Paul Conroy

Paul Conroy


Paul Conroy is a photojournalist and documentary maker, who began his career in the military. He has worked in warzones all over the world, taking photographs and making films for the BBC, Sky TV and the Sunday Times, amongst others.

Conroy was one of the first journalists to enter Libya when the uprising there began in 2011, and his talents meant he was soon teamed with the Sunday Times’ Marie Colvin, hailed as the greatest war reporter of his generation. The pair smuggled themselves into the besieged city of Misrata at a time when most of the foreign press corps had decided it was too dangerous to stay. They ended up covering the brutal shelling of the city for two months, longer than any other journalist team. He spent the next six months working in Libya with Colvin, before working together again in Syria in early 2012 to report on the atrocities being committed. It was to be the pair’s last assignment together. Colvin was killed in a rocket attack in Homs, Syria in February 2012.

Paul’s memoir, Under the Wire, was published by Quercus in June 2013.


Under the Wire: Marie Colvin’s Final Assignment @@reflextv

Tomorrow's front page 🗞️

'150,000 people have died and he parties and laughs'

Boris Johnson smirks during a fiery PMQs with his job on the line

Boris Johnson just responded at #PMQs with exaggeration and barefaced lies

Watch in disbelief and RT if you think the country deserves better than this

I love that this morning, all the papers has reports that Johnson was upset and contrite. Then he walked out and said "I AM THE BEST. I'M THE BEST. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS PARTY SHIT IS HILARIOUS".

Boris Johnson's present strategy is to insist that he is an idiot rather than a liar, when in fact he is clearly both.

We have never before been asked to keep a pre-action response hidden.

We have now filed our claim against the Met in court. The latest 👇

Johnson LAUGHING as he is being reminded of breaking the Covid rules

Just let this sink in one more time 👇

Back in December I promised on here I would look into why the Met Police are not investigating the Downing St parties? I have done so. The response from the Met is interesting . Watch this space …

one former cabinet minister who supported the Johnson leadership campaign in 2019:

"it's the dreadful refusal to accept that he could be in the wrong, it's always someone else's fault...

my view is that he did a great job getting us through Brexit, now fuck off"

I’ll tell you who’s NOT waiting for Sue Gray’s report… the vast majority of the British public.
‘You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows’

I don’t think this can be shared too often so I’m giving it another push 👇

The old deeply sorry and eternally repentant act didn’t last too long then

40 new hospitals? It’s just impossible to keep up with Johnson’s lies & misleading statements, they come so thick & fast

#PMQs and here comes the final volley of lies

#PMQs @BorisJohnson Yep, he’s doomed…

#PMQs @BorisJohnson Johnson busy hammering the final nails in his own coffin

Watch this, weep, and then read some of the bigoted bile he elicits in the comments below. Sickening. 👇

Is it me, or does anyone find it weird that despite ongoing Covid, brexit failures, a potential war in Europe and the looming cost of living crisis, @BorisJohnson is only ever seen bothering overworked staff in some hospital PR jaunt. When does he actually ‘do’ actual work?

I don’t want anyone who knew anything about the parties being the next PM. That’s it. The end.

got to go to bed or Graham Brady won't come