Rosie Boycott

Rosie Boycott


Rosie Boycott is a journalist and publisher. From 1992-96, she was editor of the men’s magazine Esquire. Boycott was the first female editor of two national broadsheets, heading The Independent and its sister publication the Independent on Sunday. Later, she edited the Daily Express. She has sat on judging panels for literary contests, notably chairing the panel judging the 2001 Orange Prize for Fiction. She is also a media advisor for the Council of Europe.

Rosie is currently the Mayor of London’s food advisor, alongside working at Capital Growth, which promotes gardening in London, with an eye to the environmental implications of the city.

Rosie is the author of several books, including her 2009 memoir A Nice Girl Like Me. She wasn’t a typical 1960’s Cheltenham Ladies College girl. By the age of 21 she had co-founded the feminist magazine Spare Rib and the feminist publishing house Virago, whilst experimenting with drugs, sex and booze. But she wanted more: more experience, more travel, more passion. The book recounts the remarkable journey from her teenage years, through an epic motorcycle trip to the successful journalist she is today.

Rosie has also written about her passion for gardening, with Our Farm published in 2007 and Spotted Pigs and Green Tomatoes following soon afterwards in 2008.


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On the way in... New Year’s Day, watched by Fred the Labrador. Happy new year

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Very sad news: he was a lovely man who I was lucky enough to know for fifty years. What a giant hole he leaves behind

Amazon deforestation up 64% on this time last year. Disaster

When I worked for Boris at City Hall We introduced the first set of soda taxes into a government building. We even copied the mayor of Oklahoma and attempted to weigh London : We managed to begin the project!

This afternoon PCSO Ridley was on patrol at York Train Station when he noticed this goose had laid an egg amongst the flowers in the normally extremely busy main entrance. Amazing.
Thank you to all those who continue to support our #NHSheroes in obeying the #lockdown 👌

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Craig Brown ted us that one of John lennon’s old teeth sold Fif £19,000

"Ineradicable uncertainty is a fact of life. And it's a really uncomfortable one."

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Bird brains just different from ours; and migrants had fully functioning Ning GPS systems before mankind as even born

We’ll never use “bird brained” as an insult ever again after hearing the amazing Jennifer Ackerman on the genius of birds at the wonderful #HayCartagena20 with @RosieBoycott