Onjali Q. Raúf

Onjali Q. Raúf


Onjali Q. Raúf is a children’s author and human rights activist. She is the founder and CEO of two NGO’s: Making Herstory, an organisation working to end all forms of domestic violence, abuse and trafficking crimes perpetrated against women and children; and O’s Refugee Aid Team, through which she mobilises aid convoys and funds to help refugees surviving across northern France and beyond. She is the author of The Boy at the Back of the Class (2018), which won the 2019 Blue Peter Award and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, and The Star Outside My Window (2019). Onjali is also a Patron of VIP Reading, Facefront Theatre, and NIA, and was listed as one of BBC’s 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2019.


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If you are in #COVID19 #lockdown with someone abusive & cannot speak on the phone, DIAL 999 > WAIT to be CONNECTED > PRESS 55 > HANG UP.

NOTE: Perpetrators have been telling police they cannot be arrested because they have #coronavirus. This is untrue. Anyone can be arrested.

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WITH FRANCE reporting a 30% increase in #DomesticViolence cases in just 2 weeks & parts of the UK already seeing spikes in calls for help, it's time! The @Conservatives & @UKParliament MUST act quickly to make survivors a priority in #COVID19 #lockdown.

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@OnjaliRauf @thebookseller @PFDAgents @HachetteKids One more entry but this one is an audio clip from Jess https://app.seesaw.me/pages/shared_item?item_id=item.f7bd719f-ba71-4f78-acbc-e83981593c43&share_token=UGdO9mR7TNCYT9m9OQwctQ&mode=share @OnjaliRauf

@OnjaliRauf @thebookseller @PFDAgents @HachetteKids Hi, my daughter, Simi, would ask the Queen if she could take her corgis for a walk with Queen. She wants to know what chatting and walking with one's Queen and her corgis would be like. She's been working on her standard English and accent😃

@OnjaliRauf From Adam, 13. What do you think the Queen would ask Ahmet if he came for tea and what soet of cake would they eat? #QuestionsAndTheQueen

@OnjaliRauf @thebookseller @PFDAgents @HachetteKids My 9 year old daughter Nancy would like to know what her favourite food is, as she bets it is something we wouldn't expect! #QuestionsAndTheQueen

@OnjaliRauf @thebookseller @PFDAgents @HachetteKids Xavier 8 wants to know what's the best thing about being the Queen because he wonders what it's like. #questionsAndTheQueen

@OnjaliRauf @thebookseller @PFDAgents @HachetteKids Nancy age 12 what’s it like being royalty? Because I understand it’s not what it’s made out to be in the fairytales.

@OnjaliRauf @thebookseller @PFDAgents @HachetteKids Ethan age 7 Do you like rabbits? Because they are my favourite animal and this is my rabbit Oreo with my dad and my sisters rabbit dexter.

@OnjaliRauf @thebookseller @PFDAgents @HachetteKids 7 (almost 8 on Friday) yr old Jade would ask the Queen ‘how many dresses do you have?’ 👑

@OnjaliRauf @thebookseller @PFDAgents @HachetteKids Monique Bowman 9- would like to know what the Queen’s favourite cake is!🍰 Noah Bowman-6: can I give you a kiss on your cheek, your Majesty?! 🙈

Charlie, 6, wants to know if the Queen likes to jump in muddy puddles when no one else is looking, but of course! #thedaywemetthequeen https://twitter.com/OnjaliRauf/status/1243508660179021827

Oooh you can hear the first chapter of STORM here and it sounds really buttery and nice. https://soundcloud.com/harpercollinspublishers/storm-by-nicola-skinner-read

@OnjaliRauf @thebookseller @PFDAgents @HachetteKids Ethan Age 9 asks - If you could of done any other job in the world what would it have been?

@OnjaliRauf @thebookseller @PFDAgents @HachetteKids Not sure if you’ve had this one but Ryan aged 10 naturally has a food-related question - ‘what is your favourite sandwich?’ 😋

Gentle reminder that this mini #QuestionsAndTheQueen competition ENDS AT NOON TODAY. Do ensure the name and age of every child submitting a question via you is included👍🏼. The draw for the question that will be winning The Mystery Prize will be taking place tomorrow at 6PM. 🤗

JUST HEARD THE BRILLIANT NEWS:As of tonight, NOT A SINGLE #Homeless person is sleeping rough in #Newham thanks to the awesome works of @LolasHomlesss! If you see anyone sleeping rough in #London, please report to
@Tell_StreetLink so they can be taken to safety. #HomelessCovid19