Patrick Flood

Patrick Flood


He was born in New Jersey in November 1988 and grew up in Wayne, New Jersey and Stamford, Connecticut, both suburbs of New York City. He has a background in journalism. He covered baseball for four years for Major League Baseball and deceptive advertising for a year and a half at a nonprofit. He went to high school in the Bronx and did his first two years of college in Manhattan. He graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in Classical Languages and City University London with a MA in creative writing. He’s lived in New York, Connecticut, and London. His dog’s name is Linda.

Patrick Flood @PatrickJFlood

I guess the problem with wishing that some rich person will buy your favorite sports team is that some rich person will buy your favorite sports team.

Ah so this Knicks season is going to be a "remember that year when Marcus Morris' PPG was higher than the Knicks win total?"

Really enjoying Joe Buck implying that call was so bad it might actually kill Davey Martinez.

300 home runs in a season is amazing. Only nine lineup spots, so that's 33~ homers per spot. The Yankees only had two players actually hit 33 or more home runs.

Jeff Francoeur talking about spin rate on national television feels like a fever dream.

Whatever the 07-12 Phillies had, the Nationals clearly do not because I'm . . . happy for them? I have no ill will toward them?

I cannot believe Hansel Robles, of all people, is thriving in the juiced ball era.

So I guess the only remaining question is whether Alonso can hit 20 more home runs tonight and tomorrow.

Lest we forget our large adult son is also a Florida Man.

I would like to see Mickey Callaway manage a postseason game just to see what weird stuff happens.

I would be willing to bet a lot of money Familia walks the opposing relief pitcher.

Wilson Ramos, fWAR in August: 1.2
Wilson Ramos, fWAR in 2019: 1.2

Mets really putting the "better to have loved and lost" theory to the test.

I have no idea how to feel about the Mets anymore.

Lester feels like he's been around forever, and he's averaged 29 starts per season over the last 14 years playing on good teams...and he only has 187 wins. How does anyone ever get to 300 wins?

I don't know what's weirder, Juan Lagares randomly being good or Juan Lagares randomly being the worst player in baseball for four months.

Feels like this happened overnight: deGrom is sixth in WAR with the Mets.

Why is Familia wearing the wrong hat?

I do not like watching the Mets play the Royals.