Sandra Howard

Sandra Howard

Author, Broadcaster

Sandra Howard was one of the leading fashion models of the 1960s, appearing on the cover of American Vogue two months running. She worked as a freelance journalist alongside modelling before turning to novel writing. She continues to write regularly for the press.

Her first four novels, Glass Houses, Ursula’s Story, A Matter of Loyalty and Ex-Wives are available in paperback. Her most recent work Tell the Girl was published in July 2014. Sandra has also just begun writing a new novel, a fictionalised, semi-autobiographical story about the sixties and the present day.

Sandra is a freelance journalist, and writes regularly for a number of the National Newspapers, as well as publications such as High Life, Good Housekeeping and the Evening Standard.

Sandra is actively involved with two national charities. She is a trustee of Addaction, a charity helping people to fight drug and alcohol addiction, and Vice President of The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE).

She speaks and writes on a variety of subjects including food, travel, fashion and political life.

Sandra has three adult children and is married to the former British Conservative Party Leader Michael Howard. They live in London and Kent.

Glass Houses @howardsandrac

This one is for my wonderful son and American daughter-in-law (and soon to be born Howie who I won't now be able to fly to see in his new-born days...)

If you want something done, ask the QGE. I had the privilege of serving in Helmand with them. Best FOB I stayed in!

Give a Book, wonderful charity, had this pertinent last word to a recent email. Ancient Persian adage: ‘This too shall pass...’

Everyone thinking of and feeling for you, for sure. Don’t be lonely. Many more followers now!

New arboretum planted in nearby field- early days but Michael Heseltine had better watch out!

With a special wish to daughter-in-law, soon to be a mother (of one, not five little kittens, I hope)

Hats off to @nextdoorpimlico Our local org where people can recommend tradespeople and you can pick up handy hints. In the last days many have been offering to deliver food, help in all sorts of ways, great community spirit.

"Sunak’s performance this evening is one of the most impressive I’ve seen from a British politician in more than 20 years in and around Westminster" - James Kirkup

Cats don’t really get the concept of working from home...

A whole new cure for insomnia! French, Spanish dictionaries on my Kindle too, so trying to master those and no heavy book to hold, I’ll be asleep in seconds #amreading

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A few sunny spring garden flowers to brighten the gloom of a Corona Monday morning #MondayMotivation #corona

A Public Service Poem - from Judi Dench & Gyles Brandreth

She was a really impressive, intelligent woman

You just have to tune into the Miles Davis biopic, if you love jazz it’s spellbinding! #jazz

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Given that children and young adults are least at risk from #coronavirus I don’t understand the logic of closing schools. Surely you want to keep them away from elderly relatives - not engineer a situation where they get dumped at granny’s.

It's made me want a cuppa - not so sure about the hearty croissant...