Mike Fairclough

Mike Fairclough


Mike Fairclough is the Headmaster of West Rise Junior School in East Sussex and author of “Playing With Fire”. Over the years, his initiatives at the school have received national and international acclaim and have been featured on the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and in most of the national newspapers. He teaches his pupils countryside management skills, such as using shotguns, lighting fires and fishing and manages over 120 acres of farmland attached to the school. The pupils, most of which are from deprived backgrounds, exceed all academic targets by the time they leave the school. Mike was trained in Fine Art, at Hornesy School of Art, prior to becoming a teacher. These formative years influenced his creative approach to education and writing and inspired his unconventional approach to life. He lives in East Sussex and in London with his wife and four children.

Mike Fairclough @westrisejunior

"We’re looking for optimists, artists, rewilders, local guides, game-makers, photographers, gardeners, writers, first aiders, teachers, storytellers, natural navigators, mappers, tree planters, rescuers, expert guides, play street organisers, hedgehog hole makers, poets..." https://t.co/ojLnbr6P8d

I was delighted to speak at this year’s #WorldChineseEntrepreneursConference yesterday, shining a light on how #education and cultural practices influence global engagement.

Spent the day delivering the next to last Playing the Matrix event on World Tour IV, followed by a fun evening with these adventurers at Meeting of the Minds. Thank you, Melbourne. It's been fun!! #playingthematrix #headinghome #thoughtsbecomethings

BBC News - Boris Johnson's Brexit bill clears first hurdle https://t.co/lF7q8wvZjz

"Something has happened to me as a result of meandering through many realms of consciousness over the past fifty years that has changed my attitude toward death..." - #RamDass

https://t.co/rcWhKvwPAz #BeHereNow #LovingAwareness

This partnership between @TheKeyTrauma and @BedalesSchool is ace https://t.co/X0BrmpWOT9 and @LNassey and @AGMcconville are ace for making it happen

Plugging my You Tube TV clips about my work and school, in preparation for the announcement of my next book "Wild Thing" https://t.co/cUut4w5gSD

I just want to share this photo as a reminder of where @TulsiGabbard‘s loyalties lay. For anyone to smear my wife as an agent or asset of another country is offensive to all Americans, no matter where your political ideologies lay. #HillaryClinton #QueenOfWarmongers #Tulsi2020



After many years of encouragement and watching our UK scene..

we’ve decided to open an UNDERGROUND record label to showcase new producers, singers & musicians from the UK

So here it is..





“Time ta get live!”


ਖ਼ੁਸ਼ਖ਼ਬਰੀ... ਛੜੇ ਤੋਂ ਬਾਅਦ ਬਣ ਗਈ ਜੋੜੀ ॥

Releasing Worldwide #26June 2020 📌

@rhythmboyzentertainment & #DalmoraFilms Presents #JODI 🙏🏽 Ustad Lok @amberdeepsingh @amrindergill Veera @TruSkoolUK @nimratkhairaofficial @karajgill Bhaji #daljitthind Ji

So... tomorrow @tes is a bit special because, I think, for the first time since I have worked here, we have a single teacher on the cover, and that teacher is @MrEFinch - Ed has written us a hell of a feature on a little experiment I persuaded him to undertake. Here is Ed...

I love this feature https://t.co/DVrXZVihrh

Whatever happens next with Brexit, Boris Johnson is getting ready for an election. Here’s what @Ed_Dorrell believes a Tory manifesto could say on education: https://t.co/LBvvmQgVvy

It’s hard to believe that #AbbeyRoad still holds up after all these years. But then again it’s a bloody cool album... https://t.co/1DzrRyCgFB

“Well-balanced people are the one who find both sides of an issue laughable.” 🤓😍 #LOLWithAnupamKher @RiversideParkNY #RyanEggold

Little wonders of the woodland , a beautiful day , Crockford New Forest

Dear @Tesco

RE: Your recent vegan advert

We believe the message should be buy local and support Scottish and UK farmers - is that not a better message to be sending to the general public?

Hope you enjoy our advert - like, comment and share!


Thanks, @SkyNewsAust. Good news that @AlboMP has written 2 @ScottMorrisonMP calling for bipartisan #Australian drought policy.

#Australians are sick of carping negativity.

The times call for #realistic & infectiously #optimistic #leadership

@Centre4Optimism is happy to help! https://t.co/B67GPnjbH4

❤️ Today's Note from the Universe ❤️

Guidance, attention, help, maybe. Love, always. Criticism, never.

What to give others.

Love always,
The Universe

P.S. Isn't it fun being you!

Gucci Mane @gucci1017 – ‘Woptober II’ review: infectious #optimism and positivity from the prolific, pioneering rapper
by @jordandbassett

Read more at https://t.co/O4xoH9OeU7