Lockdown Library – Irina Georgescu

Apr 9, 2020

Today on #LockdownLibrary we have another Lockdown Lunch for you! Watch Irina Georgescu make her delicious Romanian Butterbean dip, straight out of her amazing new cookbook, Carpathia, published by White Lion in March 2020.

PFD’s Lockdown Library is a new project bringing together our wonderful authors to offer up some fun, learning and relaxation during these strange times. We’ll be posting regular book readings, short talks and Lockdown Lunches from our chefs, so be sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram(both @pfdagents) to see when there’s something new in the #LockdownLibrary.


Irina Georgescu is a food writer whose work draws on her Eastern European heritage. Irina feels very strongly about exploring the world through food, understanding people through what they eat and putting things in the context of history. It is her love and commitment to talking about Romanian culinary traditions that made her pursue her dream and write about this heritage. Her cooking is inspired by her mother and grandmother, by her life in the busy capital city Bucharest and by her constant explorations into the history and food of her country. Whilst trying to keep close to the traditional ways of cooking, she also brings her own interpretation to these dishes. She was born in Bucharest, Romania, and now lives in the UK. Carpathia was published by White Lion in MArch 2020 and is available to buy at the following outlets:

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Romania is a cultural melting pot. Its character is rooted in many cultures from Greek, Turkish and Slavic in the south and east, to Austrian, Hungarian and Saxon in the north and west.

Carpathia, the first book from food writer Irina Georgescu, aims to introduce the reader to Romania’s unique, bold and delicious cuisine: an amalgamation of all its cultural influences. In doing so, it will take the reader on a culinary journey to the very heart of this fascinating European country, exploring its history, landscape and traditions through food.

From chargrilled aubergines, polenta fritters and butterbean hummus, to tangy borş, stuffed breads and Viennese style layer cakes, Romanian cooking speaks of a country that’s never afraid to mix things up!