Sabina Brennan

Sabina Brennan


Sabina is a research psychologist and award winning science communicator.  She currently works as a Research Assistant Professor in the Institute of Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin.  Sabina’s research focuses on understanding dementia risk and protective factors to establish how decline in cognitive function can be prevented.

Sabina has made more than 30 films which have been translated into multiple languages and these films are used by health and advocacy organisations.   Sabina is frequently invited to speak on brain health, ageism, stress, social isolation and related issues both nationally and internationally.  She has also appeared on Irish TV.

Dr Sabina Brennan @Sabina_Brennan

This made me laugh out loud. Then the laugh turned to a cough I’m literally choking with laughter. Don’t know why really it’s probably not that funny.

Anyone in the Wicklow area,
If you see this doggo please let me know immediately.
His name is Lenny and he's been missing all day ♥️
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Personally I think this is brilliant
I really don't get why people are being so precious
Robert is doing what actor's do - acting.
I think it's healthy he's happy to take the 'p' out of himself just like Clooney
BTW just like De Niro I was once in a Roger Corman movie

I hadn't realised it was this day last year @tarfandy
Shay was so nice to me that day
I was struggling a bit so he came back & walked with me, encouraging me to the top He told me he was carrying weights to train for Everest, he was so excited talking about it

5% of Alzheimer's disease (AD) cases are potentially attributable to mid-life high blood pressure
25% lower prevalence of #hypertension would result in 400k fewer cases of AD
Poorly managed mid-life high blood pressure increases dementia risk
get yours tested & under control

Does anyone else get mad when bedding plants produce different coloured flowers than those pictured on the label? 🌻🌺🌼
Just me so....
First-world problem I know don't @ me

I just came across this article from 2016 about Dementia Friendly screenings in cinemas in the UK 🎥🎞️ 🇬🇧
Has this idea made its way here yet? 🇮🇪
@imccinemas @CineworldDublin @SavoyDublin

Sadly the search on Mt Everest for my colleague @seamuslawless of @AdaptCentre @tcddublin has been called off.
His family have set up this to raise funds to find Shay & bring him home.
Please donate if you can afford to
Even a RT will help

Do join us. To donate @AdaptCentre @tcddublin @tcdalumni @tcdglobal @universitytimes @TLRHub @pjprendergast @ProfDarrylJones @beyond_2022 @PETECROOKS @Sabina_Brennan @IrishResearch