Sophie Beresiner

Sophie Beresiner


 Sophie Beresiner is an award-winning journalist and the beauty and style director at luxury digital editorial site Buro. Her weekly Times column, The Mother Project, in which she shares her infertility journey, won her PPA Columnist of the Year and is consistently among the newspaper’s most read features. She was Beauty Director at ELLE for seven years and is the author of the bestselling Back Chat Beauty: The Beauty Guide for Real Life.

Aged 31 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and years later she discovered that chemotherapy had made her infertile. After failed IVF and two miscarriages she plans to have a baby via surrogacy.

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Never not wondering what life post lockdown will be like, especially as people slowly go back to work, especially in my industry.
This was a shot from my socially distanced shoot for thetimes, which was quite…

I put this up on @SophieBeresiner with a caption about feeling robbed of ‘proper’ mat leave. And then I took it down, because look how happy I am! This situation is just what it is, but it can only be positive when…

Yes, please.

"No one is supposed to know what will happen to them or how they will get there": @SophieBeresiner opens up about her extraordinary journey to motherhood ❤️

How strange that a citrus fruit can become so meaningful to me. Because of an American TV show. Who even am I?
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This new lelabofragrances was bottled for me two days before we flew to Washington to do the eighth and final embryo transfer - the one that made Marlies. I didn’t say why but got them to personalise it with…

Maternity leave in lockdown is definitely a different thing but we are loving the quiet life. First weekend without a @SophieBeresiner in thetimes for two years! Will be back soon, until…

OOTD incl. SS20 accessories
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Blubbing reading this from ⁦@SophieBeresiner⁩ - lovely news to brighten the Covid lockdown fatigue - CONGRATULATIONS!

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It's virtually impossible to read this without shedding many, many tears, whether or not you've been following @SophieBeresiner's weekly column. Such a joy to read this final installment, and her surrogate's side of the story as well. Welcome to the world indeed, Baby B. 💙

What a joyful, visceral piece. Whether you’ve followed ⁦@SophieBeresiner’s column in ⁦@thetimes⁩ over the years or not, this is a must-read:⁩

Been following ⁦@SophieBeresiner⁩ & her surrogacy story for what must be years; am so thrilled she got her happy ending.

Can not recommend this piece enough; you will need tissues though!

Thank you @SophieBeresiner for such a joyful afternoon & for meeting 10 day old baby for @timesweekend @thetimes

"I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what I would feel like in this moment. This is it!": After ten years during which she’s faced cancer, infertility and a desperate search for a surrogate, @SophieBeresiner describes her joy at becoming a mother

The world is difficult and sad right now. This piece by @SophieBeresiner, and the previous columns, have been a source of joy and hope for me the past weeks/months. Read this, have a cry, remember there are amazing things still happening

I like being your fiend LC x

Cor. Tear-jerking loveliness. Congrats to @SophieBeresiner, Mr B and Jack and Rebecca

Good news amongst the gloom. Everything about @SophieBeresiner 's story is amazing and I'm delighted it worked out this way

Britain’s youngest thetimes reader, enjoying today’s paper whilst not sleeping or eating. Or puking or pooing.
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We made it! It took way more than the traditional ‘we’ when it comes to baby making, but now it feels like that was the only way it should or could ever have been.

So extra thank you to my ‘we’…