Whitney Brown

Whitney Brown

Whitney Brown is a dry-stone waller and folklorist based in Greenville, South Carolina.

She spent her twenties bouncing between the University of North Carolina and the Smithsonian, small farms and commercial kitchens, and hillsides and blacksmith shops in Wales before realizing that she wanted to work with both her hands and her intellect.

Today, in addition to running her own stone masonry business, she continues to pursue independent oral history and photography projects in the US and Wales.

She can often be found staring up at stars, stretched out on picnic blankets, scrambling across remote hilltops, or helming a sailing vessel.


Whitney Brown @wbrownstone

Meanwhile, in plant paradise... @ Durham, North Carolina https://t.co/78qvX6WeHQ

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The sordid Sixties: the sexual revolution’s complex legacy


A cheating Trump is par for the course


Hard week at work. piedmontwineimports @ Durham, North Carolina https://t.co/LUxks8RUQP

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This just literally should not be happening. https://t.co/8fFTHSxOEU via @NYTimes

Folks, we've had an amazing series of programs at @WilsonLibUNC so far this semester, but we're not done yet! You HAVE to come to our open house on April 4th (reception at 5, hundreds of dazzling collection items to amaze you at 5:30).

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Remember that time Donald Trump did something EVERY DAY to remind you just how trashy and mean he is? Let McCain rest. https://t.co/XZf77ISxAA

Hillary Clinton’s private email server is treason but Jared Kushner messaging the Saudi Crown Prince on WhatsApp to cover up the murder of a journalist is totally cool, apparently.

Elijah Cummings reveals that Jared Kushner's lawyer Abbe Lowell told the House Oversight Committee that Kushner "continues to use" WhatsApp and his personal email account to conduct official business, according to a letter obtained by Politico. https://t.co/RRfClljxPG

Which is exactly the reason this jackass shouldn't have security clearance.

Also, is Donald Trump in jail yet?

I'm doing two things right now for a living: delivering wine and curating. I'm sitting on my ass too much, and I'm getting fat. Is this the moment I get a gym membership again? Ugh, I never thought I'd see the day!

Friends, I'll be teaching field walling and talking writing with Owen @owensheers at @bmc_college in August. Please consider joining us! It'll be a magical few days out in the hills: https://t.co/PGpEpTqBvK

Look what can happen when it isn’t a place with the gun manufacturers and the NRA in-country! How I wish we would do the same.
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Remembering gospel pioneer Sister Rosetta Tharpe, born 104 years ago. When asked about music in the 1960s, she said, “Oh, these kids and rock & roll — that is just sped up rhythm & blues. I've been doing that forever.“ In 2018, she was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Hey Republicans,

I see you today are writing fond remembrances of John McCain because your cult leader keeps attacking him even though he’s dead.

NOTE: You are not brave. Until you directly condemn him, you are a coward on par with famous draft dodger Donald Trump.

Is it too much to ask that my publisher's own warehouse get their shit together & *actually* send the books I ordered? Is it that hard? They are the literal opposite of every other experience I've had of @HachetteUK , who have been wonderful at each turn save this one. 🤬