Tim Rice

Tim Rice


Sir Tim Rice is a world famous lyricist, author and radio presenter who has won numerous awards including 12 Ivor Novello awards, 4 Tonys, and 3 Oscars.

Tim first teamed up with Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1968. Together they created Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat then Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita . He has also worked as a lyricist for Disney, on The Lion King and Aladdin. Tim has written countless pop songs for artists including David Essex, Elton John, Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley.

He was knighted in 1994 and inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1999.

Tim was President of the MCC from October 2002-2003.


Sir Tim Rice @SirTimRice

PS Pete did a radio ad for Joseph for me and Andrew in 1969, way before we had any success, plugging our first ever LP (that's a round object with a hole in the middle, sometimes called an album). Go to Get Onto My Cloud episode 28. http://bpn.fm/getontomycloud

Well said Jess. May I add my congratulations to Pete, 97 years young today. Such a great voice of my childhood onwards.

Happy birthday to the great Micky Stewart 90 today. Former England cricket manager, captain of Surrey, Test batsman, world-class close fielder,

'Darius and Maynard' Get Onto My Cloud: The Tim Rice Podcast Ep.67
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Stop press: get Onto My Cloud episode 67 - Darius and Maynard podcast will be available on Wednesday round about midday. Had to walk the dog this afternoon.

Just finished Get Onto My Cloud Podcast 67 (as opposed to Car 67). "Darius and Maynard" includes two Darius Campbell tracks. Should be up and running later today. #Darius #MaynardWilliams @FHTEMusical

Why are so many popular performers described as “best-loved” rather than “most-loved”? “Best-loved” means “most efficiently loved” which may not always be the case. “most loved” is an accurate measure of popularity. (I don’t see this causing a Twitter storm)

Joseph at the Edinburgh Festival: Then and Now - Get Onto My Cloud: Tim Rice Podcast Ep66
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Sign on platform at Plymouth station: This is a no smoking station. Which stations in UK are smoking?

Shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Darius. He was outstanding starring in @FHTEMusical and was always a charming chap offstage. Also brilliant in Funny Girl. RIP

As I'm actually working at the moment (Aida, Chess, Eternity) my producer Pete Hobbs and I have decided to make Get Off My Cloud podcasts once a fortnight (US fans: that's 2 weeks). So #66 next Monday August 22. I hope. PS @FHTEMusical October Charing Cross Theatre (8 wk run)

Sounds and looks terrific. Many thanks Naomi. Tim R

This was my first time singing ‘Someone Else’s Story’ on stage in our tech rehearsal. It’s such a beautiful song that I connect with so much. Thank you for such a stunning musical and thank you to NYMT for the opportunity. Loving every moment with Svetlana✨ @NYMTuk @SirTimRice

And strangely this excellent track was never a single in the UK

Well done @NYMTuk for Brilliant Chess performance and reviews. So sorry I couldn’t be there (at Edinburgh Festival) but my spies tell me it was outstanding. I need a body double so I can be in two places at once. I wonder if Brad Pitt is available?

Had a great time being interviewed by @IainDale . Not only because he was more likely to fall over than I was. I’m very glad to see he is on the mend after his lower limbs accident. And a delight to meet his friend and colleague Jacque Smith.

I made it up to Edinburgh. As hot as down south. Great atmosphere.

Hope there is an audience at 4:30

I’m about to follow in the footsteps of inter alia @NicolaSturgeon & @jeremycorbyn being interviewed by @IainDale at the Edinburgh Fringe. Celebrating 50th anniversary (to the week) of 1st ever professional production of Joseph at Edinburgh Festival in 1972. Truss me no politics.

And now the sad loss of the wonderful Olivia Newton-John. A genuine superstar for half a century. A genuine good person for even longer. RIP