Onjali Q. Raúf

Onjali Q. Raúf


Onjali Q. Raúf is the founder of Making Herstory, an organisation mobilising men, women and children from all walks of life to tackle the abuse and trafficking of women and girls in the UK and beyond. In her spare time she delivers emergency aid convoys for refugee families surviving in Calais and Dunkirk, and supports interfaith projects. She specialised in Women’s Studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and Oxford University respectively.

Onjali’s first novel, The Boy at the Back of the Class, is aimed at middle-graders and it portrays the refugee crisis through the eyes of a child in a warm, funny and moving way. It was released by Orion Children’s Books in the UK in July 2018 and it will also be published by Delacorte in America in Spring 2019, followed by her second middle-grade book, The Star Outside My Window, which will come out in October 2019.


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It gives me great pleasure to introduce the @VIPreading team. Rob McCann (Founder), Andrew Bailie (Illustrator), Kevin Cobane & Jackie Graves (Contributors) & last but not least our wonderful Patron Onjali Q. Rauf @KevC46 @JackieGraves @OnjaliRauf #VIPreading #readingforpleasure

Our first estimates suggest that over 40,000 people in the whole of Scotland went on strike for the #GlobalClimateStrike. Which means that approximately, 1 in every 125 Scots striked on Friday. Now, that's pretty cool! @GretaThunberg @Fridays4future

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If you’re wondering who was behind the #ClimateStrike, guess who? Isra Hirsi Is 16, Unbothered, and Saving the Planet! So proud of my black Muslim feminist shero @israhirsi! MUST READ! https://t.co/8CtdInDDaI

To change the world, start with women and girls!

Here are five #inspiring refugee women who have made their mark on history. #StandWithRefugees

This restaurant in Palermo, Italy is giving refugees a chance to thrive in their new home.

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'It's my generation that's caused all this trouble, so here I am.'

This 91-year-old protester was arrested halfway through an interview with @AyshahTull, after he joined in on the Extinction Rebellion blockade in Dover.

There are people who think Greta Thunberg is doing all this for money. Despite the fact that she gives her income to charities. Imagine being that drenched in contemporary capitalism that you just can’t understand a motive that isn’t financial. It is actually deeply sad.

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Mrs #VIPreading’s book & my book tonight... Quite a contrast! 😍

“So we can no longer save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed.

To do your best is no longer good enough. We must all do the seemingly impossible.

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The United Nations.
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Thank you @7OaksBookshop & #SevenOaks Young Readers Festival for the welcome, the hugs & the CAKES (OMG THE CAKES😋)! Such a joy to be introduced by little Charlie &meet so many beans wanting to help our #refugees! PS Seeing both #bookbabies together for the first time was 😭!💕

Member of government which prorogued parliament for weeks after long summer holiday criticises children for “bunking off.” https://t.co/95xeaBgvRJ

Probably the single largest demonstration in World History. Across the globe, millions join biggest climate protest ever. Cannot be ignored. Can be a tipping point https://t.co/DZ0Sx2eyJq

We are super excited to welcome you all here at the Young Readers Festival! Onjali Q. Rauf is in full flow at the church and the vine soon to open at 11.30 for all sorts of literary fun!

"The skies are emptying out."
New research finds N. America has lost 2.9bn birds in 50 yrs.
- Warblers down 670m
- Blackbirds down 440m
- Starlings down 89m
- Grassland species down 717m
"Europe is experiencing a similar loss, also among common species." https://t.co/D6yoLrEH9v