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Peter Moore


Peter Moore is a writer, historian and critic. Born in Staffordshire in the early eighties, he was educated at Durham University and City, University of London. He now teaches on the Mst in Creative Writing at Oxford University.

Peter’s interest is in the rapidly changing societies of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. His debut book, Damn His Blood, was a reconstruction of a double murder in rural Worcestershire at the height of the Napoleonic Wars and was published Chatto in June 2012. His second book was The Weather Experiment, the story of the meteorological enlightenment of the nineteenth century. It became an instant Sunday Times bestseller after publication in 2015, Richard Morrison of the Times chose it as his Book of the Year, the New York Times included it in their 100 Notable Books of 2015 and it was adapted by BBC4 for a three-part documentary called Storm Troupers: the fight to forecast the weather.

Peter was a 2014 Gladstone Library writer in residence and a 2016 Winston Churchill Fellow. He reviews regularly for The Literary Review and his journalism has appeared in the New York Times, the Guardian and on the BBC.

Peter is the founder and presenter of the history podcast Travels Through Time (, which was recommended by the Evening Standard as one of their top history podcasts.

Peter Moore @petermoore

What do you reckon @GeorgianLords? Which of the two 45s, Wilkes or Trump, faced more legal jeopardy? John Wilkes in March 1768 or Donald Trump exactly 255 years later?

Thank you to @petermoore for a wonderful lecture this evening on your book Endeavour as part of @lichfieldfest. This was the Johnson Society’s first lecture in memory of former JS Chairman Peter Barrett (Peter’s widow, Margaret, pictured here with Peter Moore).

'Humanly Possible' is Book of the Week on @BBCRadio4 for the next five days! For anyone who fancies finding out more about Petrarch and Boccaccio and a look at literary life in 1348 then here's a conversation I had with Sarah Bakewell for @tttpodcast_. 🎧🎧🎧

Hunting down some images to liven up a talk I'm giving tomorrow evening at Lichfield Literature Festival - and remembering just how much I loved working on my Endeavour book.

Here's Joseph Banks recast as the Fly Catching Macaroni (1772)

We ended the night by awarding @Sarah_Bakewell our Rosalind Franklin Medal, in recognition of all her work to promote deeper knowledge of humanism and illuminate the stories of the women and men who shaped this movement and wider society. Richly deserved!


This was a joy. Come and join us in Ajmer, India, 1616.

Middle Dimson: where the ducks roam free and the trees grow extraordinarily tall .... off to the framers today

Mentoring opportunity for writers!

This year, the wonderful @calflyn and I are offering free mentoring to a small number of writers in Scotland who are currently working on their first book.

More details in the thread below, and here:

Spielberg: “I need a song for my dinosaur movie.”

JOHN WILLIAMS - 91 Candles today🎂 - gave him THIS.

@simon_schama Barnaby Rudge has some magical moments. I always remember this paragraph, in which London reveals itself like some enchanting monster.

I struggle to remember much at all about 2020 - that strange year of everything and nothing. But then a memory pops up on my phone and I remember why. #hibernation

Being awarded a residency at this extraordinary place is one of the best things to have happened to me in my writing career. I wrote 45k words of The Weather Experiment in a month there and still had plenty of time for walks/exploring/reading. Do apply!

Very thankful to the brilliant, imaginative designers at @vintagebooks for yet another fabulous jacket cover. Out next June!

“This is not the time for any country to be rowing back on commitments to environmental protections: we must demand that our leaders step forwards boldly to save what we still can.”
Me in @thetimes (£)

I've no idea what is going to happen next in British politics. But I did see Michael Gove strolling down Jermyn Street an hour ago with a great smile on his face.

Live look at a Japan bullet train 🤯🚄

The A4 in London this morning. This is one of the big roads that takes people west out of the city.

Fair question. What purpose?

And it is not only that Truss has none, her professional interests are now oddly opposed to those of the nation. For the better Hunt does, the more the markets will rise and the weaker she'll become. Seems unsustainable to me.

Born #OnThisDay 1712 George Grenville. In 1763 he succeeded the unpopular earl of Bute as #PrimeMinister. He inherited a woeful financial situation but created new problems by bringing in the Stamp Act.
Horace Walpole thought him "prolix, pedantic, deceitful"

As the weather turns colder & darker, our Library is a welcoming, warm & quiet space for you to work, read, or simply enjoy some peace in central London.
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