Nicola Skinner

Nicola Skinner


A dandelion being blown by her young daughter gave Nicola the idea for her first book, Bloom. As a freelance journalist and copywriter, Nicola has written for the GuardianThe PoolThe National Trust, and many national magazines. One of her features on language led to a guest appearance on Michael Rosen’s Radio 4 programme, Word of Mouth. She lives in Bristol with her family.

Bloom will be published by HarperCollins Children’s Books in April 2019.


Nicola Skinner @skinnerwrites

My first love 😍 I still remember hearing ‘lullaby’ for the first time and it changed me for ever wobbbbbbeert

Still stunned to hear Bloom mentioned in this programme next to Katherine Rundell’s #thegoodthieves, thank you @ImogenRW

Leave EU: *commits massive electoral fraud*

Press: *shrugs*

Far right: *seeks to become normalised in political discourse*

Press: *provides enthusiastic assistance*

Diane Abbott: *enjoys a fruity beverage containing a small amount of white rum*


Very lucky and appreciative to be in this round-up 🌱 📚

Deeply sad about Notre Dame, but shocked at the hypocrisy of humanity.

We destroy over 150 acres of rainforest every minute and do not give it a second thought, yet fall into mourning at the loss of a building.

Chuffed to bits to see 'Bloom' in here, alongside some absolute beauts

The @littlerebsprize—which is awarded to children’s fiction that promotes or celebrates social justice—has revealed its 2019 shortlist:

Well York’s beautiful.

#coveroftheday is back & it absolutely goes to Bloom by @skinnerwrites. The reviews for this book make it sound so weird and wonderful. Check this out in our 9-12 section.

#Queenie is really, really, funny.

Bloom got its first little plastic card on a bookshelf and as you can see someone was pretty chuffed @Waterstones #york

A garden bridge!! The thing I would just like to remind people is that good folks are doing this everyday across the UK, supporting the planet and communities! Rebellion is happening all around us.