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Richard Coles


The Reverend Richard Coles is an English musician, writer, Church of England priest, and co-presenter of Saturday Live on BBC Radio 4. He read Theology at King’s College London, and after ordination worked as a curate in Lincolnshire, then in central London, before coming to Finedon in Northamptonshire, where is Vicar. He was the multi-instrumentalist who partnered Jimmy Somerville in the 1980s band the Communards, which achieved three Top Ten hits, including the Number 1 record and best-selling single of 1986, a club/dance version of “Don’t Leave Me This Way”. He is the author of Fathomless Riches, Bringing in the Sheaves, and Lives and Legends of the Improbable Saints. He lives in the Vicarage at Finedon with his dachshunds.

Richard Coles @RevRichardColes

Vaccinologists! Forgive my ignorance, but when we’re vaccinated why does the agent trigger an immunological response significant enough to protect us but not to overwhelm us?

Some vey peculiar temperament things now happening with a harpsichord on @BBCRadio3

Now it’s Phyllis’s Nightly Thoughts on @BBCRadio3

Now listening to an opera about an enchanted harp on @BBCRadio3

Now I’m wide awake reading torrents of comment in threads about Harry and Meghan from people saying they don’t care about the royals.

Up at half past three listening to a story on the wireless from Cuba about an enchanted prawn.

Call mum. I tell her I’m getting the jab on Saturday. “Which one?” “Which what?” “Which jab?” “Mum, which do you think” “Rabies, Scarlet Fever, Smallpox, do I look like Florence Nightingale?”

It’s the last one of #StandUpAndDeliver tonight for #StandUpToCancer at 9pm on @Channel4 and you may mark my dazzling debut by donating to @SU2CUK. Give enough and I promise I’ll stop.

Birds (and squirrel) all over my empty feeders yesterday so I fill them today and suddenly they get a better offer?

On the news just now a man walked in to Amazon Fresh with three pugs.

#NationalBookDay ranking beneath #NationalThreesomeDay in my Twitter, so here’s something everyone.

I am become the plaything of my own technology.

I can, with a stretch, imagine being someone who litters; I find it harder to imagine being someone who litters with this degree of delicacy.

This is happening tonight at 9 on Channel Four, people.

Another thing about #ThisIsUs (which I adore): the Pearsons will make stairs obsolete because they never fail to deliver in real time the perfect speeches the rest of us only think of on our way out #espritdelescalier

Has a Chancellor ever returned a crisis hike in income tax/corporation tax to pre-crisis levels when said crisis is done?

It is the centenary of the birth of Joan Greenwood, whose performance as Sibella in Kind Hearts and Coronets is, for me, peerless.

Here’s a thing I’ve learnt today: economics is theology not physics.


So someone just explained the national debt to me - and I’M supposed to the one who trades in make-believe!