William Sitwell

William Sitwell


William Sitwell is the editor of Waitrose Kitchen Magazine and is featured on all strands of MasterChef in the UK (MasterChefMasterChef: The ProfessionalsCelebrity MasterChef and Junior MasterChef) which is distributed worldwide.

William has made a number of documentaries including Michelin Stars – The Madness of Perfection (BBC2). He has been named Editor of the Year in awards from both the British Society of Magazine Editors and the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA). He was a regular judge on Britain’s Best Dish(ITV1) and was co-presenter of the BBC2 series A Question of Taste.

His first book A History of Food in 100 Recipes was published by Harper Collins in 2012. His next book Eggs or Anarchy? (published in 2016) and is one of the great, British stories of the Second World War yet to be told in full. It reveals the heroic tale of how Lord Woolton, Minister for Food, really fed Britain.

In Soho Radio’s weekly programme William Sitwell’s Biting Talk, he explores the important issues in the world of food and drink. He has also presented the Classical Kitchen podcast in collaboration between Waitrose and Classic FM.

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@WilliamSitwell reviews Japanese Grill, Surrey: "The yellowtail was a beautiful piece of fish covered in washing-up lather"


It’s all too easy to parade your credentials these days just by picking up your phone. Food critic @WilliamSitwell looks at the virtue signallers, or influencers, that are particularly rife when it comes to food. #food #virtualsignalling #influencer https://t.co/xyAAmZdIMA

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Read it and weep @williamsitwell: Northamptonshire is the most foodie county in the UK https://t.co/oTfI2CoWKH via @thenenequirer

The county holds more than 20 quality food and drink festivals and events, including our own @LoveNorthampton Food Fair at the Guildhall.

Hamm Tun Fine Foods produces the award winning Cobbler's Nibble, Northamptonshire's first commercially-produced cheese since Roman times.

Farming in Northamptonshire produces 687 million loaves of bread, 32 million litres of vegetable oil, 300 million eggs, and employs 4,000 people...

95% of households have a product on their shelves from Northampton's @BritishPepper

It’s official: Northamptonshire is Britain’s most foodie county #britainsbestsurprise

During the opening to the year of #foodanddrink @WilliamSitwell made the bold claim that Northamptonshire is Britain's most foodie county. He managed to stack it up with some convincing statistics.

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