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Mavis Cheek


Mavis Cheek began her working life at sixteen in the contemporary art world working with such artists as David Hockney, Bridget Riley and Patrick Caulfield.  Much of this understanding of art colours her writing.  She took her degree at the grand age of twenty eight after which she had her daughter, with the artist Basil Beattie.  She then decided to write and her first novel, Pause Between Acts won the SHE/John Menzies First Novel prize.  She has been called “Jane Austen in Modern Dress” and “The novelist who takes her scalpel to the discreet lack of charms of the bourgeosie”  She has written for radio, short story collections and has published fifteen novels in all – with Faber & Faber, Hamish Hamilton and Hutchinson.  The Observer said of her, ‘Cheek is a comic writer who is honourably fulfilling her contract to amuse…But she is also a proper writer and rage, passion and the authentic yowl of pain lies beneath her jolly prose.’

Mavis teaches for the Arvon Foundation, at Stratford Literature Festival (Guardian Masterclass) and at Ty Newydd, the Welsh Literature Centre.  She is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund.  She enjoys speaking at Literature Festivals and all other places where people are interested in writers and what makes them tick.

She has written fifteen novels in all, to reviewers’ acclaim and is currently working on her sixteenth novel.  Currently she lives in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside but is planning to move back to London – eventually.

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@Lindahill50Hill I use the word ‘Wiltshire’ a fair bit on email.... so many times the ‘r’ has become a ‘t’... not ideal 🤦🏻‍♀️

@Lindahill50Hill This has given me a much needed laugh. I’m also crap at typing and my phone autocorrects ‘about’ to ‘snot’ ALL the time, which is sometimes professionally embarrassing

This shows why vaccination so important. It should point the way out of the Covid19 crisis for us

5 peas with your chips - always acceptable.

Thrilled and excited to reveal UK cover of my forthcoming book. Thanks to everyone @wnbooks and @AitkenAlexander for making sure Ethel is firmly placed centre stage in this appalling cold war drama.

I'd like to go over there and give those old Elders a piece of my mind - vindictiveness in power is shameful. Let her go.

2 nights on the razz and then a day lifting ancient alliums (lifting not a gentle picking up and moving but digging the wretches up - the wretches, though, are happy sticking firmly together non-Covid style trundling their way to Australia) now regret that last sloe gin. And how

Here's where it's at if you like comedy and humour in your favourite reading matter. Never more valuable, laughter, than in these dark and v.boring times. So go to #CWIPWinners and find out more - and throw your cares over your shoulder (make sure no-one's standing behind you).

It seems to be the time for prizes. The only freebies I've ever gained were after an article which included a comment about the fallibility of vacuum cleaners. I was sent two. And people question where I get my ideas for novels from?

I’ve never won anything apart from a James Taylor LP… enjoy the @CWIPprize Published Novel longlist #CWIP #wit #absurdity #irony #funnyfemalefiction #wittywomen

Just done a totally engaging interview with Belle Books & Stories Podcasts - the brain child of Kay who came to one of my residential writing courses in Wales at Ty Newydd many years ago - you never know where the ripples go when you cast a pebble into water.

this looks interesting

It's a happy day to come - 6 July the London Review of Books opens its doors again. One of the truly independent bookshops with a range of books that dazzles. Sometimes they even have mine. Brilliant news.

Well, Grant Shapps said very firmly on The Today Programme this morning that Stanley will have to go into 14 days quarantine when he gets back. You can bet your bottom dollar the media will be out in force to check that he does so - this he will not like.

We did drunken racist thugs in the ‘sixties and ‘seventies - am digging out my Anti Apartheid League badge to remind me that all things pass - but only after protest. As to those yobs - they have no true cause - just fists and bottles as empty as their heads.

And also let not slip The Seely MP who mysteriously found himself at Freddy Gray’s bbq on the Isle of Wight - and - btw - what were Mr and Mrs Gray of Spectatorland doing in the Isle of W. When they live in Ole Lunnon Towne?

Cummings and Johnson must think the GBPublic are really thick. Drove 30 miles to a beauty spot to see if he could? Walked in bluebell woods during quarantine for exercise? As someone said in Parliament 400 years ago. For God’s sake man, go.

If you missed the wonderful @olgawojtas chatting to Helen Lederer for @CWIPprize on Wednesday night then you can catch up here. It is glorious! @PGUK_Books

How @BorisJohnson let down the country. A fully sourced timeline of failure.