Sabina Brennan

Sabina Brennan


Sabina is a research psychologist and award winning science communicator.  She currently works as a Research Assistant Professor in the Institute of Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin.  Sabina’s research focuses on understanding dementia risk and protective factors to establish how decline in cognitive function can be prevented.

Sabina has made more than 30 films which have been translated into multiple languages and these films are used by health and advocacy organisations.   Sabina is frequently invited to speak on brain health, ageism, stress, social isolation and related issues both nationally and internationally.  She has also appeared on Irish TV.


Dr Sabina Brennan @Sabina_Brennan

My mother-in-law just just rang my husband & tells him to turn on the telly 'quick Sabina is on it' We both look at each other & go oh no is she imagining things? so we turn on the TV to tell her she's mistaken but she's right it's a repeat of 'Live Longer Better'... phew

Day 93 #100daysofwalking
Confined to 2k of my home I'm taking little detours around small side streets
Caught @ClontarfCastle from a new angle tonight
Used to play in these grounds as a kid
Had my wedding here & live a stone's throw from it @loveclontarf_ie @ciarakellydoc

It's Thursday time to download this week's Super Brain Booster shot which is all about laughter, smiling and the brain.

Anyone know where I might get acetone. None in local supermarket & none on Amazon that deliver to Ireland.