Michael Heppell

Michael Heppell


A celebrated motivational speaker and success coach, Michael is author of the international bestsellers How To Be Brilliant5 Star Service, and Brilliant Life. His books have been translated into 18 languages and are available all around the world. His book Flip It had the distinction of becoming the No. 1 Best Selling Personal Development title in the UK of 2010.

Michael’s fifth book How To Save An Hour Every Day was published in May 2011.  The Edge: How the Best Get Better, was published by Hodder in September 2012.


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Pet Shop Boys renamed now Pet Shop Boy

#Glastonbury2022 @petshopboys

Come on Roger! This is great book and deserves a top prize.

Gem Archer was a lovely friend of mine when we were late teens. He practiced all the time and said he was preparing to play stadiums. Tonight he’s on the Pyramid. Wow! #Glastonbury #HighFlyingBirds

Great service on @LNER tonight - from Stevenage (19:18 coach M) to Newcastle.
Dealing with a very difficult person with mental health issues is tough. On a busy train it’s particularly challenging.
Crew were great.
Also generous, helpful and positive with all other passengers.

Always proof read.

Love this. The secret of living is giving.

31 years ago today I married the love of my life. She’s stuck with me through ups, downs and many adventures.
I love you Mrs H
Happy Anniversary.

The top contributor prize for #WriteThatBook was to go shopping with Christine & I (where we would buy you lots of books) and lunch. The brilliant @JenniferFlint5 won the prize. Here we are at @ForumBooks & @ratales
celebrating her win.
Jen's book 'Wild Egg' is published in July

Congratulations to my brilliant friend, client and inspirer @AndyAlderson_1
Winner of the Go Tech entrepreneur of the year.

Can’t believe the doors will close on Sunday. Already over 100 registered. Isn’t it time to Write That Book?

Loved the interview with @eddiemarsan on @thismorning
Not only is he a brilliant actor, he’s also a brilliant human. Can’t wait for The Thief, His Wife and a Canoe.

There's a lot of excitement in the air. My Spring '22 Write That Book Challenge starts tomorrow.
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It's time to Write That Book.


I love these reactions. Are you ready to Write That Book?
Every one of these authors started their journey with the Write That Book programme.
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Who remembers when @RichardAyoade carried those Olympic medals?

Two years ago today the first UK lockdown began. What were your thoughts on that day?
And did anybody really master banana bread?

#covid #bananabread #lockdown

So exciting to see Write That Book Authors being short-listed. @cactussurgeon and @MorrisJill now going for the win!
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What the heck is that? Please don’t say snail! 😂@SundayBrunchC4