Mike Fairclough

Mike Fairclough


Mike Fairclough is the Headmaster of West Rise Junior School in East Sussex and author of “Playing With Fire”. Over the years, his initiatives at the school have received national and international acclaim and have been featured on the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and in most of the national newspapers. He teaches his pupils countryside management skills, such as using shotguns, lighting fires and fishing and manages over 120 acres of farmland attached to the school. The pupils, most of which are from deprived backgrounds, exceed all academic targets by the time they leave the school. Mike was trained in Fine Art, at Hornesy School of Art, prior to becoming a teacher. These formative years influenced his creative approach to education and writing and inspired his unconventional approach to life. He lives in East Sussex and in London with his wife and four children.

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How on earth is it possible that Dominic Cummings' correctly spelt name is NOT trending?

These variations are currently in the Top 25:

How much do you have to pay to keep your name out of the news? Asking for a...someone...

Johnson says #cummngs had 'no other option' and acted with 'integrity'. Earner in the top 1% in central London, whose wife's family lives in London, could not seek childcare through his Local Authority hub? ONLY option was to head up to Durham? Really?

My new @YouTube channel is now up and running... featuring some of my speeches, interviews and thoughts on #education #change & #SimpleThinking please subscribe.

Richard Gerver; in search of simple https://www.youtube.com/user/rick4805

Dom is proving a massive distraction from the schools reopening story.

Don't know what difference - if any - that will make to June 1.

Unless we create our own progressive media we have no chance

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Dominic Cummings has a track record of believing that the rules don’t apply to him and treating the scrutiny that should come to anyone in a position of authority with contempt. The government would be better without him.

This seems to me to be an appropriate quote 4 today...

“Ordinary hypocrites pretend to be doves; political and literary hypocrites pretend to be eagles. But don't be disconcerted by their aquiline appearance. They are not eagles, but rats or dogs.”

Anton Chekhov

Here is the quote for today and and sadly everyday at the moment...

Thanks George Orwell.

‘The things that millions of people want to hear about are not being adequately represented in the media.’ Monbiot on BBC https://twitter.com/DoubleDownNews/status/1264137705212063744

Do you know what's also 'not like visiting a lover' ?

Attending the funeral of your 13 year old son. Saying goodbye to your father as he takes his last breath. Or holding the hand of your 8 year old daughter as she undergoes chemotherapy.

State of this quote & front page

Mission accomplished. https://twitter.com/CNBC/status/1263510923056164870

"I was lucky enough to work with a Prime Minister who I could trust, who I could trust both to make important decisions and also to have an eye for the truth"

Says Alistair Campbell of Iraq War, WMDs, Dossier & David Kelly Fame.

Blair is a War Criminal.

Piers Morgan's powerful, informed questions about why thousands have died unnecessarily from COVID in the UK is rare journalism. He rightly attacks the govt's 'boycott' of GMB. My ITV film, The Dirty War on the NHS, was subjected to the same tactic by craven saboteurs of the NHS.

'All orders were now issued through Squealer or one of the other pigs. Napoleon himself was not seen in public as often as once in a fortnight.'

George Orwell, Animal Farm

#WhereIsBoris #DominicCummngs

@MattHancock So is it ‘entirely right’ for every anxious parent to do the same no matter how far away the childcare is ?

Let’s remember that this is the person who masterminded the divisive splintering in education for over a decade, culminating in the briefings that his journo friends used last wk to vilify teachers who raised honest concerns about the return to school. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/may/23/the-observer-view-this-breach-of-the-lockdown-guidelines-is-a-disgrace

Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab, 13, was buried like this after dying alone from COVID-19 - because the rules said his family couldn't attend.
Dominic Cummings helped make those rules, yet broke them when his own family was involved.
Despicable hypocrisy.

Look who popped up on the national news! Keep up the great work @chrisdysonHT

Here we go @ParklandsLeeds live on @BBCNews tonight. Im so glad the food from @TRJFProject and @McCainUK was featured, delivered by @dennisdist - @Child_Leeds take a bow... the message though is #schoolreopening when safe https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000jbtv/bbc-news-at-six-22052020