Sabina Brennan

Sabina Brennan


Sabina is a research psychologist and award winning science communicator.  She currently works as a Research Assistant Professor in the Institute of Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin.  Sabina’s research focuses on understanding dementia risk and protective factors to establish how decline in cognitive function can be prevented.

Sabina has made more than 30 films which have been translated into multiple languages and these films are used by health and advocacy organisations.   Sabina is frequently invited to speak on brain health, ageism, stress, social isolation and related issues both nationally and internationally.  She has also appeared on Irish TV.


Dr Sabina Brennan @Sabina_Brennan

Had a horrible moment this evening when I thought there was a foreign object in the mini Daim bar I was eating. Fetched it out of my mouth, almost got sick when I discovered it was a bit of someone’s tooth. Took a minute for the penny to drop that it was a bit of my bloody tooth!

Day 65 #100happydays

Very happy after my visit to the hairdressers, my hair grew 3.5 inches during lockdown!!

Thank you @BrownSugarDub Kim, Kinga & all the staff for excellent care, superb hygiene, screens, the works

Very disappointing to see zero social distancing in some restaurants in town today - literally every seat occupied with no distance between tables or customers - Sth William St / Chatham Row area

my hand sanitiser leaked in my bag and into my laptop today ☹️

Just watching a piece on escalation in #Covid19 in Texas on @SkyNews "We are fighting #COVID19 and ignorance" Why oh why has @realDonaldTrump not cancelled July 4th celebrations

Day 64 #100HappyDays
Happy to spend the afternoon in the hairdressers
Fab catch up with my lovely hairdresser Kim
Shout out to @BrownSugarDub on a fantastic job with social distancing
It's the safest I've felt outside my home
Today was GK day tomorrow is wave goodbye to grey day

Thank you so much @BDuffyBrennan You've made my day!

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#FridayFeeling #BrainFog

Day 63 #100HappyDays
Always something special about putting flowers from your own garden in a vase

My husband @BrennanDave feeds our foxes every night - We've never gotten this close though and I have to admit this is defo a bucket list item - wonderful - Night All

Amazing the difference a slice of cucumber makes to a @HendricksGin & tonic

Well did everyone run out to the pup on Monday?
According to my little poll - the answer is a resounding NO

All lives matter & people with dementia tend to have no voice, we must speak up for those who can't speak up for themselves

Have you been back to the gym yet? My gym reopened this morning I am giving serious thought to going today for health & aesthetic reasons. I've kept aerobically fit during lockdown but I've lost strength & muscle tone which are important for my physical, mental & brain health

Looks great. But I’d still get (legally) murdered or imprisoned for 14 years for sharing a bed with my husband though... 🌈🏳️‍🌈

Day 62 #100HappyDays
Today I am happy to say that @BrennanDave who was made redundant, redundant not furloughed, returns to work today after 3 months. For now it's just for 3 days a week but 3 is better than none for now.
#COVID19 #lockdown

Fantastic initiative from @nalaireland
@ALONE_IRELAND @AgeAction @activeirl @alzheimersocirl @Age_Opp @Age_Matters

This Corona (the sun's outer layer) is beautiful
A Decade of Sun
Each second is a day.
The video is an hour long but even if you fast forward a year at a time you'll see the rise & fall activity from solar flares to solar minimum of suns 11 yr solar cycle

Buying candles online from @parkscandles has become my new going out so that I can enjoy staying in.

Phase 3
Yesterday was the same as any other day for me
I worked from home, went for a cycle & went for a walk The only person I had face to face contact with was my husband
Did you do something different?
If yes, what?
How many people did you have contact with?