Feature documentary Escape From Homs, based on Under the Wire by Paul Conroy, to be released in 2018

Dec 18, 2017

The feature documentary film Escape from Homs, based on the book Under the Wire by Paul Conroy, will be theatrically released in late Spring 2018. Following theatrical release, the film will debut on TV on History in the US and BBC 4 in the UK.

Marie Colvin and Paul Conroy, Sunday Times war correspondent and photographer respectively, entered Homs, Syria, during the Arab Spring uprising in the hopes of getting footage of the trapped Syrian civilians. Colvin and Conroy ended up trapped themselves, with only Conroy returning home alive. Escape From Homs includes exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage inside Homs.

The film is directed by Chris Martin, and produced by Arrow Media in association with Vice Films and the BFI Film Fund.