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Natasha grew up in Somerset and studied English Literature at the University of York. She holds an MA in the Humanities from the University of Chicago and is currently studying Creative Writing at Goldsmiths.

She lives in south-east London and splits her time between writing and working as a projectionist.

Her debut novel, Exhibit Alexandra, was published in Spring 2018 by Michael Joseph in the UK and Crown in the US.

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Finished @Mary_Beth_Keane's beautiful & complex #AskAgainYes last night and can't stop thinking about it. Thank you @JessicaLeeke for sneaking me a proof 💛

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#AliSmith is absolutely fantastic here; you are so lucky you can listen! Thanks so much @LRBbookshop (who also saved my scarf!) and @HamishH1931 ...

Check out how stunning Alexandra is in German! I'm totally in love with this edition. #ExhibitAlexandra #HisPerfectWife #bookpost

"You wake up and realise that your neighbours, your family or even that nice old lady [that sells] by the side of the road doesn't think you're human, or is okay with stoning," one Bruneian gay man, who did not want to be identified, told the BBC

The late great Agatha Christie: I mean, what can you say about how you write books? What I mean is, first you’ve got to think of something, and when you’ve thought of it you’ve got to force yourself to sit down and write it. That’s all.”

Can we please agree that ‘LGBT’ refers to communities and organisations and not individuals?
Unless of course this woman really is lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans?

Finally some good news: "MPs vote for LGBT-inclusive, compulsory relationship and sex education"

Church for my secular soul 🧡💛

'I feel caught in the middle': queer Muslims on the LGBTQ lessons row

This thread of bad book covers has saved lives today.

Highest compliments one can pay to writers:
You made me cry
You are a monster
I nearly missed my stop because of your book
Your book destroyed me (in the best way)
Leaving reviews
Spreading the word about the books you love
Giving them a nice cup of tea

Thank you, Jacob, for a lovely review and for hosting the latest stop on the #HisPerfectWife #BlogTour.

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I've just signed the open letter written by authors to the managing director of Waterstones asking for a Living Wage for all Waterstones staff. Join me and add your name now:

Day 4 of the #HisPerfectWife #BlogTour. Thank you, Vicky! ❤️

@PulseofEurope We just hit FIVE MILLION - 18 million here we come. Just be a tad patient.

If each of us picked a few books to review (books by friends, forgotten masterpieces, desert island books, books that need a little love) we could do some good while we wait for better times.

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