Whitney Brown

Whitney Brown

Whitney Brown is a dry-stone waller and folklorist based in Greenville, South Carolina.

She spent her twenties bouncing between the University of North Carolina and the Smithsonian, small farms and commercial kitchens, and hillsides and blacksmith shops in Wales before realizing that she wanted to work with both her hands and her intellect.

Today, in addition to running her own stone masonry business, she continues to pursue independent oral history and photography projects in the US and Wales.

She can often be found staring up at stars, stretched out on picnic blankets, scrambling across remote hilltops, or helming a sailing vessel.


Whitney Brown @wbrownstone

Dog walk. 05/25/20 https://www.instagram.com/p/CAofzk7HkPo/?igshid=1u48wi22h0e63

Rock Castle Creek. All the water on my property drains down here. I need to look at the hydrological maps to see if I am, in fact, its headwaters. I live off a very good spring, and another small creek runs through… https://www.instagram.com/p/CAofDpJnPTD/?igshid=1suyvvn8qsqfq

New on the run. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAoe37EnqRA/?igshid=h9xorlf98jyl

I found a yawning kangaroo in my field. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAieAcGHCEe/?igshid=1w7qzjnylju04

This has had all the hallmarks of an attack by Russia. Not just online but the protests as well. Along with the anti Vax, anti mask movement. Someone needs to check the funding and fb pages of march organizers


The fascinating thing about @hayfestival Digital is that writers seem even more like... people. Not giants on a stage this year. The one I really won’t be able to comprehend on a Zoom call (or whatever) is Mantel. Maggie O’Farrell this a.m. is brilliant.

Inject bleach. Take a drug that can kill you. Spread bullshit conspiracy theories. Conspire with foreign countries to steal elections. Lie your fucking ass off every time you open your mouth. Try to stop US from voting. Won’t work. Nov.3 the nightmare ends.

Happiest spot in all of Patrick County: deck chairs on the “patio,” hayfestival on the Bluetooth speaker, whites on the line, and clouds above my crooked old house. It was a good day. (I also spent part of it… https://www.instagram.com/p/CAgxiXmnOM0/?igshid=7p3zpwmnfhoo

“My heart is at your festival.” @hayfestival #wordsworth250

Sitting in my field, listening to Vanessa Redgrave read Wordsworth’s “lonely as a cloud” lines for hayfestival ‘s Wordsworth 250. Kind of surreal, but great to have that Hay feeling of wonder at my own house this… https://www.instagram.com/p/CAf8CRHH2P-/?igshid=zaphfg0sabac

Okay, I didn't vote for Biden in my primary (I will always be a Warren Democrat), but he's our alternative to Trump. Tell him what you want, and give him money. I sent my first $5 today.

Officially, 10” from Monday afternoon to early Friday morning, and I literally just dug mini trenches to drain my tomatoes, but this fresh, gorgeous green is actually worth it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAfsvjpHBFq/?igshid=10zx2kbxq0sd5

The sun is out after four solid days of rain (10”), and @hayfestival is on! What a pleasure to be listening from home, here in Virginia. Gloria Steinem now...

Finally. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAfWsIOnccQ/?igshid=1493ox2zucevo

Writers: at what point do we decide whether what we are writing is important to an audience, or whether we are just processing our shit out loud and it's not pretty? Editors, yes, but before that?

I did a good thing today: upon hitting the archive paywall at the @parisreview for the 1st time, I finally subscribed. Those interviews helped me so much when I was first thinking of writing, and returning to them now will unstick me, I feel sure. Also, PR is excellent, full stop

I really need a @staceyabrams VP pick from @joebiden @DNC right now. Please don't go overwhelmingly centrist and non-controversial and therefore unappealing to everyone. Stacey has got the energy we need.

Maybe if we called it “male” in voting, President Trump wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it.

BAKERY: We refuse to serve gay people.
CONSERVATIVES: That is their right!
BAKERY: We refuse to serve anyone not wearing a mask.
CONSERVATIVES: You’re violating our rights!

It is clear. The President of the United States is a pathologically lying sociopathic criminal. His narcissism and abject stupidity will cause well over 100,000 Americans to die. He doesn’t care. We do. On Nov.3 we save Democracy & take him out in a landslide.