Tim Rice

Tim Rice


Sir Tim Rice is a world famous lyricist, author and radio presenter who has won numerous awards including 12 Ivor Novello awards, 4 Tonys, and 3 Oscars.

Tim first teamed up with Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1968. Together they created Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat then Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita . He has also worked as a lyricist for Disney, on The Lion King and Aladdin. Tim has written countless pop songs for artists including David Essex, Elton John, Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley.

He was knighted in 1994 and inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1999.

Tim was President of the MCC from October 2002-2003.


Sir Tim Rice @SirTimRice

I fear I’m going to have to take Kirsty on tour with me. Northampton February 6….

How come Kirsty gets more tweet response than me? How many musicals has she written?

Kirsty the dog wondering where her chauffeur is.

YIPPEE CENTRAL HUGE THANKS to hilarious and lovely @sarramanning and @RedMagDaily for this. And of course also cheers to @PublicityBooks whose #garnettgirls is also out next month and is a total corker of a read best consumed with vast cocktail on standby… https://twitter.com/publicitybooks/status/1619318593111621632

Happy 80th to the ever young @MarkWynter1 his big melodic hits still sound great today. An important part of my schooldays and honoured to have been Mark’s friend in later years.

Info for my world tour - or at least the first 4 dates. Could be the last 4 dates. Me + Duncan Waugh Band & Singers. Lotsa hits + the odd flop. Music:ALW, Elton, Bjorn & Benny, Alan Menken, Stu Brayson etc. Revelations and shining wit. Feb 6-12 inclusive. S'land v Reading Feb 11.

No but Stop Blowing Those Charity Bubbles is.

I feel I’m slightly past my peak these days but I still look back fondly on my career best 55 against Bill Heath’s Gentlemen some 30 odd years ago

I would love to return to Wales whether on tour or not. 4 Lewis seats in the bag!

And I shoud have mentioned the Fron Male Voice Choir for its wonderful performance of Anthem from @chessthemusical with @mrmichaelball

Depends if anyone turns up! Tell your pals.

@SirTimRice Will there be other dates for your tour in addition to the first four announced @SirTimRice Hope so.

And Eva HAS! And it's as good if not better than The Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets.

Plus one match for Heartaches CC

This lot not first to alter sex/genders of JC Superstar characters which if score unaffected, OK by me. However for "creative producer", Lew Forman to say JCS never beloved by the Christian community is cobblers. Good material for my upcoming chat/music tour though. #indigogirls

My admiration and thanks to the one and only Michael Ball for a wonderful performance of Anthem from Chess at the end of his marvellous TV series about Wales. @mrmichaelball #whatpipes!

Circle Of Words World Tour - Get Onto My Cloud: Tim Rice Podcast Ep.70 https://megaphone.link/BPNET1029834543
@chessthemusical @FHTEMusicalUK @EltonOfficial @officialALW @JosephMusical @JCSTheMusical @TheLionKing @Aladdin @FrankSinatra @BrianWilsonLive @Everly_Brothers @waughzone #SammyCahn

Oh no! The immaculate @RealKenBruce is leaving Radio 2. This should be illegal.