Sandra Howard

Sandra Howard

Author, Broadcaster

Sandra Howard was one of the leading fashion models of the 1960s, appearing on the cover of American Vogue two months running. She worked as a freelance journalist alongside modelling before turning to novel writing. She continues to write regularly for the press.

Her first four novels, Glass Houses, Ursula’s Story, A Matter of Loyalty and Ex-Wives are available in paperback. Her most recent work Tell the Girl was published in July 2014. Sandra has also just begun writing a new novel, a fictionalised, semi-autobiographical story about the sixties and the present day.

Sandra is a freelance journalist, and writes regularly for a number of the National Newspapers, as well as publications such as High Life, Good Housekeeping and the Evening Standard.

Sandra is actively involved with two national charities. She is a trustee of Addaction, a charity helping people to fight drug and alcohol addiction, and Vice President of The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE).

She speaks and writes on a variety of subjects including food, travel, fashion and political life.

Sandra has three adult children and is married to the former British Conservative Party Leader Michael Howard. They live in London and Kent.

The Consequence of Love @howardsandrac

staying clear of Brexit sounds best of all!!

Never was a 'heavy cold' more aptly named. The effort it takes to lift one leg and plonk it down in front of the other... And the cost to the trees! All those sodden tissues in the basket along with rejected printouts... #amwriting or trying to...

Please, all you guys - just vote this in and we can get a life again - sort of

“To think what women have achieved. we run countries, companies, drive trains; and I for one certainly feel more empowered, even in my eighth decade, We can build on our progress too, the sisterhood can show the way.' Let's celebrate and support #InternationalWomensDay

Thanks for this happy, cheering Tweet! Yeah! Great of you to read

Thanks!! Also talking about my semi-autobiographical #Novel 'Tell The Girl', #BiburyFestival in lovely #Bibury in the heart of the #Cotswolds

It's really good and tasty too!

It's reading through what I managed to write the day before that's often painful - at least it gets some of the editing done! #amwriting #Novel

Sad that #BBCRadio2 are dropping #MichaelJackson songs. No one is dropping #Wagner Doesn't musical talent and genius count, whatever the artist's personal rights and wrongs?

Watch out for cars and the hot pot... #pheasant

The church is an eternal community in an ephemeral age.

It is an embodied community in a disembodied age.

It is a God-centered community in a me-centered age.

It's the Chaos I worry about....

So is my hub's real bete noir!

How about 'You know what'? Bit of over-kill with that phrase for me...

My Welsh-born hub would heartily agree and doff his! #Rugby

Let's never forget the 18th century Scottish term 'hurkle-durkling': lounging in bed long after it's time to get up.

Not so sure about that, dozy enough without wine, but always ready to give it a go...