Onjali Q. Raúf

Onjali Q. Raúf


Onjali Q. Raúf is the founder of Making Herstory, an organisation mobilising men, women and children from all walks of life to tackle the abuse and trafficking of women and girls in the UK and beyond. In her spare time she delivers emergency aid convoys for refugee families surviving in Calais and Dunkirk, and supports interfaith projects. She specialised in Women’s Studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and Oxford University respectively.

Onjali’s first novel, The Boy at the Back of the Class, is aimed at middle-graders and it portrays the refugee crisis through the eyes of a child in a warm, funny and moving way. It was released by Orion Children’s Books in the UK in July 2018 and it will also be published by Delacorte in America in Spring 2019, followed by her second middle-grade book, The Star Outside My Window, which will come out in October 2019.


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The forgotten Muslim soldiers that served with the Allies. Nearly 600,000 served; here they are seen praying while fighting during WWI. #VeteransDay

@OnjaliRauf All done; now, it is my daily job to protect it!

THANK YOU to the phenomenal @tedxlondon #tedxlondonwomen team led by the awesome @ThisIsPasha: the stories I heard at rehearsals will never leave me⚡ @vidhya_ra, @RunJumpStefReid, Sanah, @SaraMardini4 - it's one of the biggest honours of my life to be on this journey with you⚡

Such a pleasure to talk to #furzedownschool today about the #kindertransport, child refugees and how young people can make their voices heard. If an MP comes canvassing at your door make sure you ask them where their party stands on welcoming more child refugees!

@OnjaliRauf When I'm a grown-up, I'm going to wink at people just like he used to do and make them feel special too. #QOTD

@kimbrap @OnjaliRauf Just ordered this and the star outside my window for my daughters b/day next month - I’m itching to read them- anyone got any tips of how to read a book and keep it looking brand new? 🤔😆

@OnjaliRauf @SheffLibraries @HachetteKids Sorry you missed such a lovely day at the #Sheffieldchildrensbookawards yesterday #SCBA2019 but BIG Congratulations for you and Ahmet! Hopefully we may entice you to @SheffLibraries next year for #SheffieldYearOfReading2020 x

One #secretlysigned copy of #TheBoyAtTheBackOfTheClass and #TheStarOutsideMyWindow left in @Hatchards #piccadilly 🌠🎒 Haven't had a chance to do one in so long, I got nervous and dropped a whole stack of books. BUT IT'S OK! No books were injured in the making of this post...😁🤗

You know as soon as you see the dedication, this book is going to break your heart. You also know it's important, and all too necessary. Thank you @OnjaliRauf #amreading #mglit #middlegradereads

#LestWeForget Halting life to remember the fallen, and those continuing to fall...And praying for an end to all wars and the demise of all those who revel and profit from them... #RemembranceDay

Labour's plans to boost mental health support in schools include a counsellor in each secondary school and weekly visits by qualified staff in primaries. #Generalelection19 https://t.co/9XGo3Tvzff

It's #AntiBullyingWeek and the @readingagency have created a booklist for children and young people supporting the #ChangeStartsWithUs theme. Books are great to start conversations about bullying and these picks are perfect for this. See the list here: https://t.co/BvxgS7UQvI

It's a crime to be BWE - Black while eating - now. To be filed alongside BWD (while driving), BWP (while picnicking), BWWAS (while waiting at Starbucks) - among many, many others. https://t.co/CxXa6whcUR

Cuando hablamos de la falta de oportunidades, estamos hablando de esto... Un niño fue al centro comercial 🇨🇴 para hacer su trabajo de geografía, sí, fue a un centro comercial porque todavía no tenía computadora o acceso a internet en su casa.

The annual 'Thriller' performance at Abbington Senior Living is glorious

Just finished this amazing story by @OnjaliRauf, must read for ages 10+. #GHSReads

1/2 Cumbria's secondary #Spellbinding2020 is back! We are over the 🌛 to announce our longlist! Take a peek and keep your 👀s peeled for our shortlist in January! 📚📚 @SarahCrossan @Will_Sutcliffe8 @DarbonMel @Lauren_E_James @anthony_mcgowan @HoJay92 @suecheungstory @EWein2412