Pattie Boyd

Pattie Boyd


Pattie Boyd is an English model and photographer, and the former wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton.

The inspiration for Something, Layla and Wonderful Tonight, Pattie recounts her past as a rock ‘n’ roll muse in her fascinating autobiography Wonderful Tonight, published in 2007.


Pattie Boyd @thepattieboyd

Episode 12 of my #LunchInLockdown podcast series is available to listen to. Same address as always:
This week, I have a Thanksgiving special of Wild Rice Salad & Sweetcorn Sauce with a special nod to all of my USA followers. Have a fab Holiday Weekend!

Almost forgot its Thursday and therefore #lunchinlockdown day on ! Today we have Chilli Prawn Linguine inspired by my good friend, Jill. Enjoy!

2/2 Meantime, I have recorded more episodes for Series1 of my #lunchinlockdown casts and these will be available each week from
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1/2 Thank you so much for sending in your questions for the 'Ask Pattie' podcast series. You may know that England is in the middle of another period of lockdown and this will delay our plans to record and air the podcasts, sadly. We'll get recording as soon as possible, though

Hi Everyone, Its Episode 10 of my #LunchInLockdown series at and today we have a particular favourite of mine, Aubergine (or Eggplant) bake. Hope you enjoy listening and then preparing your own! Enjoy!

Marissa Stevens sent this pic of the Cottage Pie she made from a recent #LunchInLockdown podcast - nice work, Marissa! Thanks for sharing.
Next episode due tomorrow, folks.

I asked Eric to bring me back some jeans from Miami where the LP was recorded and I think that he wrote the song in homage to my request!
And then we have the small issue of the title track..
Here's a pic of the painting which made the LP's sleeve which I took this morning. 2/2

It was 50 years ago today..- 9 Nov 1970 saw the release of the Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs LP from Eric and the wonderful group of musician friends he assembled as Derek & The Dominoes. I still love the record today.
My favourite track is probably 'Bell Bottom Blues'. 1/2

Hi Everyone, #lunchinlockdown day - especially relevant today as we in England enter our second formal lockdown 😔 Anyway, maybe use your time to have a go at my recipe for Fish Pie! Just right for these colder days. As usual, head to for the detail. p

Joanne Ratner sent me this picture of the cover of her copy of Petticoat Magazine from the 60s. I hadn't seen this in ages, so thanks Joanne!
And I've just discovered that a copy of the magazine is for sale on ebay priced at £190 ,,, what??!!

Its Thursday, so #lunchinlockdown day! This week, I have a recipe for Freddie's Delights - Dog Biscuits! The biscuits look so good that you will want to eat them yourself ,,,, and you can if you like, but your dog will love them, too!

Thanks so much for your questions for the 'Ask Pattie' podcast which I'm going to record soon. There's been some interesting emails! Please keep them coming: mail your question to before 1 Nov so that I can start work on the project in the near future.
Stay safe.

So watch this space for further news!
Looking forward to hearing your questions!
Meantime, keep trying the weekly recipes.
PS - the pic is another fabulous charcoal drawing by Manuela Dore - Thanks again, Manuela

To make things easier, Kerry & Tony from KT Promotions will be collating your questions via email. So please mail them at with your question.
I'll attempt to answer as many as I can within the broadcasts.
I'm not sure exactly when 'Ask Pattie' will go live. (more)

Thank you for your positive comments on my recipe podcasts. You have inspired me to look at other ideas and I am excited to announce a new series entitled 'Ask Pattie'.
In this series, I will be answering questions that have been sent in by you lovely people! (more...)

Episode 7 of Season 1 in my #LunchInLockdown podcasts in available today at
This week we have a Chicken & Mushroom Pie - delicious!
Please let me know how you're getting on with any of the recipes and share pictures and stories. As always, Enjoy!

Celebrating Donovan's anniversary on Friday (📷Rod!)

This week's episode in my #LunchInLockdown podcast series is for a Salad Nicoise.
Please visit to listen and check out the recipe and process.

Manuela Dore from Sardinia kindly sent some of her charcoal drawings to me and they are just too good not to share. Here's a poignant one from the weekend