Paul Conroy

Paul Conroy


Paul Conroy is a photojournalist and documentary maker, who began his career in the military. He has worked in warzones all over the world, taking photographs and making films for the BBC, Sky TV and the Sunday Times, amongst others.

Conroy was one of the first journalists to enter Libya when the uprising there began in 2011, and his talents meant he was soon teamed with the Sunday Times’ Marie Colvin, hailed as the greatest war reporter of his generation. The pair smuggled themselves into the besieged city of Misrata at a time when most of the foreign press corps had decided it was too dangerous to stay. They ended up covering the brutal shelling of the city for two months, longer than any other journalist team. He spent the next six months working in Libya with Colvin, before working together again in Syria in early 2012 to report on the atrocities being committed. It was to be the pair’s last assignment together. Colvin was killed in a rocket attack in Homs, Syria in February 2012.

Paul’s memoir, Under the Wire, was published by Quercus in June 2013.


Under the Wire: Marie Colvin’s Final Assignment @@reflextv

Poor Tom.

Speaking on @AlarabyTV this evening about the hugely significant step taken by the Dutch Government to hold #Syria accountable @ministerBlok @GuernicaLaw37

Proud to assist the Netherlands as it holds Syria responsible for gross human rights violations - @tobycadman @almubernabeu @IbrahimOlabi @GuernicaGroup

I was asked this week considering the growing inability of the UN and ICC to combat impunity, the weakening of the rule of law in the U.K. and U.S., how accountability would be advanced, my answer: #ActivistLawyers and States like the #Netherlands @GuernicaLaw37

Every night ⁦@daibaker⁩ sends us a Turner like landscape live shot from Wales - how green is that valley ? We’re all very proud of him and the way our nations and regions teams have covered this pandemic with such clarity and depth ⁦@Channel4News⁩

A man who worked for the Syrian government has testified at the Al-Khatib trial in Germany. He described vast mass graves, and documents listing tens of thousands of corpses.

Assad’s mass atrocities are slowly being revealed.

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NEW: the latest @UNCoISyria report finds #Syria's #Assad regime responsible for a spate of war crimes in recent months:

- Indiscriminate attacks
- Arbitrary detention
- Enforced disappearance
- Torture, rape & death in detention

+ HLP crimes, aid denial

Congrats to the brave Syrian cinematographers who filmed The Cave documentary while under siege in #Ghouta.

The film follows Dr. @AmaniBallour and her colleagues as they set examples of courage and resilience.

A British child held in Syria and cared for by #Save the Children is being brought home to safety in the U.K. We are proud to have supported the U.K. Gov efforts @savechildrenuk @FCDOGovUK @haynesdeborah @SkyNews

After nearly a week of chaos, here's the latest govt line.
Wait for it...Brandon Lewis 'answered the wrong question' when he admitted the govt would break the law.

.@LordCFalconer tells us Lewis is being 'hung out to dry' for telling the truth.

So many months into the pandemic, so many months of promising test and trace, and still the failure to deliver. On tonight's world-beating Channel 4 News we ask, what's gone wrong and what will put it right?

Feeling exceptionally privileged to have worked with this amazingly professional and empathetic #journalist and #friend - #onallfronts @clarissaward #mustread

No sense, no education, no responsibility, no punctuation. #COVIDIOTS

Wow @Ed_Miliband ripping Boris a new arsehole here...

It is brave for Conservative MPs robustly to oppose this vindictive government’s policy. But - how can ANY MP support law breaking and then pretend they have any sense of right and wrong?

This is a horror show. Boris Johnson’s government is a disgrace. We are in the middle of a pandemic and the testing system - one of the most basic building blocks of a fight back against the virus - is broken. It’s a deadly shambles.

What incompetence. What failure of governance. Boris Johnson can't blame Theresa May, he can't blame John Major, he can't blame judges, he can't blame civil servants, he can't sack the Cabinet Secretary again. There's only one person responsible - him. Me in the Commons today:

Ed Miliband eviscerated Johnson. Worth watching his whole speech. A magnificent parliamentary performance

Ed Miliband ripping Boris Johnson apart
Asking him to show us where the proposed bill deals with the issue he claims it does - no answer because there is none