Tony Juniper

Tony Juniper


Tony Juniper CBE is the Chairman of the official nature conservation agency Natural England and a Fellow with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. He is also the Executive Director for Advocacy and Campaigns at WWF-UK. Before joining WWF in January 2018 Tony spent ten years working as an independent sustainability and environment advisor and writer, including as Special Advisor with the Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit and as co-founder of sustainability advisory group Robertsbridge.

He began his career as an ornithologist, working with Birdlife International. In 1990 he began a long period working at Friends of the Earth, initially leading the campaign for the tropical rainforests. After that, and following a period as campaigns director, he was from 2003-2008 the organization’s executive director. From 2000-2008 he was also Vice Chair of Friends of the Earth International. Among Friends of the Earth’s many achievements during Juniper’s time with the organization was the success of the Big Ask campaign that called for a new law on climate change (leading to the 2008 Climate Change Act – the first legislation of its kind in the world).

On joining WWF, Tony remained a Fellow with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and President of the Wildlife Trusts. He speaks and writes widely on conservation and sustainability themes and is the author of many books, including the multi-award winning 2013 best-seller What has Nature ever done for us? His latest book, the Ladybird Book guide to Climate Change, co-authored with HRH The Prince of Wales and Emily Shuckburgh, was published in January 2017. His latest book, Rainforest – dispatches from Earth’s most vital frontlines, was published in April 2018.

Juniper was the first recipient of the Charles and Miriam Rothschild conservation medal (2009) and was awarded honorary Doctor of Science degrees from the Universities of Bristol and Plymouth (2013). In 2017 he was appointed Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for services to conservation.

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We've published a new study on the impact that different UK habitats can have in helping us hit net zero by 2050 🌳

Read the report: #NetZero

"A 10-metre deep fenland #peat bog can store 8x as much carbon as the equivalent area of tropical rainforest,"💪

A recent study found that undisturbed 🌲woodland & peat bogs had the highest rates of #CarbonSequestration.

Read more from @JoeSommerlad 👉

Today’s the day! Our ⁦@NaturalEngland⁩ report on how habitats store and sequester carbon is released. ⁦@mike_morecroft⁩ gave a preview on BBC’s ⁦@BBCFarmingToday⁩

New @NaturalEngland research provides a timely reminder that meeting new climate targets is not only about technology, but also restoring the natural environment. We need to go low carbon & high Nature at the same time, not trade one for the other.

This is what the Nature Recovery Network is all about. Reconnecting & rebuilding.

An increasing number of conservation projects are re-connecting fragmented habitats in the UK. Let's have more wildlife highways, stepping stones and a greening of the farmed 'matrix' in between please!

Working with data archives always throws up unexpected and fascinating things. Today's discovery; deposits from Three Holes Cave in Devon contained European pond turtle/terrapin, dating to the mid 4th millenium BC!

We are desperately sad at the passing of Shirley Williams - the undisputed godmother of the Liberal Democrats, without whom the party probably wouldn’t exist.

As we mourn, we are grateful for her zeal, passion and commitment to the Liberal cause in the UK.

Probably the clearest win win environment policy of all. The flip side is to let things continue and exhaust the ocean of life.

Prince Philip, the inspiration behind the largest civil society environment and conservation movement in history. Thank you, and all for all the other work

Yes, as soon as #rewilding is seen in the context of a continuum, it rather takes the wind out of unnecessary arguments around what it strictly is, or isn't. Read more on the @IUCN_CEM 'Rewilding Thematic Group' here. The principles are very useful

Must read. Within societies, fragmentation is increasing — political, cultural, economic — and “large segments of the global population are becoming wary of institutions & governments that they see as unwilling or unable to address their needs,” it says (& climate change on top!)

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh was a powerful visionary and advocate for the natural world. We are deeply saddened by this news and are hugely grateful for his lifelong contribution to our work.

Deeply saddened by today’s news. The Duke of Edinburgh became patron of the Trust’s ‘Enterprise Neptune’ in 1965 leading to the acquisition of 574 miles of U.K’s coastline - for everyone. He leaves a lasting and extraordinary legacy.

If you read no other tribute, read this. Beautifully worded personal tribute by Barack Obama

We express our condolences on the passing away today of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, President Emeritus of WWF International. Prince Philip’s lifelong passion for the environmental cause will continue to guide us as we work to protect and restore nature for people and the planet.

Much attention today, rightly, to the Duke of Edinburgh’s contributions to conservation. One that is important, but perhaps less known, was founding the Alliance of Religion and Conservation in 1995. It has done great work, & is one of many fine legacies.

Very sad news indeed. Represented the best of that blue/green

Feeling really sad the world has lost Peter. He was a rare person indeed. A true advocate for the environment and for young people. So open, so kind and always a twinkle in his eye (the right type, looking for humour). RIP

Awful news. Plotting with Peter Ainsworth was one of the very best bits of my job at FoE. Deeply committed to a better environment for all, but also witty, smart and at times fantastically indiscreet. He even made Party Conference bearable (there is no higher praise from me.)