Ortensia Visconti

Ortensia Visconti

Author, Journalist

Ortensia is a war reporter, photographer, film director and producer, and fiction author.

In the early 2000’s, she travelled to Algeria as a reporter for the Washington Post, and shortly afterwards to Afghanistan, which she spent seven years covering. Her reportage was carried by numerous leading American and European publications, and her photographs were exhibited across Europe.

In 2007, Ortensia co-directed, c0-wrote and produced ‘Fidelity’, a documentary dealing with the legacy of Castro’s rule on Cuba’s future, which opened the London Film Festival the following year.

In 2004 she published her first novel, the dark thriller ‘Stregonesco’, and has recently returned to fiction with ‘L’Idée Fixe’, a series of twelve short stories looking at twelve of the world’s modern cities through the lens of sex. Ortensia’s latest work is featured in Desire, an anthology of erotic literature edited by Mariella Frostrup and The Erotic Review.

Her website can be found here: https://www.ortensiavisconti.com