Patrick Flood

Patrick Flood


He was born in New Jersey in November 1988 and grew up in Wayne, New Jersey and Stamford, Connecticut, both suburbs of New York City. He has a background in journalism. He covered baseball for four years for Major League Baseball and deceptive advertising for a year and a half at a nonprofit. He went to high school in the Bronx and did his first two years of college in Manhattan. He graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in Classical Languages and City University London with a MA in creative writing. He’s lived in New York, Connecticut, and London. His dog’s name is Linda.

Patrick Flood @PatrickJFlood

Is he doing the Zoom from a loading program for the Matrix?

I see the players' argument for a work stoppage--average salary has dropped the last half decade--but what exactly is the owners' argument?

Zeno's paradox, but for a contract negotiation

Love these platoony lineups where only part-time guys are ever allowed to hit cleanup. Manager's way of asserting he's SUPER CONFIDENT in the platoon advantage.

I would love to see what Luis Guillorme's numbers look like in a full season, mainly as a science experiment. But also if that happened, something went very wrong for the Mets.

Putting Pillar, Villar, Nido and Nimmo all close together in the lineup feels like a mean challenge for the visiting announcers

Why aren't the Mets and Marlins allowed to play normal games?

Announcement: I am launching a TurboVax NFT. Each appointment tweet can be purchased as a commemorative token on the blockchain. See below link for details

I have a short story, The Banshee, in the latest Evening Street Review:

Mets rotation/bullpen strategy feels like the definition of rearranging deck chairs on Titanic

The rare hot mic moment that makes me like someone more?

I'm convinced Benitez is going to blow this game.

In these trying times I am grateful for Marcus Stroman's delightful social media presence.

This seems like such a weird thing to be cagey about

Just like the scriptures say: Let he who has not lost $20 million in a wild-boar-related ranch accident explain the ordeal to the media first.

Lol the behind the back catch. Would gladly fend off 30-50 feral hogs to protect him.