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Simon King


Simon King is a widely renowned wildlife filmmaker whose passion for the natural world is evident through his highly engaging and visually spectacular programmes. With over 30 years experience as a wildlife cameraman and presenter, Simon has developed a sound reputation as an expert in his field and has been the recipient of several prestigious awards including EMMY, BAFTA and RTS.

Simon’s most recent area of focus has been Scotland’s dramatic Shetland Isles, and his newfound enthusiasm for the area has led him to relocate to the Isles for a year with his family. His move and exploration was documented in the programme ‘Simon King’s Shetland Diaries’ which was broadcasted at prime time on BBC2 in 2010.

He is now an active member on YouTube with over 20,000 subscribers.

Simon King @TVsSimonKing

The BBC1 series Wild Isles has been such a pleasure to work on over the past 5 years. I’m now looking ahead to new opportunities including sharing wildlife watching trips with those who wish to join me. I’ll be posting details here and on #WildIsles

It’s been quite a wee while since I posted anything on Twitter (I’ve been a bit more active on Insta) but I just wanted to let you all know that the project I’ve been working on for the past 5 years is coming to BBC1 very soon. Here’s a taster!

Wanted: do you know anyone who reads fluent Latin? I'm trying to extract some useful data from a very old natural history book (1634 Insectorum sive Minimorum Animalium, Moffett) and Google translate is getting me about halfway there. Please DM. Much appreciated 🙏🦋

On BBC2 at 9 this pm. Let’s hope this account can raise awareness and turn the tide of loss for lions in the Mara and beyond #lion #wildlife #nature

Spent the day preparing to receive guests tomorrow for our #shetland adventure. Already encountered wonderful wildlife. Now getting ready to bed down in my fab Pathseeker 2 roof tent from Not a bad view! #wildlife #nature #rooftent #wildcamping

Happy Easter everyone. It’s still important to help your garden birds by providing a variety of feeding options at this time of year #wildlifeforwellbeing #gardenbirds #nature #wildlifegarden

We’ve had a couple of unavoidable cancellations for our trip to Shetland this June. Do get in touch if you’d like to join us. Otters, puffins and lots lots more #wildlife #Shetland #nature #Puffins #Otters #birdphotography

Invite new families into your garden #NationalNestBoxWeek Introducing a variety of nesting opportunities to your home patch can make a huge difference to your avian neighbours

It’s a great time of year to prepare your wildflower patch. #wildlifeforwellbeing #nature #wildlifegarden

Now is a good time to clear out your nest boxes of last year’s nesting material. Many bird species use boxes and other covered areas to roost in through the winter #wildlifeforwellbeing #nature #wildlife #wildlifegarden #garden

It’s never too early to consider your avian neighbours. Make the most of this nesting and roosting bundle for robins, wrens and other small birds. It makes a top prezzie for the bird lover in your household! And a top prezzie for the birds!

Get a Christmas wreath with a lasting legacy. You can add a variety of vegetation to the Simon King Wreath Nester and not only does it look good but it offers roosting and nesting opportunities for robins and other garden birds

Due to a few unavoidable cancellations some vacancies have come up on my Avalon Marshes Wild Day Out on 28th August. Get in touch through the website to book your place. #wildlife #Somerset #somersetlevels #nature #birdwatching #HamWall #Shapwick

With a view to relaxed restrictions in the summer I’m running two Wild Days Out, one in Somerset, the other in Leighton Moss in Lancashire. Places are restricted so if you fancy joining get in touch ASAP via the website

Got some pics of nature’s magic? Enter them in to the #countryfile calendar competition! Watch tonight’s show, BBC1 19.00 for details #nature #wildlifephotography #wildlife #wildlifeforwellbeing #frog #pond #reflection #simonking #photography

A little splash of colourful magic in the mini meadow this evening. Ox-eye, yellow rattle, heartsease and foxglove. So lovely to see the next phase of wildflowers coming through #wildlifeforwellbeing #nature #wildflowers

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new website. Do visit, have a look around and if you wish to join me on a Wild Day Out or Trip to Shetland, get in touch. All details are here #SKWT #wildlifetravel #wildlife #nature

One of my brushwood robin nesters has a near complete robin’s nest built within its secret chamber. I hope egg laying will start soon. #wildlifeforwellbeing #nature #wildlife #gardenbirds

Another 130,000 badgers could be killed if we don’t do anything. Respond to the Government’s badger cull consultation now. Deadline 24th March. #StandUpForBadgers

The Government are asking for your thoughts on when to stop issuing badger cull licenses. Respond now. #StandUpForBadgers