Sophie Beresiner

Sophie Beresiner


 Sophie Beresiner is an award-winning journalist and the beauty and style director at luxury digital editorial site Buro. Her weekly Times column, The Mother Project, in which she shares her infertility journey, won her PPA Columnist of the Year and is consistently among the newspaper’s most read features. She was Beauty Director at ELLE for seven years and is the author of the bestselling Back Chat Beauty: The Beauty Guide for Real Life.

Aged 31 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and years later she discovered that chemotherapy had made her infertile. After failed IVF and two miscarriages she plans to have a baby via surrogacy.

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This week has been 67% atrocious. Unfortunately. Please can the weekend be nicer to me, thank you x

Isn’t it annoying when people say ‘’yep, mercury is in retrograde’. But also, mercury *is* in retrograde, which is also annoying.

Surrogacy and me: In this week's column @SophieBeresiner contemplates the birth plan

Throwback to my Mad Love story in my mad ELLE days which I loved, madly ❣️

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The opportunity for bankruptcy that baby girl clothes shopping presents is worrying. Especially after surrogacy, where we spent her inheritance on her existence. #STOPSHOPPING

"So. That card we got the sonographer to fill in with the sex of our baby? Mr B didn’t actually make me wait that long in the end."

@SophieBeresiner's award-winning weekly column following one woman’s journey towards motherhood

Hands up who was dying to skip to the end of the column because they couldn't wait to find out ✋✋✋✋ @SophieBeresiner

Breaking Twitter hiaitus because I’ve reached that stage of my social media cycle, and I’d like to crown @Schofe the winner of 2020. This is a good place for that, right?

@SophieBeresiner talks beauty in numbers! #valueofbeauty @britishbeautycouncil

A wolf pup howling for the first time is adorable

@lisapotterdixon @SophieBeresiner loved the back chat beauty book... was a great Xmas gift. Some really useful tips, thank you :) xx

Just watched a woman do immaculate full flicked eyeliner on a moving tube train, and she’s my first hero of 2020. Please do not come at me with your prissy “I hate women doing their makeup in public” clucking. It was a spectacular performance.

SO excited to see @lisapotterdixon @SophieBeresiner 's #BackChatBeauty Guide recommended on today's @thismorning 'Best Christmas Beauty Gift Ideas'. No nonsense beauty advice for real women.

SurrogacyUK gets a mention in @SophieBeresiner's latest post in @thetimes

Congratulations to Sophie and Mr B - exciting times ahead!

#uksurrogacy #surrogacyrocks

Thank you LC ♥️♥️♥️

Congratulations on your wonderful news ⁦@SophieBeresiner⁩ your story continues to bring hope to so many others 🙌🏻 #surrogacy #infertility #hope

This column by @sophieberesiner is so moving, heartbreaking and beautiful. Even more so today than usual > Surrogacy and me: The last chance | Weekend | The Times