Tony Juniper

Tony Juniper


Tony Juniper CBE is a prominent environmental figure, active in the defence of Nature for more than 35 years. He has led major organisations, run global campaigns, written many books and advised at the highest levels.

He began his career as an ornithologist and went on to join Friends of the Earth, initially leading the tropical rainforest campaign and then was appointed as Executive Director. He worked as an advisor to HRH The Prince of Wales, was President of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts and was an Executive Director at WWF-UK. He is now the Chair of the British Government’s official conservation agency Natural England and a Fellow with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. He has advised many global businesses on their environmental strategies.

His books include the multi-award winning What has Nature ever done for us? and Harmony, which was co-authored with The Prince of Wales. Tony Juniper is a frequent contributor to TV and radio broadcasts and is a prolific speaker on environmental themes.

He has received many awards and widespread recognition for his environmental work and in 2017 he was appointed Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for services to conservation.

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I’ve vivid recollections of BP’s ‘Beyond Petroleum’ plan launched back in 1997 in the run up to the Kyoto summit. Imagine where you’d be now if you’d stuck to that, rather than being led back to petroleum by new management. What a mistake that was, losing 25 years in the process.

If plastic pollution is in the voles, it’s gonna be in the Barn Owls & Kestrels too. Yet another pollutant in the cocktail that we’re forcing on them (e.g. SGAR, PCB, PFAS, neonic), and which we have little idea how they interact to affect them.

We sometimes (mistakenly) think of curlews as birds of upland moors. This project is helping reestablish their lowland range.

We’re leading an innovative project to help #curlews recover in the east of England!

The population of these wonderful birds has halved in the past 25 years and partnerships like this will help boost their population.

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Thanks Jim for the interest. This project you cite here is actually learning from @naturalengland’s @NatureBftB & indeed other @HeritageFundUK funded projects, working with @DrewBennellick & many other partners

Today, we publish our latest assessment of UK progress in reducing emissions. Emissions rose 4% in 2021 - now is the time to move from ambition to the delivery of promised action to tackle #climatechange. Read our new report:

Our current national campaign to expand tree cover will hopefully be inspired by places like that. Wouldn’t it be good if in six centuries hence our descendants were able to remember our time as the moment when new wood pastures rich in wildlife were started off.

Britain ranks bottom in Europe for nature connectedness

Yes an excellent visit, & good to hear about the ambitions of the @EdenProject for a new centre in Morecambe. All very exciting, as is prospect of working to achieve a huge increase in offshore wind power capacity while seeking ways to protect & improve Nature.

Marvellous. I was pleased to see & hear a few of these lovely birds @Groundswellaguk last week. One indicator of farming that is also enabling wildlife.

The UK led the world in setting a target for net zero emissions. Floods, heatwaves & wild fires present reminders as to why this remains a top priority. When conflict & cost of living demand attention it’s important to remember to that jobs & security are part of the same deal.

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Who: Lead Adviser
What: to project manage the monitoring of a number of Sites of Special Scientific Interest located in the area.
Where: DCIoS Area Team

Contact us at

Deadline to apply by CV 01/07/22

Despite late nights and most delegates doing their very best 🙊, progress has been too slow 🙈 at #biodiversity negotiations in Nairobi. Sometimes we even went backwards 🙉

Let's see what this last day at the @UNBiodiversity talks brings #ForNature!

Birdfair is back look forward to chairing State of Earth Question Time on Friday evening book your tickets today
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Thanks @Groundswellaguk for organising such a brilliant gathering. Sharing ideas, testing thoughts, showing progress & fostering cooperation. All desperately needed aspects of what’s needed in addressing the crises at hand. Nice to see so many @NaturalEngland colleagues there too

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Join our dedicated Farmland Conservation team!

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"Make SSSIs bigger & National Parks better".

Fully agree with this think-piece commissioned by @NaturalEngland.

We need the Govt to give NE the resources to designate more SSSIs, & implement the Glover Review recommendations on NPs. h/t @inkcapjournal

How can land best be managed for people, nature and the climate? This key question was explored by conservationists & farmers during our recent spring conference. Recordings of each speaker are available via our YouTube channel & are well worth a watch...

We’ve just opened a 13.4-mile stretch of the #EnglandCoastPath, joining #NorthSomerset and #Somerset, from Sand Bay to Brean Down Fort 🌊

It’s home to a variety of birds and rare plants like white rock rose.

Clean air is important for pollinators 🐝

Studies have found that exhaust fumes can affect honeybee learning and memory, making it harder for them to locate flowers.

We support efforts to reduce air pollution to help pollinators and protect our environment.