Paul Conroy

Paul Conroy


Paul Conroy is a photojournalist and documentary maker, who began his career in the military. He has worked in warzones all over the world, taking photographs and making films for the BBC, Sky TV and the Sunday Times, amongst others.

Conroy was one of the first journalists to enter Libya when the uprising there began in 2011, and his talents meant he was soon teamed with the Sunday Times’ Marie Colvin, hailed as the greatest war reporter of his generation. The pair smuggled themselves into the besieged city of Misrata at a time when most of the foreign press corps had decided it was too dangerous to stay. They ended up covering the brutal shelling of the city for two months, longer than any other journalist team. He spent the next six months working in Libya with Colvin, before working together again in Syria in early 2012 to report on the atrocities being committed. It was to be the pair’s last assignment together. Colvin was killed in a rocket attack in Homs, Syria in February 2012.

Paul’s memoir, Under the Wire, was published by Quercus in June 2013.


Under the Wire: Marie Colvin’s Final Assignment @@reflextv

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T-shirt for my #running4pressfreedom with @Internews has arrived - I was out this morning. Training. Wasn’t pretty. It hurt a lot but I’m doing this because I want to support projects on protecting journalists #mariecolvin #underthewire #paulconroy

Muscat’s propaganda network wrote a story about a restored oven. An employee of Malta’s tax authorities (the one with the chain) commented that my mother should have been thrown in and burned alive.

@HamishDBG @reflextv The Syria Response Coordinators @group_response are asking for the #Kuwait #Belgium #Germany Ceasfire Proposal to be presented to the 74th session of the #UNGA for discussion and approval next week.

Something to support yes?

With the VETO #UNGA makes more sense than #UNSC

In which I put the boot into Verso for publishing dangerous conspiracies from a well-known Assadist

So @TheTLS has done a meticulous takedown of Max Blumenthal's book The Management of Savagery. It's quite something. Mistakes range from getting dates wrong to pure fabrication, and are so numerous they "require a short book in itself"

Wonderful article on the moral bankruptcy of @VersoBooks (which decent people will boycott), and the disregard for facts, and racism, of its favourite genocide denialist.

“The Syrian children in the village have the same life experience as the oldest people in the village,” said Mr. Schütz, the current mayor. “They both know what it sounds like when a grenade explodes.” ⁦@kbennhold⁩

Russia blasted at UN for 'carpet bombing' Syria Mame & Shame these aircraft & those attacking hospitals at the v least?

In her cold evisceration for @TheTLS of max blumenthal's shoddy screed—a book replete with factual errors, innuendo and fabrication—the brilliant @lsmwilson asks if @VersoBooks even bothered with basic fact-checking

A devastating critique of Max Blumenthals new book, which many of his followers assured us would take down the MSM. It turns out be little more than a badly researched, dogmatic comedy of errors. Worth a read!! (The article, but not it seems, the book).

#InternationalPeaceDay #WorldPeaceDay Sunday Times conflict photographer Paul Conroy @reflextv @UnderTheWireMov will be speaking @xposureXPF in #Sharjah #UAE I was pleased to meet and photograph Paul last year and honoured that this image is displayed at the festival

Russia blasted at UN for 'carpet bombing' Syria, as Putin and Xi veto ceasefire resolution

"On September 30, a new UN 3-member team... will start investigating attacks on hospitals and other civilian sites in NW Syria."

Residents of #KafrTakharim in the northern countryside of Idlib staged a mass demonstration calling on the international community to protect civilians from the bombing of #Assad and #Russia, which targets hospitals, schools and markets
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib

Civilians trapped in #Idlib #Syria plead with the world to stop this horrific war! We are alive we are trapped stop Russia & regime bombing @UKUN_NewYork must act #Revolution #FreeSyria #Idlib #Syria

Big me little, me - Sharjah UAE @ Mamzr - Sharjah

We are proud to be a co-sponsor of this event to mark the one-year anniversary of the murder of @washingtonpost journalist Jamal Khashoggi. #ProtectJournalists #PressFreedom #JusticeForJamal

CONGRATULATIONS to my beautiful, talented wife Jill Bartelt!!
She was notified recently that one of her photos will be included in the 2020 Galapagos Conservancy calendar!

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