Sandra Howard

Sandra Howard

Author, Broadcaster

Sandra Howard was one of the leading fashion models of the 1960s, appearing on the cover of American Vogue two months running. She worked as a freelance journalist alongside modelling before turning to novel writing. She continues to write regularly for the press.

Her first four novels, Glass Houses, Ursula’s Story, A Matter of Loyalty and Ex-Wives are available in paperback. Her most recent work Tell the Girl was published in July 2014. Sandra has also just begun writing a new novel, a fictionalised, semi-autobiographical story about the sixties and the present day.

Sandra is a freelance journalist, and writes regularly for a number of the National Newspapers, as well as publications such as High Life, Good Housekeeping and the Evening Standard.

Sandra is actively involved with two national charities. She is a trustee of Addaction, a charity helping people to fight drug and alcohol addiction, and Vice President of The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE).

She speaks and writes on a variety of subjects including food, travel, fashion and political life.

Sandra has three adult children and is married to the former British Conservative Party Leader Michael Howard. They live in London and Kent.

Ex Wives @howardsandrac

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Can anyone tell me what happens if it's a tie between Gove and Hunt? #leadership

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Thanks for the lovely support! No one cheers us all up like you do, CL Hope you're completely back to full health

Nipped out to the garden for these, sunny out there (at last) back to #amwriting - weeds can wait

no, he's ours and we need him!

Name of the game is perseverance! Took me 5 years to get published and now on my 7th. Just keep thinking how to layer/sharpen/lose paragraphs that don't push the story along. You'll find yr publisher and remember most rejectors hardly answer, let alone praise!

Have been there and would have loved to have wandered alone and be inspired #amwriting

Many thanks, I have everything crossed!

I thought I'd finished my #novel but am so enjoying the process of #amediting that it goes on and on! It begins here, Hamburg in 1938...

I remember going to a party he gave in London in the early 60s and there were lots of little vases of dead violets

Thanks - very generous of you

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Such warm generous and over-kind words from CL I'm proud of hub too...

Just had the most incredible treat, a Covent Garden matinee performance of Tosca. A lyrical #opera and a friend's generosity, no demos in sight, afternoons don't come much better.