Tony Juniper

Tony Juniper


Tony Juniper CBE is a prominent environmental figure, active in the defence of Nature for more than 35 years. He has led major organisations, run global campaigns, written many books and advised at the highest levels.

He began his career as an ornithologist and went on to join Friends of the Earth, initially leading the tropical rainforest campaign and then was appointed as Executive Director. He worked as an advisor to HRH The Prince of Wales, was President of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts and was an Executive Director at WWF-UK. He is now the Chair of the British Government’s official conservation agency Natural England and a Fellow with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. He has advised many global businesses on their environmental strategies.

His books include the multi-award winning What has Nature ever done for us? and Harmony, which was co-authored with The Prince of Wales. Tony Juniper is a frequent contributor to TV and radio broadcasts and is a prolific speaker on environmental themes.

He has received many awards and widespread recognition for his environmental work and in 2017 he was appointed Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for services to conservation.

Tony Juniper @TonyJuniper

Once extinct, now flourishing. 🦋

It’s great to see large blue butterflies in #SouthWestEngland on tonight’s episode of #WildIsles.

Over the last 30 years, our flagship #SpeciesRecoveryProgramme has helped change the fate of some of our most threatened species.

British Summer Time is here. More evening daylight to enjoy in the outdoors, including in gardens where with a bit of thought more wildlife can be encouraged, even in our city centres. Maybe mow a bit less & see how it goes?

2. Global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are now 60% higher than they were in 1990, and we have now put more GHG emissions into the atmosphere since the first IPCC report was released in 1990 (i.e., knowing about the problem) than in all of human history prior… (3/11)

Yesterday I was asked: “what are the 5 things you think everyone needs to know?”

So, I thought I’d share them here too:

1. This chart from the IPCC 6th Assessment Synthesis report, released this week, shows just how far away we are from limiting warming to below 2C: (1/11)

If you don't want to see a pic of my first Lapwing nest of the season, look away now. @_BTO

Courtesy of a landowner doing great things on 10ha of wet grassland.

This is a quite surprising step considering the fanfare that came with the announcement to end horticultural peat use in 2021.

This is so bitterly disappointing, and stinks of pathetic, "can't do" lobbying by a sector that's had 30 years to prepare

I sometimes wonder if the UK Horticulture sector is one of the least innovative, most dinosaur-like sectors in existence

Lovely morning on @Hoveton_Broad today with @JeromeMayhew MP, Chair @TonyJuniper & the local team seeing nature recovery in action following our 10-year ecological restoration project. #NationalNatureReserves #NatureRecoveryNetwork

(1/3) We congratulate everyone involved in the #PeoplesPlanForNature.

We look forward to exploring with @wwf_uk, @Natures_Voice and @nationaltrust how the ideas it presents could boost the Nature Recovery Network. 🧵

@UNBiodiversity @UN_Water @IUCN @WWF Freshwater #biodiversity is the most threatened of all biodiversity.
The biodiversity, climate, and water crises are interlinked & must be addressed together. The #KMGBF is a comprehensive and ambitious plan that will support the Water Action Agenda and #SDG6. We now need action!

Excellent to see the work of @NE_WestMids & partners in the Purple Horizons Nature Recovery Project recognised in this way.

My first podcast 😆! Thank you @BeaverTrust for the opportunity to discuss the role @NaturalEngland plays in supporting the reintroduction of #beavers in England.
Thank you @sophiepavs, @evabishop and @EmmaBrisdion for making the experience so enjoyable and hopefully informative

🆕Learning to live with reintroduced species: a @naturalengland commissioned paper is now available online!

Very much looking forward to joining the @CommonsEFRA committee this afternoon at 15.30 to 16.30 to present views from @NaturalEngland on species reintroduction in England

Fantastic @AusterRoger and coauthors to see this paper published! Beaver management groups will have a key role going forward and this paper includes very useful recommendations on how best to approach it. #learningtolivewithbeavers @NaturalEngland

#WorldFrogDay & also #WorldRewildingDay . To celebrate, here is my personal #rewilding journey. #frogs are one of the main benefactors. Plus the joy that it comes from creating space for nature. Small window box to massive country estates. It all adds up & nature needs it.

Do you have a sustainability policy @coopnews? A Nature crisis is gathering pace & putting these toxic pesticides in a shop is the wrong thing, especially next to the wild bird food! Please stop retailing these poisons, which are causing wildlife losses

Wonderful to see my wetland creation project at Oak Tree Farm on @BBCCountryfile - thanks @HerefordshireWT staff and vols for continuing it #Riverlugg 🐟🌾

This rather sums up the culture shift that has gone on over recent decades. I remember from early childhood gardens full of birds, frogs & insects, but many of which are now largely barren. Efforts to change global trends might best start on our literal doorsteps.