Yasmine Mohammed

Yasmine Mohammed


Canadian human rights activist, Yasmine Mohammed, advocates for the rights of women living within Islamic majority countries, as well as those who struggle under religious fundamentalism. She is also the founder of Free Hearts Free Minds, an organisation that provides psychological support for ex-Muslims living within Muslim majority countries- where the state sanctioned punishment for leaving Islam is death. 

Yasmine is a member of the prestigious Center for Inquiry (CFI) Speaker’s Bureau. She is also on the Board of Advisors for The Brighter Brains Institute, an organisation that builds secular schools. She has spoken in Canadian parliament on M103 and ‘Islamophobia’ and has been featured in national publications such as: US News The National PostThe Daily Mail, and The Mirror

She has been invited to speak in Ivy League universities and world-renowned venues for many organisations including: The Freedom From Religion Foundation, Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation, Ayn Rand Institute, and Think Inc. 

Yasmine is currently in the process of writing her memoir; recalling her experiences growing up in a fundamentalist Islamic household, her arranged marriage to a member of Al-Qaeda, and shedding light on the religious trauma that so many women still today are unable to discuss. 

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I criticize and often lampoon my former faith of Christianity. I'm not a Christianophobe.

When we criticize and often lampoon Islam as an idea and Truth claim, it's not irrational fear that drives us, nor is it anti-Muslim bigotry.

Islamophobia is a bullshit term. https://t.co/PVGTjXMGtt

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Dear @YasMohammedxx I want to tell you about my mom, one day when she was not wearing a veil in our city, our religious neighbors attacked her. when she returned home, her eyes were full of sadness, and she told me that she just wanted to feel freedom.😔💔

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I forced to wear it by my parents
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#FreeInHijab my mother forced me to wear the hijab by threatening me with hellfire and putting her hands over my neck, my brother threatened to send me back to saudi arabia if I ever took it off, now I am finally free

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The majority of women here don't have the choice, they are forced to wear it, and I'm one of them.


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