Matthew d’Ancona

Matthew d’Ancona


Matthew d’Ancona is a British journalist and award-winning political columnist who writes a weekly column for the Guardian. He was Deputy Editor The Sunday Telegraph before becoming editor of The Spectator in 2006. During his editorship, the magazine enjoyed record circulation and he was named Editor of the Year (Current Affairs) in the 2007 BSME awards.

He was the Sunday Telegraph’s political columnist for 19 years.  He also writes for the Evening Standard, International New York Times and GQ. He is a visiting research fellow at Queen Mary University of London, and the author of several books including In It Together: The Inside Story of the Coalition.

He wrote Being British: The Search for the Values That Bind the Nationwhich was published in 2009 with an introduction by Gordon Brown. His earlier works include the international bestseller The Jesus Papyrus in 1997 and The Quest For the True Cross in 2000.

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Matthew d'Ancona @MatthewdAncona

Membership of the board of inquiry is in discussion. @MaltaGov knows that compliance with our laws requires members to be independent and have the trust of all parties.

The members that @maltagov suggested late last night will not be sworn in until discussions are concluded.

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@howtoacademy Thank you for having me, @howtoacademy. Fantastic conversation with @MatthewdAncona!

Notes From A New (Old) City: a new thing I have written, which is about lovely Norwich, and about adjusting to the city after many years in the countryside, but also about lots of other things.

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Only 1 of the top 10 computer courses in US universities requires a class in ethics. @BradSmi calls for change. Brilliant brilliant conversation. Bravo @MatthewdAncona @howtoacademy

'I read a lot of books on politics & tech, and I can honestly say this book has gripped me like no other. It is really a very special book. It's a page turner, which is not something you can say about many books in this sector.'

@MatthewdAncona on Tools & Weapons by Brad Smith

So excited to hear from @BradSmi with @MatthewdAncona chatting about his book #Toolsandweapons and asking what really is #AI? Thanks @howtoacademy

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The West Wing is 20 years old. It's the details that made it, writes @pghoskin: the "walk and talks", the rain-drenched, staring-into-the-distance, moments of reckoning; the cocky front that masks a comedy of errors behind the administration's scenes.

Tickets still available for Microsoft’s @BradSmi speaking this eve @howtoacademy on his #ToolsAndWeapons book on how ‘tech firms’ have been slow to accept responsibility power brings; chair @MatthewdAncona < Matthew: Please debunk the ‘tech firm’ concept!

'For the record, David Cameron is not the only one to blame for Brexit mess' - @MatthewdAncona

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My @ESComment column: Even if Cameron had not called the referendum, there was always going to be a moment of reckoning.

White, male and middle class: why Britain’s political parties must change | Tim Bale

Last night, I asked the students in the audience at the @FallonTonight show whether they’ve ever had to learn how to run, hide, or fight in the event of a mass shooter at their school.

Nearly every student raised their hand. We are traumatizing these kids.

Tech firms have been slow to accept that their power comes with great responsibility. Microsoft President Brad Smith joins us this Thursday to present a roadmap to a better future...

#ToolsAndWeapons @MatthewdAncona @BradSmi @Microsoft