Michael Heppell

Michael Heppell


A celebrated motivational speaker and success coach, Michael is author of the international bestsellers How To Be Brilliant5 Star Service, and Brilliant Life. His books have been translated into 18 languages and are available all around the world. His book Flip It had the distinction of becoming the No. 1 Best Selling Personal Development title in the UK of 2010.

Michael’s fifth book How To Save An Hour Every Day was published in May 2011.  The Edge: How the Best Get Better, was published by Hodder in September 2012.


Michael Heppell @MichaelHeppell

Loved this event. Great energy and loads of learning mixed with fun.

Unusual blossom appearance. Just one part of the apple tree. Any idea why it should just suddenly appear?

RIP Sir Harry. You were an inspiration to me. Thank you. You now have more than 17 minutes.

This is the most exciting project I've ever created.
Find out more and join TEAM 17. http://www.michaelheppell.com/TEAM17

Thank you @ThisisDavina @sarajcox @kellyhoppen @PatricKielty @richardnugent @mdlondon @hello_mychael for helping with '17 Minutes With...' and there's so much more.

Love this pic sooooo much!

We are a bit of a mutual admiration society Sarah and I.

These guys are just so amazing. I think I might have a little something in my eye. #17TheBook is published on this Thursday 17th. Thank you @KeighleyCollege

What's your number? I made 10 mini 'count up' videos for my FB page and I've put them together as one. So which is your favourite number?

The moment of discovery is nothing compared to
discovery of the moment.

This is going to be a fun event.

Amble tonight at 6. It was stunning. #Northumberland

What a lovely surprise. I received this beautiful book with a very kind and touching message from @Trainingcarers Big Ian
Can’t wait to (keep it by the loo and) dive in.
And for those who don’t know that is my ultimate compliment for a book.

Love @PatricKielty being in for @NickyAACampbell on @bbc5live

What a guy. What a legacy. What a @TEDTalks What a mind

Thank you @oxfamgb Berkhampstead. Honoured you chose Flip It for your window display.
Next to ‘Hurrah For Gin’ - messaging?

If you've got kids, know someone with kids, live near kids, or you were once a kid... then you need to do what I've done, and order a copy of this magical book by @Emmett_Cath #KingOfTheSwamp

I think @Apple becoming a $2trillion company says more about how poor the competition are rather than how much they have improved.
I’m an Apple user for everything, but they don’t seem to appreciate me these days.

Canny offer. Get an Echo Dot for £4.99 (with 2 months of Amazon Music)

Just had a great Zoom with @hello_mychael aka
@being50odd aka @alwayswearred We're doing some gubbins together starting next week. Excited!