William Sitwell

William Sitwell


William Sitwell is a Telegraph critic and writer and is featured on all strands of MasterChef in the UK (MasterChefMasterChef: The ProfessionalsCelebrity MasterChef and Junior MasterChef) which is distributed worldwide.

William has made a number of documentaries including Michelin Stars – The Madness of Perfection (BBC2). He has been named Editor of the Year in awards from both the British Society of Magazine Editors and the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA). He was a regular judge on Britain’s Best Dish(ITV1) and was co-presenter of the BBC2 series A Question of Taste.

His first book A History of Food in 100 Recipes was published by Harper Collins in 2012. His next book Eggs or Anarchy? (published in 2016) and is one of the great, British stories of the Second World War yet to be told in full. It reveals the heroic tale of how Lord Woolton, Minister for Food, really fed Britain.

In Soho Radio’s weekly programme William Sitwell’s Biting Talk, he explores the important issues in the world of food and drink. He has also presented the Classical Kitchen podcast in collaboration between Waitrose and Classic FM.

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Anyone know of a great supper club serving Indian food that was running pre-COVID in Wales??

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Tune in to #bitingtalk tonight at 6pm with @WilliamSitwell. I’ll be joining him for chats about food, cooking and my new book http://smarturl.it/RootStemLeaf @QuadrilleFood

It's a strange time for #restaurants right now, but this critic thinks that they'll bounce back from the #pandemic. After all, they had take-out in ancient Pompeii and restaurants boomed in post-revolution Paris. Author @WilliamSitwell joined us: https://bit.ly/2YYgnDs

On #BitingTalk at 6pm on your telephone. I’ll be having my first Insta chat with @Selene_Nelson since we, er, met on email in October 2018.

How Will #restaurants Reinvent Themselves Post-Lockdown? A Conversation with Critic and Restaurant Historian @WilliamSitwell
https://lithub.com/how-will-restaurants-reinvent-themselves-post-lockdown/ via @lithub

I'm finding it easy to understand what Boris is saying, you have to be purposely not understanding it or just a bit dim not to follow this tbh. #BorisJohnson

If you need cheering up a bit watch this lady making pastry.

Our Contributing Editor @shootingpic looks forward to a time when we can once again enjoy a good meal at a restaurant, by reading ‘The Restaurant - A History of Eating Out’ by @WilliamSitwell. You can read his review of this excellent book here: https://bit.ly/2SSFwLP

Great! Hope you enjoy it.

@WilliamSitwell as per your recommendation on offer Waitrose Brackley. 👍

Just placed my order for @Fishers_Gin . Can’t wait sounds great . As seen on @WilliamSitwell #bitingtalk

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@WilliamSitwell @BoisdaleLife @DamienMcCrystal As former front man at El Vino Blackfriars I can vouch for Mr McCrystal's almost super-human efforts in the area of consumption, whose enthusiasm never faltered and good humour was never lost - cheers to more inebriated times!