Richard Coles

Richard Coles


The Reverend Richard Coles is an English musician, writer, Church of England priest, and co-presenter of Saturday Live on BBC Radio 4. He read Theology at King’s College London, and after ordination worked as a curate in Lincolnshire, then in central London, before coming to Finedon in Northamptonshire, where is Vicar. He was the multi-instrumentalist who partnered Jimmy Somerville in the 1980s band the Communards, which achieved three Top Ten hits, including the Number 1 record and best-selling single of 1986, a club/dance version of “Don’t Leave Me This Way”. He is the author of Fathomless Riches, Bringing in the Sheaves, and Lives and Legends of the Improbable Saints. He lives in the Vicarage at Finedon with his civil partner and four dachshunds.

Richard Coles @RevRichardColes

There is in God some say, / a deep but dazzling darkness; as men here /
Say it is late and dusky, because they / See not all clear. / O for that night! where I in him / might live invisible and dim.

Rang the changes. Neeps are over. It is the age of red cabbage. #StAndrewsDay

How do contestants confer through the perspex COVID screens? #onlyconnect

24hrs, we hear it a lot. Same with 48hrs and 72hrs. But never 60hrs, or not that I can think of. What’s that about?

Chefs! Food Scientists! Clan Chiefs! I absolutely refuse to believe that microwaved haggis is as good as baked haggis. Am I right?

Neanderthals getting bigged up on #StartTheWeek

Happy St Andrew’s Day to Scotland! Finedon Vicarage, for reasons of kin and great affection, salutes you!

Would I like this for Christmas? Would I vinceroooo vinCEEEEEEEErooooooo

Drinkers! Would you drink artisanal rum with a mixer or without a mixer?

Maybe you would shout “State Troopers!” if that’s what you were? #shoutylawenforcement

Does anyone know why cops in New York shout “NYPD!” instead of just “Police!” when they want to alert people to their presence?

Tree lady called Carol Honeybun Kelly on #Countryfile.

Here’s a chef whose recipes always work and are always delicious: James Martin.

I find I am easily confused when French people have Italian names, like Michel Platini, Napoleon Buonaparte, Richard Galliano.

Watching World Cup 86 and feeling nostalgia for the time when the synthesiser was like love that had yet to fade.

Francophones! Could I use l’équipes for (criminal) gangs?

Haggis for one, from Cockburn of Dingwall, on the Eve of St Andrew #ScottishWidows #lockdownlunch

Actors! If you’re in a film and the script requires us to see a photograph of your character when you were a nipper do you lend a real one or do they make one up?