Timothy West

Timothy West


Timothy West and Prunella Scales are – first and foremost – actors. Over seventy years they have delighted millions, portraying a host of larger-than-life characters that the nation has taken to our hearts.

But their finest roles, it turns out, have always been as husband and wife – in the extraordinary and enduring double act that is Tim and Pru.

InĀ Pru and Me, Timothy West charts the course of their lives, from the years before they met – treading the boards in the 50s – to their secret courting, marriage and settling in Wandsworth. And then together as they established themselves at the heart of British theatre, television and film over the next seventy years, in some of the nation’s favourite shows, such as Fawlty Towers and Brass.

Crammed full of stories which are funny, poignant, jaw-dropping and occasionally painful, Pru and Me also vividly recounts the late blaze of glory that introduced the world to the real Tim and Pru, via Great Canal Journeys. Here, the couple charmed the nation while at the same time charting Pru’s gentle struggle with dementia.

A cosy, witty and above all uplifting story of two souls who found one another and have clung together through thick and thin, Pru and Me is a joyous portrait of an amazing marriage.