Sophie Beresiner

Sophie Beresiner


 Sophie Beresiner is an award-winning journalist and the beauty and style director at luxury digital editorial site Buro. Her weekly Times column, The Mother Project, in which she shares her infertility journey, won her PPA Columnist of the Year and is consistently among the newspaper’s most read features. She was Beauty Director at ELLE for seven years and is the author of the bestselling Back Chat Beauty: The Beauty Guide for Real Life.

Aged 31 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and years later she discovered that chemotherapy had made her infertile. After failed IVF and two miscarriages she plans to have a baby via surrogacy.

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Hair IS important the end

@SophieBeresiner Love your article about hair and cancer. Felt exactly the same way about my reflection. x

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"I now realise every mother is mothery, simply by virtue of having a child." @SophieBeresiner #TheMotherProject

.@SophieBeresiner's The Mother Project finds a home with @HarperCollinsUK, with the publisher saying "part memoir, part manifesto, The Mother Project is the epic story of Sophie’s quest for happiness"! More here:

Congratulations @SophieBeresiner !!!! 🥳

"This is where #infertility really sticks the boot in. The feeling of anxiety, of failure, of longing for the complete family picture doesn’t abate just because we overcame it once" @SophieBeresiner #TheMotherProject

@SophieBeresiner Beautiful article this week, I look forward to them all week. You are all so brave. There are no words to describe infertility and I have spent so many years feeling sorry for myself after multiple IVF failures and miscarriages now I feel like I wasn’t brave and need to be 💪🏼💪🏼

Gosh I so identify with this one @SophieBeresiner

My husband and I planned on a 50/50 split in everything, childcare and finances and all. Now I find myself relying on him to pay the bills. Which feels wrong and somehow a bit, I don’t know, icky?

Take a look at Sophie Beresiner's new project @SophieBeresiner

"I need to introduce the third new category of friends into my life: friends you have because they have children. I need mothery mother friends." @SophieBeresiner on the complexities of friendships after having a baby #TheMotherProject

Text from America: “It’s the end of an error”. #America

The world could reeeeeally do with some good news, please. Almost can’t believe what I’ve woken up to, knife edge, edge of your seat, seat of your pants, come on, PLEASE. America. Be good now.
🇺🇸 🤞🏼

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She’s barely recovered from the trauma of bringing M into the world — so why does @SophieBeresiner find herself longing for another baby? #TheMotherProject

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"It’s not that he won’t help me, it’s that I don’t want him to": @SophieBeresiner was used to financial stability, but #maternityleave has forced her into an unwelcome state of dependency #themotherproject

"I’ve done enough despair and despondency these past four years, so now I’m immortalising the good stuff": @SophieBeresiner talks motherhood and social media

"Brave, funny and honest, Sophie Beresiner takes us on her complex journey to parenthood and shows us that there’s more than one way to become a mother", @HarperCollinsUK scoops The Mother Project by @SophieBeresiner! See more: