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Richard Coles


The Reverend Richard Coles is an English musician, writer, Church of England priest, and co-presenter of Saturday Live on BBC Radio 4. He read Theology at King’s College London, and after ordination worked as a curate in Lincolnshire, then in central London, before coming to Finedon in Northamptonshire, where he was a Vicar for eleven years. He was the multi-instrumentalist who partnered Jimmy Somerville in the 1980s band the Communards, which achieved three Top Ten hits, including the Number 1 record and best-selling single of 1986, a club/dance version of “Don’t Leave Me This Way”.

Reverend Richard Coles is co-presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live and is regularly seen as a guest panelist on shows such as Would I Lie To You?, Have I Got News For You and QI. Often described as Britain’s most famous vicar, Richard was the inspiration for the main character in the BBC hit comedy Rev, a programme for which he also served as consultant.

He is the author of Fathomless Riches, Bringing in the Sheaves, Lives and Legends of the Improbable Saints, and most recently, The Madness of Grief, which was a Sunday Times bestseller. He lives in the Vicarage at Finedon with his dachshunds.

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#ThingThatWillAlwaysHappen cutaways during grand slam matches to a posh lady with great hair and sunglasses smiling mysteriously when top seeded chap bats a corker.

Sorry @PeterBoneUK and with respect — when you say your parishioners don’t care about Boris’ conduct this is factually inaccurate. I, one of them, wrote to you about it in April, and I know from speaking to others in the Wellingborough constituency I am not alone.

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If it were done, when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done yesterday.

At Birmingham New St and I did something I’ve never done before. I went to the bookshop (Foyles) and said “I wrote the book in your window, can I sign any stock for you?” And lo I did #retail

Electric Dreams is on the wireless. I think it’s one of the best songs ever.

What is this Cinderella door at Number 10?

New Chancellor hits the ground running.

I see the Chancellor’s gone too so maybe someone could pass Cliff a microphone and we can all sing Summer Holiday?

The Health Secretary has just resigned and we’re watching the outsidey wiffwaff?

The UTTER mystery of the physics of tagged tea bags when your pour on the boiling water while using an hotel’s ‘tea and coffee making facilities’.

There was a cloud over Banbury that looked like a dachshund but you’ll have to take my word for it.

I have decided I did not have a fall in the street in Edinburgh last night. I was interacting with urban space and the northern Enlightenment through the medium of parkour.

I just fell in the street, down like a sack of potatoes, and caused a drama. I thought ‘oh ******** I’ve broken something’ but someone helped me up and I think I’m OK. Except maybe I didn’t fall. Maybe I HAD a fall?

Hey @Beathhigh! Tanks! Lawn! ! Mine’s a dry sherry!

Indefatigable executive on the train has just restructured some careers into oblivion on the phone between mouthfuls of vegan sausage.

Happy 4th July to all American friends!