Will Francis

Will Francis


Will Francis is a recognised authority in digital media and technology, having been listed by The Telegraph, Independent and NMA as a top influencer in this space. He regularly appears on TV, radio and in print to share his expertise.

Having run ad agencies he’s helped some of the world’s most loved brands – Samsung, Nike, Penguin Books, Warner Bros, Spotify and many more – to reach their audiences in more innovative and meaningful ways. Previously he was a key early member of the team at pioneering social network MySpace, personally working with film and music artists from Justin Bieber to Jared Leto to bring them closer than ever to their adoring fans. Will’s been part of a seismic shift in the entertainment industries and he’s been in ‘social media’ since before the term existed.

Will now travels the world sharing his expertise through training, consultancy and keynote speeches in-house for global brands and at major conferences. He’s a contributor to  media channels including BBC, ITV, Guardian, Talk Radio and CNN offering his opinions on the technology issues of our time.

Will is the digital judge for the Fresh Awards, recognising outstanding UK creativity in advertising and also an advisor to Facebook, focusing on helping female entrepreneurs get more out of their business products. As an early Bitcoin investor he’s been involved in cryptocurrencies since long before they hit the headlines, and he continues to manage a volatile portfolio.

His first book Cocktails of the Movies was published by Random House in 2015, with a new refreshed edition released recently. Illustrated by his wife Stacey Marsh the duo have more books exploring popular culture and technology currently in the works.

The topics Will speaks on are:

  • advertising and marketing
  • emerging technology
  • social media
  • creativity
  • content creation – visual and copywriting
  • business and start-ups
  • digital transformation
  • blockchain and cryptocurrencies

As an event and broadcast speaker, Will specialises in explaining complex topics in an accessible and compelling way. He understands how to keep audiences fascinated and inspired, even whilst exploring the more technical side of business and creativity. Embracing interactive and Q&A sessions at events, he’s always happy to include audience participation elements in his talks.


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The significance of this band entering global culture can't really be overstated. There aren't many things you can confidently say that about.

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