Yasmine Mohammed

Yasmine Mohammed


Canadian human rights activist, Yasmine Mohammed, advocates for the rights of women living within Islamic majority countries, as well as those who struggle under religious fundamentalism. She is also the founder of Free Hearts Free Minds, an organisation that provides psychological support for ex-Muslims living within Muslim majority countries- where the state sanctioned punishment for leaving Islam is death. 

Yasmine is a member of the prestigious Center for Inquiry (CFI) Speaker’s Bureau. She is also on the Board of Advisors for The Brighter Brains Institute, an organisation that builds secular schools. She has spoken in Canadian parliament on M103 and ‘Islamophobia’ and has been featured in national publications such as: US News The National PostThe Daily Mail, and The Mirror

She has been invited to speak in Ivy League universities and world-renowned venues for many organisations including: The Freedom From Religion Foundation, Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation, Ayn Rand Institute, and Think Inc. 

Yasmine is currently in the process of writing her memoir; recalling her experiences growing up in a fundamentalist Islamic household, her arranged marriage to a member of Al-Qaeda, and shedding light on the religious trauma that so many women still today are unable to discuss. 

Yasmine Mohammed @ConfessionsExMu

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Welp. I guess we’ll all be wearing Priest Collars, rosaries, and crucifixes in solidarity now, right?

PS: I’m glad the Priest survived and that he’ll be ok.

I’ve had long hair almost my whole life. When I was a teen, I heard many times from my theology teachers in school: “girls who don’t cover their hair, after death they go directly to hell and will be hanged from their hair”. I didn’t like to cover my hair and I always had the

@mini_707070 @WorldHijabDay God knows what these ppl are trying to prove. #MuslimWomen have lost lives and generations fighting against this Evil clothing which represents nothing but slavery and force.

#NoHijabDay @TarekFatah @Imamofpeace @miss9afi @ConfessionsExMu

@Dudley_Morris @jonathantimar @ConfessionsExMu @Surrey_Atheist @BauerHockey This is true. As well, a lot of Westerners aren't aware that the hijab was imposed on women in many countries just 40-60 years ago. Hijab only became compulsory in Iran after Khomeini seized power: https://t.co/pB3ehgkypX

(5/) only had in general the opposite experience. So with that, Id just like to thank some of my favourite brains on this site, and tell you I love you, and I appreciate you. ❤ @LawyerGirlMiami @taylorburrowes @Emmyjewel @RaychelTania @MeganKPenguin @GeorgiNoch @ConfessionsExMu


They fetishize it because it’s harmless TO THEM.

They could care less what it means to other women in other countries. They don’t matter.

They are #fauxminists that are self-centered and can’t see past their own nose


@ConfessionsExMu @BauerHockey You deleted your post, why !? I know because you are afraid of brave and free women ✌️🤞


@BauerHockey Hi there. It seems you deleted our thread with hundreds of ppl protesting against this fetishization of rape culture. Here it is, I’ll post it again for you:


Nice try, @BauerHockey

Delete our thread...

Block me...

You cannot silence ppl

There’s no Sharia here

We will continue to voice our opinions on your appeasement of rape culture and celebration of Muslim girls ONLY if they comply w Sharia


I honestly don’t even know

In Egypt they fought against the hijab, but the Islamists still won.

In Iran they fought against the hijab, but the Islamists still won

In the West, you dont even fight it. You fetishize it. You profit from it. You support the misery of others...

@BauerHockey What are you saying? All the Muslim women who do not wear a hijab and you promote these women because they wear one?

@ConfessionsExMu @BauerHockey Disgusting Islamist propaganda that shows only hijabis as real Muslim girls.

@Surrey_Atheist @BauerHockey ‘...but not because of their hijabs’

Literally the only reason Bauer cares to celebrate these girls is BECAUSE OF THEIR HIJAB! Ridiculous.

@BauerHockey Do you have any videos of Muslimahs playing hockey who don't wear hijab? If not, I doubt you saying "but not because of their hijabs".

@ConfessionsExMu @BauerHockey As an Iranian girl who had to wear a Hijab because of the Islamic dictatorship, I have to say that hijab is the most painful means of humiliating a woman. Hijab is a stripping of the freedoms of a woman.

@BauerHockey I’m sure there are MANY Muslim girls that play hockey, but thank you for perpetuating the stereotype that Muslim girls are only worth celebrating if they wear hijab. Girls are killed for that-in Canada! Shame on you.



Please go to their page and tell them how you feel.

Notice how people didn't gratuitously start wearing yarmulkes to show solidarity with the Jewish community in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue attacks?

And it would have been odd if they did.

Please watch this to understand how dangerous it is to support hijab and niqab

@Nike @marksandspencer @gap @Mattel endorse rape culture

While they promote freedom for Western girls, they profit from subjugation of ‘other’ girls