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Sophie Beresiner


 Sophie Beresiner is an award-winning journalist and the beauty and style director at luxury digital editorial site Buro. Her weekly Times column, The Mother Project, in which she shares her infertility journey, won her PPA Columnist of the Year and is consistently among the newspaper’s most read features. She was Beauty Director at ELLE for seven years and is the author of the bestselling Back Chat Beauty: The Beauty Guide for Real Life.

Aged 31 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and years later she discovered that chemotherapy had made her infertile. After failed IVF and two miscarriages she plans to have a baby via surrogacy.

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It wouldn’t be right to let #worldbookday go by without dressing up as my favourite book of all time. Guesses? Anyone? Anyone?
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Very much appreciate always having someone to go on walks with. Not sure she always feels the same... 😆


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'It’s clear we’re all becoming institutionalised into this isolating way of life and it’s affecting our relationships.' @SophieBeresiner #TheMotherProject

'I was nothing more than a wild animal fiercely protecting her cub, like any other mother in there that day.' @SophieBeresiner #TheMotherProject

"Since we used a donor egg, I’m quite taken aback by how many people think she looks just like me."

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'I miss me. I miss the smell of my hair, clean. And my impressive repertoire of dresses, and me in lipstick (remember lipstick?!), and the friends who used to pepper my social life to make it, well, social.' @SophieBeresiner #TheMotherProject

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⁦@SophieBeresiner⁩ : This is the message women need when it comes to infertility which in fact should be renamed as actually what women are doing is simply figuring out ways they can have a child when it doesn’t come easily! MEDICINE IS AMAZING!

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'Ooph to the baby shower that never was. Ouch, the flatline maternity leave filled with conference calls and cabin fever. Argh, the lost swimming classes, sensory classes (what even are those?), first family holiday.' @SophieBeresiner #TheMotherProject

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H N Y 🤍 (and for some parts happy old one too)

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Super special time of year with her here x
Now I Christmas wish for little more than to reconnect like humans are supposed to in the not too distant future
x lots of (OK still slightly drunk) love x

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