo, The New York Times Review of Books has posted a rave review:

“Hershon maintains a quiet terror throughout this slim,  eccentric novel. Though it moves at a harrowing pace, [St. Ivo] is not a traditional thriller . . . The friction resides, innovatively, in the agony of interpersonal misunderstandings . . . Structurally Hershon takes unconventional risks . . . The book does not grant us a neat, circular ending, and Hershon is not afraid of ambiguity . . . These aspects function as part of the novel’s charm: fiction full of complexity, devoted to reality. And in the end, a larger sense of purpose crashes down in a satisfying burst.”

Read the full article here.

Pre-order St. Ivo in the UK here.