Paul Conroy

Paul Conroy


Paul Conroy is a photojournalist and documentary maker, who began his career in the military. He has worked in warzones all over the world, taking photographs and making films for the BBC, Sky TV and the Sunday Times, amongst others.

Conroy was one of the first journalists to enter Libya when the uprising there began in 2011, and his talents meant he was soon teamed with the Sunday Times’ Marie Colvin, hailed as the greatest war reporter of his generation. The pair smuggled themselves into the besieged city of Misrata at a time when most of the foreign press corps had decided it was too dangerous to stay. They ended up covering the brutal shelling of the city for two months, longer than any other journalist team. He spent the next six months working in Libya with Colvin, before working together again in Syria in early 2012 to report on the atrocities being committed. It was to be the pair’s last assignment together. Colvin was killed in a rocket attack in Homs, Syria in February 2012.

Paul’s memoir, Under the Wire, was published by Quercus in June 2013.


Under the Wire: Marie Colvin’s Final Assignment @@reflextv

This is a great read: @johnsweeneyroar the force of nature of journalism reviewing another natural force @lukeharding1968’ #ShadowState

On the day that refugees in Idlib are being tormented by 50C temperatures, this what @Reuters chose to cover.

Hey @ICRC “conflict” has a full name: Bashar al-Assad
Never forget that the root cause of all of this is one man along with his family & regime doing everything, including unleashing & perpetuating conflict, in order to keep power. #Syria #Assad

Syria watchers were all thinking it, @louiseelisabet went and looked into it

my feed still posts over 200 Syria related news articles every week not sure if anyone reads them anymore though 😟

Two graphs. The first, Israel, which got tough on Covid early and reopened a few weeks ago; the second, the UK, which is just about to re-open.

One of the killers who massacred 100 men and boys in a haybarn in Kosovo in 1999 got jailed for 22 years last week. The late James Miller and I captured evidence in 1999 which led to his conviction.

Read the story here @BIRN_Network @XhorxhinaB

It's publication day for my new book Shadow State! I'm having a virtual book launch at 7pm London time today, featuring a reading by @MyannaBuring and a discussion with @OliverBullough. Do beam in if you are free! You can register here: @FaberBooks

Since @hmtreasury has just deleted it, here's an Evening Standard article about its "grab a drink and raise a glass" tweet, described as the "most tone deaf" in Twitter's 14-year history.

Tories weep at Seumas Milne's departure from Labour. Here's our @twoboozyhacks podcast with ex-Labour deputy leader @tom_watson on the posh Stalinists who wrecked Labour's chances. Tom is v funny on wine and cheese bf he sticks the boot in.

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No words

James Cleverley just said he "recently conducted a virtual visit to Yemen" by holding conversations with various people there. So a series of Zoom calls then.

Duscussed at length today on my @LBC radio show. Deacribed it as the biggest political question of the covid crisis as we emerge from lockdown

NEW with @AndyBounds, @sarahnev & @Laura_K_Hughes:

The UK government’s published numbers of new cases at local authority level only include pillar 1 and *not* pillar 2 cases, meaning as many as 90% of new cases are missing from the data


Here's a video about my new book Shadow State, out today. Recorded last week before the latest #GRU bounty story broke. "I'm sketching out the lives and misadventures of the #Russian hackers, hitmen and assassins who leave a trail of mayhem stretching from #Washington to #London"

Jaw-dropping report by @carlbernstein on #Trump's phone calls with foreign leaders: flattering #Putin, demeaning May and Merkel. Trump "resisted" condemning #Russia for the #Salisbury poisonings, which feature in my new book Shadow State

Here's a film I did for @BBCNewsnight about China's monstrous crime against the #Uyghur.

#Syria: Pictures show views of buildings destroyed by prior bombardment in the town of Ariha in Syria's rebel-held northwestern Idlib province, as the Milky Way galaxy is seen in the night sky above #AFP


Omar Kayali and Ali Kaddour, on the first painful anniversary of losing them. Sacrifice and giving to save the lives of civilians. We will never forget them, and we will tell their children about the enormous sacrifices of their fathers. #WhiteHelmets