Philippa East

Philippa East

Philippa East is a writer of psychological suspense novels and also works as a psychologist. She grew up in Scotland and originally studied Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Oxford. After graduating, she moved to London to train as a Clinical Psychologist and worked in NHS mental health services for over ten years. Her debut novel LITTLE WHITE LIES, published by HQ/HarperCollins, was longlisted for the Guardian’s ‘Not The Booker’ prize and shortlisted for the CWA ‘New Blood’ Award 2020. Her second novel, SAFE AND SOUND, was released in February (UK) and June (US) 2021. Philippa now lives in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside with her husband and cat. Alongside her writing, she continues to work as a psychologist and therapist.

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Today I hung fairy lights in our reading snug! (My writing room is up that wee flight of stairs. All the bookcases are behind where I was standing to take this pic.)
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Hello publishing people, what paperbacks have you got coming out in February. Compiling @TheTimesBooks February paperback round-up now. . .

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Today at 3.15pm we’ll be hearing from legal experts about the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill and the Equality Act. You can watch it here:

A psychological formulation of Tully Dawson from #Mayflies by #AndrewOHagan.

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Thinking of compiling a directory of free to access writing rooms: a good table, no music, cups of tea nearby. Like hotels with libraries or lounges, a good vibe for editing or writing. Where would you recommend in Central Scotland? Open when actual libraries aren't.

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