Michael Heppell

Michael Heppell


A celebrated motivational speaker and success coach, Michael is author of the international bestsellers How To Be Brilliant5 Star Service, and Brilliant Life. His books have been translated into 18 languages and are available all around the world. His book Flip It had the distinction of becoming the No. 1 Best Selling Personal Development title in the UK of 2010.

Michael’s fifth book How To Save An Hour Every Day was published in May 2011.  The Edge: How the Best Get Better, was published by Hodder in September 2012.


Michael Heppell @MichaelHeppell

Mind says ‘don’t be political’ on Twitter - fingers type That @realDonaldTrump really is a nasty piece of work who disgusts me to my very core.

Oh the joy of browsing an independent book shop, finding this by @GylesB1 and devouring (deliberate choice of word) it on a Sunday morning.

This is sooo true. Get the experts to help you.

I’m 52 today. Had a morning opening pressies and drinking tea. Calls and messages from super peeps like @SarahHeppellPR @richardnugent @ThisisDavina lots of lovely posts on social.
Now enjoying an early dinner (ok we’ve been here since 3!) at @ratales
Happy Birthday to ME!!

‘There’s no point in talking if you can’t be understood. Said the weasel to the bush’.
I think this is a completely new quote by @SarahHeppellPR

Great film made by our friends at @Action_COACHUK about How To Be A Super Speaker MasterClass.


Would love to see you at the next one.


The strangest thing happened last week. I was on a train, heading to an event and reading .....
Find out more here: https://t.co/IMajvCOJEq

Glorious end to the day.

Awesome journey with @TPExpressTrains (surprise surprise) home from Leeds. Eli was entertaining and fun. Loved your the guard too.
@LNER you have some competition!

I’ve known ⁦@JackAlbertCook⁩ since he was a day old. I’m proud to read this review. Like life, his play is challenging & has laughs too - awesome!
Keep pushing those boundaries Jack.
2 nights left-go & see.

Jack The Lad Magazine - Theatre Reviews https://t.co/kFcYIZ6SbG

What? It’s tomorrow?? I’d better stop watching the cricket and get some prep done.
Really looking forward to seeing Ian and 47 other Super Speakers!

Just a few pictures of my favourite divers #ENGUSA