Sandra Howard

Sandra Howard

Author, Broadcaster

Sandra Howard was one of the leading fashion models of the 1960s, appearing on the cover of American Vogue two months running. She worked as a freelance journalist alongside modelling before turning to novel writing. She continues to write regularly for the press.

Her first four novels, Glass Houses, Ursula’s Story, A Matter of Loyalty and Ex-Wives are available in paperback. Her most recent work Tell the Girl was published in July 2014. Sandra has also just begun writing a new novel, a fictionalised, semi-autobiographical story about the sixties and the present day.

Sandra is a freelance journalist, and writes regularly for a number of the National Newspapers, as well as publications such as High Life, Good Housekeeping and the Evening Standard.

Sandra is actively involved with two national charities. She is a trustee of Addaction, a charity helping people to fight drug and alcohol addiction, and Vice President of The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE).

She speaks and writes on a variety of subjects including food, travel, fashion and political life.

Sandra has three adult children and is married to the former British Conservative Party Leader Michael Howard. They live in London and Kent.

Glass Houses @howardsandrac

Very big of you - but for him to say that to a child? Whether in adult joking terms or not...Pretty shocking

I’ll stick with the English...

In the 1890’s photographer Edgar Scamell created a series of portraits of people making their living on London’s streets. This is the roast chestnut salesman. The detail is beautiful - from the kerchief in his coat pocket, to the ventilation holes in his portable chestnut brazier

Was sad to hear about death of Sultan Qaboos of Oman. He did so much good for his country, modernising it and being neutral and level-headed in foreign affairs

Simply delighted to be Deputy Speaker , again - thank you everyone who travelled this journey with me over 7 tortuous years. Xxx

Misery time. Microsoft won't let me work on my documents in my Apple laptop - spent a whole morning trying to connect support... and then got cut off! How can I finish #amediting my book! Hysteria isn't in it...

Our hearts go out to all those in Australia affected by these devastating fires. I have been in touch with PM @ScottMorrisonMP to offer any assistance we can provide. We stand with you at this very difficult time. 🇬🇧🇦🇺

This one for Polly! ⁦@pollsstar⁩ Gorgeous Grenada

Off to the heavenly island of Grenada 10 days of #amwriting / #amediting in the sun - dream time...

And from me! So agree. My laptop keeps getting me my disc is nearly full - dreading the day when it says...

And to you both, Digby - and keep the thoughts coming

A poem to take us in to 2020: “Everything is Going to be All Right” by Derek Mahon

Kentish winter sunset - weather’s bound to change soon..,

It's shocking and ghastly - and coming on top of what's just happened in NY

I totally agree with this - we remainers lost, fair and square, let's move onward and upward and be positive, excited even now. We'll do great.

WHAT A GOAL! Genius Trent, Bobby and all!! #LEILIV

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day!

Mr Corbyn’s period of reflection is going well.