Paul Conroy

Paul Conroy


Paul Conroy is a photojournalist and documentary maker, who began his career in the military. He has worked in warzones all over the world, taking photographs and making films for the BBC, Sky TV and the Sunday Times, amongst others.

Conroy was one of the first journalists to enter Libya when the uprising there began in 2011, and his talents meant he was soon teamed with the Sunday Times’ Marie Colvin, hailed as the greatest war reporter of his generation. The pair smuggled themselves into the besieged city of Misrata at a time when most of the foreign press corps had decided it was too dangerous to stay. They ended up covering the brutal shelling of the city for two months, longer than any other journalist team. He spent the next six months working in Libya with Colvin, before working together again in Syria in early 2012 to report on the atrocities being committed. It was to be the pair’s last assignment together. Colvin was killed in a rocket attack in Homs, Syria in February 2012.

Paul’s memoir, Under the Wire, was published by Quercus in June 2013.  In 2019, Paul received a Society of Editors award and the May Chidiac Impact Award for his photography in war zones.


Under the Wire: Marie Colvin’s Final Assignment @@reflextv

On this day 11 years ago, Hamza Al-Khatib’s body was delivered to his parents — swollen and bruised, covered in burn marks, gunshot wounds and severed genitals. Hamza was 13 when he was tortured to death by the Assad regime.

He would have been 25 this year, had he lived.

Two of most inspiring #Syria/ns @anwaralbounni & @mazenadarwish3 who inspired us to make award winning #BringingAssadToJustice abt their historic accountability movement against odds seeking justice not only for Syrians but all mankind when @ICC denied them make #TIME100 #Ukraine

i wrote about the #syria hearing of the peoples' tribunal on the murder of #journalists, last week in the hague. colleagues of nabil al-sharbaji, tortured to death by assad, gave testimony in their quest for #justice. @SaferTruth (no paywall today)

Thanks a lot @reflextv for your words today. Always painful to remember these particular days but great to continue to talk about our friends and all the brave women and journalists continuing to inform us about Syria in spite of the risks. #informisnotacrim #syria

Ten years after the attack on the media centre that killed our friends, Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik, me and the amazing @danslesrues - Edith Bouvier gave evidence together at #ThePeoplesTribunal in The Hague today.

For my friend and partner in prison, torture and dreams, Nabil Al-Sharbaji As well as hundreds of thousands of Syrian journalists from around the world

"I know that that attack was not an accidental shelling. Any journalist found in and around the battlefield had to be executed." - @reflextv

Liveblog of the hearing:

LIVE: "If we don't put something out immediately then we're not gonna be alive on Friday to tell the story. We knew it was over" - the conversation that journalist @reflextv had with #MarieColvin the night before Marie Colvin and #RemiOchlik were killed.

LIVE: Journalists Paul Conroy & Edith Bouvier providing witness testimony on their experience in #Homs where Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik were killed.

Syria case hearing of #ThePeoplesTribunal on the Murder of Journalists in the Hague:

News Safety Training Standards by our team in the Ukraine yesterday. This is made possible from the incredible generosity of strangers and it still blows my mind. #presssafety #Guardians #press Keep on donating and saving lives 👉🏼

The first 14 Ukrainian journalists on our @frontlineclub hostile environment/trauma first aid course in Ukraine. Our program to support freelance journalists reporting from the frontline is now fully running, with another 18 this week. Please support us.

MCJN expresses its deepest condolences to our members for the death of their colleague, Shireen Abu Akleh, @AJArabic correspondent, whom witnesses said was killed by Israeli soldiers this morning.
For our full statement:

She was a role model for many @MarieColvinNet members, and much admired. Eye-witnesses say Israeli soldiers shot her in the head. Her flak jacket was clearly marked ‘Press’.

Happy birthday little bro. Still can’t get my head around you not being here old boy. Not a day goes by without you being in my head in one way or the other. Lov ya, RIP mate xxx 🥃🥃

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Sri Lanka and Syria Case Hearings of #ThePeoplesTribunal on the Murder of Journalists are taking place on 12-13 and 16-17 May in the Hague. Witnesses testifying include: @reflextv and @mazenadarwish3

Watch the hearing here:

10 years ago, journalist Marie Colvin was murdered by the Assad regime while reporting on the siege of Homs in Syria. Today, we pay tribute to Marie's dedication to searching for the truth, bearing witness, and uplifting the voices of the people.

⁦⁦⁦Devastating… ⁦
#ICC #warcrimes

AP evidence points to 600 dead in Mariupol theater airstrike

#Lviv Was just sitting down to eat last night when up to five explosions plunged the city centre into darkness. Russian cruise missiles have taken out chunks of the city’s infrastructure partially disrupting rail, water and electricity supplies. #Lvivattack #UkraineRussiaWar

Had the pleasure of working with Angelina Jolie today. We visited a hospital to meet kids wounded in the Kramatorsk railway attack.