Oct 22, 2019

Transworld are delighted to announce a new book from number one bestselling self-help guru Paul McKenna.

SEVEN THINGS THAT MAKE OR BREAK A RELATIONSHIP will be published on 13 February 2020 and launched with a major PR and marketing campaign. Transworld acquired UK & Commonwealth rights in a multi-book contract direct from the author, now represented by Caroline Michel at PFD.

Using his decades of experience in the self-improvement field, including his work with A-list stars around the world, Paul McKenna is now turning his tried-and-tested talent to the popular subject of happy, fulfilling relationships.

SEVEN THINGS THAT MAKE OR BREAK A RELATIONSHIP promises help readers on a wide scale: making relationships strong, richer and better, learning how to stop making the same mistakes over and over again, and using proven scientific principles that make relationships work. McKenna explains that just one change can transform a relationship, and in this new book sets out the actions that sabotage relationships and teaches the accessible and practical techniques to overcome them. The book is packaged with a free downloadable video and audio sessions with McKenna.

SEVEN THINGS will be publishing into a buoyant part of the books market, with the

Marriage, Family & Relationships sector showing continued growth over recent years and currently up 28% year-to-date on 2018. Publication will be launched with a high-profile serialisation in the Mail on Sunday and interview in You Magazine, followed by extensive broadcast and print media. National advertising will promote the book across the UK ahead of and during Paul McKenna’s planned nationwide city tour in February and March 2020.

Susanna Wadeson, Non-Fiction Publishing Director at Transworld says: ‘Paul McKenna is a self-help star. He has helped the great and the good lose weight, grow rich, conquer insomnia and transform their lives, selling over 10 million books worldwide along the way.  A new book from him will always be exciting and this feels like one of the most important subjects he has addressed – it is certainly the one closest to our hearts.’

Paul McKenna says ‘I am very excited about this new book. It has taken a long time to write and I am very proud of its unique and ground-breaking content. Given that relationships are something that nearly everyone is interested in, I believe this could be one of my biggest sellers ever.’