Onjali Q. Raúf

Onjali Q. Raúf


Onjali Q. Raúf is a bestselling children’s author and human rights activist. She is the founder and CEO of two NGO’s: Making Herstory, an organisation working to end all forms of domestic violence, abuse and trafficking crimes perpetrated against women and children; and O’s Refugee Aid Team, through which she mobilises aid convoys and funds to help refugees surviving across northern France and beyond. She is the author of The Boy at the Back of the Class (Orion Children’s Books, 2018), which won the 2019 Blue Peter Award and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, The Star Outside My Window (Orion Children’s Books, 2019), The Day We Met The Queen (World Book Day, 2020), The Night Bus Hero (Orion Children’s Books, 2020), The Great (Food) Bank Heist (Barrington Stoke, 2021), The Lion Above the Door (Orion Children’s Books, 2021), Hope on the Horizon (Wren & Rook, 2022). Onjali is also a Patron of VIP Reading, Facefront Theatre, and NIA, and was listed as one of BBC’s 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2019.

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BREAKING: Iranians protesting before the Islamic Republic embassy in London, pushing the police back to enter the building. The worldwide support is overwhelming!
#MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی #IranProtests

The Rabbit Hole will be open again as normal tomorrow.

For now just a huge thank you to every single person out there that attended, supported, volunteered at, worked on and took part in @NoLimitsFest_ @normanbyhall
YOU made sure it happened and believed a vision of #NoLimits

I've written to @trussliz demanding an emergency recall of Parliament following the disastrous Tory budget.

The UK economy is in crisis. All of us will pay the price as interest rates, mortgages and the cost of goods rise.

MPs should be in parliament holding the govt to account

There are a lot of people in the NHS and in government who should feel deeply ashamed of their role in this.

“Exchanges seen by this newspaper show that Mermaids staff are sending out potentially harmful breast binders behind parents’ backs and encouraging children to keep their contact with them private”.
#SafeGuardingFail #WRN

@soniasodha Not to mention corporations and celebrities who've been cheering Mermaids on without doing the slightest bit of due diligence.

I watched chair of Mermaids say in evidence to a court that they didn’t have medical expertise. Yet here they are offering medical advice to vulnerable children. I hope those who’ve promoted Mermaids are reflecting their undermining of child safeguarding. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/09/25/exclusive-trans-charity-mermaids-giving-breast-binders-children/

On women & girls go.

Harming themselves to break free from the patriarchy.

From #Iran to the US & UK, the bodies of brave women & mutilated underage girls are mounting.

We haven't got time for factions & bickering. Hold the line for the goal we're ALL fighting for. Or we lose.

.@Mermaids_Gender's Chair of Trustees recently gave evidence under oath that Mermaids is "not a medical organisation." Now an investigation reveals they're advising kids on puberty blockers and providing binders to underage girls without parental consent.


The Charity Commission should carry out a thorough investigation & as pathways into care are also within the remit of the #Cass report, I would hope she will look carefully at the advice Mermaids are offering to young gender non-conforming young people. 4/5

1/. As the death toll rises to 41 today, four women you should know who were deliberately and unlawfully killed in Iran when protesting gender apartheid and the killing of #Masha_Amini:

Hadis Najafi, aged 20, shot six times when security forces opened fire on her.

Soppy Good News Alert!
I've been suffering with mobility problems since the start of the pandemic. But, like a lot of people, I just kind of dealt with it. And it got really bad.
But that all changed last week.
A diagnosis. Treatment. A full recovery expected.
Happy guy 😊

Today the poor have again been advised that we can buy 1kg of value oats from Tesco for 70p and 50g makes a "meal".

That "meal" has 188kcal. 3 "meals" offers 564kcal a day. Or, to put it another way, 28% of what a woman needs or 23% for a man.

We're being advised to die. Again.

People are chanting don’t be afraid! don’t be afraid! we’re all together.

This is Isfahan tonight.
I wish #MahsaAmiri was alive and could see that people got united against dictatorship across Iran.

When donating to a food bank, many of us may think of giving pasta or tinned food. 🥫

Though this food is appreciated, our food banks are also in need of some more unexpected, but essential items.

Here's six unexpected things you can donate to your local food bank ⤵️

One of the many reasons I'm going to miss Hilary Mantel.

This is what civil disobedience looks like in an Islamic Republic.

For 43 years women in #Iran have been forbidden to dance & sing in public or show their hair & they are saying enough. It’s really that simple.


See how Iranian women deal with the oppressors.
They know that they may face guns and bullets but they didn’t give up their fight.
This is just one example of Iranian women’s bravery.

@OnjaliRauf @Therabbits21 @HachetteKids @KateBusby9 Thank you @OnjaliRauf and @Therabbits21 My 13 year old daughter was inspired by you, she chatted all the way home about refugees, homelessness and how she could make a difference too. She barely took a breath the whole journey Star outside my window was the first she cried at.