Mette McLeod

Mette McLeod


Mette McLeod grew up in Norway and went to the Norwegian Defense Intelligence and Security School before being recruited to the Intelligence Service. She went on to become a journalist reporting from all over the world, including two years as a correspondent in Moscow. Her writing is inspired by real events and situations. She lives in Oxford with her husband and two children.

Her debut novel, Red Haven, was shortlisted for the 2017 CWA Debut Dagger.

Mette McLeod @MetteMcLeod

Marie Yovanovitch mentioned Kateryna Handzyuk, a Ukrainian anti-corruption activist in her testimony today. Here's a harrowing video she made from her hospital bed. (Warning: not for the squeamish.)

This story is sooooo lovely ❤️If only all the hard-working, often poorly treated Central Asian migrants who come to Moscow could have similar paths

Books are always the best gifts & @booktrust are back to bring vulnerable children #JustOneBook this Christmas! Please visit & I’ll match fund the first ten people who attach proof of payment to this thread - let’s spread the joy of books 📚

This man is 10/10 on fire. 🔥

BBC screws up and accidentally interviews a Remainer... then can’t stop him.

Anyone who knows the internal BBC video archive software "Jupiter" knows that, yes, it's highly likely that footage from 2016 getting on air is a cock up rather than a malicious conspiracy

As a former producer on BBC Breakfast, I think you need to explain this more fully. The edit avoided showing the Prime Minister placing his wreath upside down on the Cenotaph. He was also dishevelled. It's not your job to make the PM look good.

Politicians who can’t do normal things being filmed doing them ineptly is one of the highlights of election season.

Boris Johnson picked the 12th December for the general election because the majority of unis break up on the 13th so students won’t be at home to vote. It takes 10 mins to register to do it via post and the deadline is the 26th November so spread the word🤪 #GeneralElection2019

Smalls for All collects lightly worn bras which in African countries can protect girls and young women from rape and sexual assault. A bra signifies a young woman has a protective father. Easy to collect bras from friends family or colleagues. Or retweet to spread info. Thanks:)

"Russian agents were... acquiring British citizenship to funnel cash to political parties."

Interviewer: people are concerned that what your colleague said implied something terrible about him, care to set the record straight?
Bridgen: no. No, it's absolutely correct. The exact thing people are worried about, that... Is, specifically, true.

Well look at that.

The more remainers vote tactically the:

- more seats for the LibDems
- more seats for Labour
- less chance of a Tory majority
- more chance of a pro-PV majority

Hard to see why any LD or Labour supporter would prefer fewer seats for their party & a Tory govt

I'm the @LibDems candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis.

But when the sitting Brexit backing MP has over 7K followers, and I have less than 500, getting the message through is tough.

I'm fighting to Stop Brexit. If you are too, then please RT and follow me. #FBPE #GE19

The Amazon burns and the whole world talks about it!

California burns and the whole world talks about it!

Congo rainforest burns and a young girl talks about it!

People are actually dying in Africa

But if these news companies don't talk about the fires in Africa,it is sad

When you ask a few unsuspecting friends over to help assemble a bookshelf....

Mobilario Humano by David Blazquez

I have been striking to #savecongorainforest for 15 days now from Uganda. I have not been able to get it to be talked about in the news sadly. Any help is welcome.

Today I strike against the 1,000km gas Pipeline that Russia is planning to construct in Congo

Boris Johnson's "inflammatory language" tracked to spikes in toxic tweets aimed at MPs, analysis of over 2m tweets by @FT shows

Mark Francois is going to lose his shit. Johnson gave him his word we’d leave on 31st October.

Military officials are now saying that the raid that killed al-Baghdadi was made much riskier by Trump’s recent decisions in Syria and that the operational success occurred in spite of Trump, rather than because of him: