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Patrick Flood


He was born in New Jersey in November 1988 and grew up in Wayne, New Jersey and Stamford, Connecticut, both suburbs of New York City. He has a background in journalism. He covered baseball for four years for Major League Baseball and deceptive advertising for a year and a half at a nonprofit. He went to high school in the Bronx and did his first two years of college in Manhattan. He graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in Classical Languages and City University London with a MA in creative writing. He’s lived in New York, Connecticut, and London. His dog’s name is Linda.

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As everyone knows, the best negotiating tactic is to say "Jason Vargas is garbage and we're willing to give Dallas Keuchel a blank check."

On one hand, Jason Vargas had a career high K%-BB% last season, a strong second half, and made an inordinate number of road starts. On the other hand, best case scenario for this season was that he became 96 ERA+ Jason Vargas again.

It's wild that Brandon Nimmo is striking out 42% of the time this season and still has a .340 OBP.

I guess they solved the mystery of Flushing.

Can't believe anyone says the Cespedes contract wasn't worth it.

Bryce Harper is 34th in Fangraphs position player WAR over the last three years.

Knicks need to be careful. Adding three NBA players to their rotation isn't great for the tank.

Absolutely wild to watch a Knicks team where Noah Vonleh is unquestionably the best player.

I don't know enough about economics to have a real opinion on this, but this feels like the occam's razor explanation for MLB's slow free agent market.

This is an abomination.

Hector Santiago made an all-star team?

I will give BVW this: Trading for new meh players is more exciting than re-signing familiar meh players.

Struggling to understand the government of Halloweentown in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack is the Pumpkin King, but there's also a mayor who seems to wield actual power.

Brodie Van Wagenen is doing exactly what I did playing franchise mode in Triple Play 2001.

I know Cano is old, but he's still one of the 5~ best second basemen in baseball.

As @PatrickJFlood pointed out last year, Flores is one of the Metsiest Mets of all time.

I really love that the Mets have spent the last three years trying only to acquire or trade away Jay Bruce.