Rachel Ward

Rachel Ward

Rachel Ward was born in Surrey and studied Geography at Durham University. She worked in local government for twenty years or so in a variety of roles, including organising town centre Christmas events (bonnets were worn). She has two grown up children and now lives in Bath with her husband, where she writes, paints, takes photographs and wrangles dogs. She is an enthusiastic supporter of her local arts scene and takes part in art trails and exhibitions.


Rachel writes crime novels and thrillers for adults and young adults. Her debut, NUMBERS, was published in 26 countries and won several awards in the UK and abroad. This was the first of five thrillers for young adults and was followed by a cosy crime series for adults, THE ANT AND BEA MYSTERIES.

Rachel Ward @RachelWardbooks

I want to share the love for @bethklewis again today. She deserves it. Have you checked out her fabulous new book yet? Go, quick, check it out! It’s right up my street and I’m getting the audiobook! ❤️ https://twitter.com/hodder_studio/status/1529737179647320064

Happy publication day to... me! Hidden Secrets is published today.

Me? I'm off to celebrate with an oatcake breakfast 🙂
https://geni.us/HiddenSecrets5 #Allieisback

I went for an extra walk as the light was rather nice. I was aiming for wildlife and/or ox-eye daisies but got distracted by buttercups. Here's a dollop of yellow joy, in case you need it today. xxx

Went for an extra walk this morning. Lovely to experience moments like this. Have a good day. Xxx

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It’s #Ducklings publication day! I would love to see her fly.


Please consider sharing this tweet & if you fancy a slightly different, working class, Columbo linked mystery - please consider ordering a copy.

I’m always grateful for your support https://amzn.to/34C5kV6

The ox-eye daisies and yellow rattle have sneaked open in the fields without telling me. I'll try and get some better meadow pictures on a more clement day, but this'll do for now - this morning's walk. Have a good day! Xx

Imagine being the cleaner having to scrub red wine off the walls inside No10 while banned from visiting your own family at Christmas

Boris Johnson: "it was only right to say goodbye to colleagues who were leaving"

My aunt Joyce, on a borrowed phone in ICU: "David, I'm scared, I don't want to die, I've so much living left to do"
Me: "I love you, you're my hero, I will see you soon"
The next day she died.

Bit grey and cold this morning, news appalling on many fronts, so here's a sunny interval in Freshford. Had an extra micro-walk there after dog training yesterday, just because it was so pretty. Have a good day! Xxx

People stuck to the rules while the PM partied. And his MPs don’t care.

(Location: Parliament)

I'm so cross about political things today, I don't know what to do with myself.

Exclusive with @oliver_wright

Boris Johnson suggested Sue Gray should drop her full report given police investigation during secret meeting earlier this month, Times told

He is said to have asked her if there was much point in publishing it given that ‘it’s all out there’ https://twitter.com/alliehbnews/status/1528847049747316739

Grand Parade, just above Pulteney Bridge today, photographed on Sunday morning. I loved the shadows cast by the balustrade. Will today see the end of this wretched Prime Minister, I wonder? I fear not, but we can but hope.

This evening's drawing, based on a photo taken on a trip back to my childhood home, 'Surrey Lane.' #drawing #pastel

A bit colder and quite grey today, so here's one from yesterday to start the week - Pulteney Weir on a fine Sunday morning. Have a good day! xx

Haven't done much drawing since we got Bella, but here's a Sunday afternoon effort - Smallcombe cemetery in pastel.

Moment of magic this morning. Swan and seven cygnets at Widcombe. Enjoy. Have a good day! Xx