Mike Fairclough

Mike Fairclough


Mike Fairclough is the Headmaster of West Rise Junior School in East Sussex and author of “Playing With Fire”. Over the years, his initiatives at the school have received national and international acclaim and have been featured on the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and in most of the national newspapers. He teaches his pupils countryside management skills, such as using shotguns, lighting fires and fishing and manages over 120 acres of farmland attached to the school. The pupils, most of which are from deprived backgrounds, exceed all academic targets by the time they leave the school. Mike was trained in Fine Art, at Hornesy School of Art, prior to becoming a teacher. These formative years influenced his creative approach to education and writing and inspired his unconventional approach to life. He lives in East Sussex and in London with his wife and four children.

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We had a wonderful day taking our #ARTofROCKETS session to their #RocketKids on the last day of term last summer

A school where #ARTCONNECTS19

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Happy Summer Solstice, everyone! How are you planning on spending the day? #Solstice #SummerSolstice

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INSPIRING! That’s what I think VP’s #optimistic and #realistic #leadership movement is - helping drive us individually and collectively towards creating a better future through positive ripples in life and business! @Case4Optimism @OptimistsVoices @future_crunch @FBC_Australia https://t.co/L1ks0FCAIq

Make #optimism a prerequisite for #Senate nominations!

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This is such good news. We spend so much time encouraging our children to be kind to others and not violent. However, it becomes very difficult to defend the actions of adults (no less the Government) when they support violence. A great win for humanity! @theresa_may #Peace

Today we join a global celebration. Show your solidarity on #WorldRefugeeDay.



"Everyone is welcome in our school"... "We are all insiders in our school", "My school is for everyone"... some powerful young testimonies from @moffat_andrew this morning. #iAspire #everyonewelcome #diversity #inclusivity

A huge thank you to every single teacher for the work you do, day in and day out. From all of the team at @CharteredColl, your professional body.

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Some months ago, my little dog and I set sail for an uninhabited island where we lived in a cave. It was simultaneously the most glorious and most miserable week of my life. Read about our trip in this week’s @Countrylifemag https://t.co/I1AXpLnQ9F

"Everyone faces #adversity but it’s how you deal with it that defines the person. Your levels of #optimism underpin your #resilience and successful response to that adversity!"
That's what Emily Jaksch @thehrgurus told me!

We like it, @RobinCogan! An #optimism "informed by a relentless pursuit of caring for #children and #families with complex health and social needs." https://t.co/I3OANcl9fB

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How many different plant species can you count? Compare this image to your school field...

What is biodiversity?
What impact do large herbivores have on biodiversity?
How would you describe this habitat?


This week's top tweet: What gives me strength and courage? Aloha.

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I know both the importance of ntl security & the high cost of war. As president, I’ll improve intl relations w/ all countries & work to solve differences thru diplomacy. I see military action as the LAST resort & only w/ Congress approval, as per my No More Presidential Wars Act.

Sharing our @westrisejunior research trip with @Discoverytrust Education Committee tonight! #vision #highexpectations #managedrisks