Paul McKenna

Paul McKenna


Paul McKenna, Ph.D. was recently named by the Sunday Times as ‘one of the world’s most important modern gurus’ alongside Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. He is one of Britain’s bestselling non-fiction authors, having sold a total of 10 million books worldwide. He has worked his unique brand of personal transformation with Hollywood movie stars, Olympic gold medalists, rock stars, leading business achievers and royalty. Over the past twenty years, Paul McKenna has helped millions of people successfully quit smoking, lose weight, overcome insomnia, eliminate stress, and increase self-confidence. Paul McKenna is regularly watched on TV by hundreds of millions of people in 42 countries around the world.

He has consistently astounded his audiences and patients by proving how small changes in people’s lives can create amazing results – whether it’s curing someone of a lifelong phobia, or clearing up deep-seated issues in a matter of minutes.

His unique style combines the latest psychological techniques with the success strategies of super achievers.


He is popular in the corporate world as a motivational speaker. Whether he is talking to fifteen board members or fifteen hundred corporate employees, he delivers a dynamic and fascinating experience.

In the corporate world, he often does presentations on:

  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Overcoming problems
  • Resilience
  • Persuasion and influence

Paul McKenna believes that success and happiness are not accidents that just randomly happen to some and not to others – success and happiness are created by certain ways of thinking and acting in the world. His presentations are always interactive, involving willing members of audience, to help him effectively demonstrate his techniques.

His corporate clients include:

Sony, BMW, GlaxoSmithKline, Virgin, Bank of Scotland, BAE Systems, Barnes & Noble, Wella, McLaren, Saatchi & Saatchi, The Metropolitan Police

He recently hosted his own American TV talk show with guests including, Simon Cowell, Sir Ken Robinson, Michelle Mone, Paul Oakenfold, Richard E Grant, Lulu, Sir Roger Moore, Kirsty Young and Roger Daltrey.

The Positivity Podcast is a new, half-hour, in-depth, non-journalistic interview programme hosted by Paul McKenna. Each week, he interviews some of the world’s most interesting people in a deeply explorative style.

Paul McKenna @ImPaulMcKenna

My wonderful wife made this beautiful wreath for our front door. Can't believe it's nearly Christmas already! Have you got your decorations up or is it too early?

Misty - blissfully unaware that she's on my gratitude list every morning... #mistygreatdane

Had a wonderful evening at The Variety Club Showbusiness Awards last night. Great to see so many old friends & a lot of money raised for a very worthy cause. @VarietyGB

Nothing like a pint with a good friend in a proper English pub. Here with my mate Malcolm in my favourite pub, The Fox & Pheasant.

So excited to be starting the Mindvalley certified hypnotherapy training course with 1,200 people. About to go live with Q&A. The next course will be in four months if you missed this one. @mindvalley #hypnotherapytraining

In Liverpool last night. Walked past what used to be the original This Morning studio in Royal Albert Dock, where I first appeared with Richard & Judy nearly 30 years ago - it feels like yesterday!

God,I miss you, Bro! Can't wait to see you again. Much love & blessings!

My wonderful wife Kate took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. Thank you to everyone who has been a friend, said a kind word, or supported me over the years. @nobulondonportman #ivegotthekeyofthedoor

Just finished recording the audio book for my new title Freedom From Anxiety with my very talented producer Mike Osborne.

With one of my oldest and dearest friends - the brilliant life coach and trainer Michael Neill…

I never tire of this beautiful view - the pine walk in Mallorca. Do you have a favourite view? #pollença #pinewalk

On this day in 2014, I got engaged to my beautiful wife Kate - one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. #everydayisablessing #wakeupgrateful

In the park with Misty this morning… #onemanandhisdog #mistygreatdane

Become a Mindvalley certified hypnotherapist with me. To learn more, click here…

Really looking forward to this free webinar with my friends at Mindvalley.

My guest on the Positivity Podcast today is an actor famous for appearing in Downton Abbey, Notting Hill & The Monuments Men. His new book is Playing Under The Piano. I’m talking today with Hugh Bonneville.

I’ve been broadcasting on Radio Caroline North from the Ross Revenge today and when I went up on deck, there was a rainbow, which I always think is good luck. @TheRadCaroline #rossrevenge

Great to be back on Radio Caroline North - broadcasting live now till 5pm.