Richard Coles

Richard Coles


The Reverend Richard Coles is an English musician, writer, Church of England priest, and co-presenter of Saturday Live on BBC Radio 4. He read Theology at King’s College London, and after ordination worked as a curate in Lincolnshire, then in central London, before coming to Finedon in Northamptonshire, where is Vicar. He was the multi-instrumentalist who partnered Jimmy Somerville in the 1980s band the Communards, which achieved three Top Ten hits, including the Number 1 record and best-selling single of 1986, a club/dance version of “Don’t Leave Me This Way”.

Reverend Richard Coles is co-presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live and is regularly seen as a guest panelist on shows such as Would I Lie To You?, Have I Got News For You and QI. Often described as Britain’s most famous vicar, Richard was the inspiration for the main character in the BBC hit comedy Rev, a programme for which he also served as consultant.

He is the author of Fathomless Riches, Bringing in the Sheaves, Lives and Legends of the Improbable Saints, and most recently, The Madness of Grief, which was a Sunday Times bestseller. He lives in the Vicarage at Finedon with his dachshunds.

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Today I have to draw a map of a fictional place. Critics of religion might think me admirably well qualified to do so.

It is Heroes Day in Cape Verde, where they celebrate the life of Amílcar Cabral, assassinated leader of the Marxist-influenced movement that won independence from Portugal in 1975. David and I were there for Heroes Day in 2019 and marked it by galloping up and down the beach.

Excellent charity for your consideration.

Is that Mr Rees Mogg in an Old Etonian face mask?

How do you unblock someone on Twitter? I somehow blocked them but I don’t know how.

Proportion of jelly to meat in a pork pie.

Happy 80th birthday to one of our greatest ever performers. A knighthood is surely overdue? #MichaelCrawford

This is like unexpectedly finding a new season of your favourite programme on Netflix.

Lady on the bus is wearing a golden turban and she looks so marvellous.

The peculiar terror of being a country parson in Town and not knowing the form for a gender neutral lavatory.


What sort of a Christian are you?, someone indignantly asked me today. “The Aperol spritz sort,” I said #demobhappy

A terrible fog has descended on Borehamwood.

Hello @emmafreud, this IMPORTANT DOCUMENT has come to light, and we felt you should know.

Hey @mrjamesob @LBC I have a parishioner who extracted his own tooth using the knife he castrated piglets with #CountryLife

I’m often struck by how many who say they don’t consume BBC output in fact do, in one form or another - the FA Cup, local radio, CBeebies, online, the news etc - and it costs them per day about an eighth of the cost a cappuccino at Costa. I think that’s good value.

It is the Feast of Anthony of Egypt, here beset by the demons of laziness, boredom and lust. A little peal is known as a tantony (so is a piglet runt), because people with shingles used to wear bell collars made for the pigs of the St Anthony Hospitallers who treated it.

Watching Henry IV and thinking how awful life must have been in the England of Shakespeare and Bess of Hardwick and Cecil — filth, fog, pain, pus, pox, and no sushi.

Watching #AfterLife, love it, pre and post my own widowhood. Empathetic, insightful, funny in a way I would have thought only someone who had experienced it could be.