Neil Woods’ Good Cop, Bad War optioned for TV by Line of Duty Producer

Jan 2, 2017

World Productions has optioned TV drama rights in Good Cop, Bad War, the bestselling and controversial crime memoir by ex-undercover drugs officer, Neil Woods, written with J.S. Rafaeli.

World Productions, award-winning producers of Line of Duty, fought off stiff competition to secure adaptation rights from Jonathan Sissons at Peters, Fraser & Dunlop.

Drawing on Woods’ 14-year field experience infiltrating drug gangs throughout the UK, Good Cop, Bad War charts his journey from rookie undercover cop and dedicated law enforcer to anti-prohibition advocate.

The book details Woods’ ground-breaking covert work infiltrating the most dangerous gangs in Britain alongside his growing disillusionment with the “War on Drugs”, which empowers “the very worst elements in society”.

Woods is now the chairman of LEAP UK, the British chapter of the international organisation Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, that campaigns for a reform of drug policy and is formed exclusively of law enforcement figures.

Good Cop, Bad War was published by Ebury Press in August 2016 and has attracted rave reviews and extensive media coverage, including features in The Mail on Sunday, The Telegraph, The Mirror and The Guardian, and author appearances on BBC and Sky News.

“A gripping exposé of the disastrous reality of the drug war” Decca Aitkenhead, Guardian

“Woods’ book will open the public’s eyes to the raw violence and canniness of the drug world” VICE UK

“An extremely rare insight into the world of undercover policing” i news

“This is the best book ever written about the British war on drugs” Johann Hari (author of NYT bestseller Chasing the Scream)

Author Neil Woods said: “The response to Good Cop, Bad War has been overwhelming. I know many people have been shocked by the issues explored in the book. Many are unaware of what really goes on on the streets of our towns and cities, and indeed within some police departments themselves. I am extremely excited to be working with World Productions, who are clearly the right people to bring this story to the screen in all its grit and complexity.”

Creative Director of World Productions, Simon Heath said: “Neil’s gripping account of Britain’s war on drugs will make brilliant and timely TV drama. We’re thrilled that Neil has given us the chance to bring his story to the screen.”