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Matthew d’Ancona


Matthew d’Ancona is a British journalist and award-winning political columnist who writes a weekly column for the Guardian. He was Deputy Editor The Sunday Telegraph before becoming editor of The Spectator in 2006. During his editorship, the magazine enjoyed record circulation and he was named Editor of the Year (Current Affairs) in the 2007 BSME awards.

He was the Sunday Telegraph’s political columnist for 19 years.  He also writes for the Evening Standard, International New York Times and GQ. He is a visiting research fellow at Queen Mary University of London, and the author of several books including In It Together: The Inside Story of the Coalition.

He wrote Being British: The Search for the Values That Bind the Nationwhich was published in 2009 with an introduction by Gordon Brown. His earlier works include the international bestseller The Jesus Papyrus in 1997 and The Quest For the True Cross in 2000.

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Matthew d'Ancona @MatthewdAncona

As the weeks go by and the Love Island men continue to get things horribly wrong, I'm getting increasingly riled up in my weekly column. Here's why I'm now rooting for Maura and Michael, the real MVPs of #LoveIsland 2019.

The conditions under which children are being held in the US is a stain on humanity

Do people realise the damage being caused by MPs stating, repeatedly, that people shouldn't intervene when they hear screams and plates smashing behind closed doors? Even if nothing is wrong, it's still completely right to ask the police to check. Err on side of caution.

In which, implausibly but with much affection, I offer my happiest memories of @GlastoFest over the years.

Few more perceptive observers of Boris Johnson than @MatthewdAncona

None of us have any evidence the Boris Johnson recording shows anything more than a row. And the police were satisfied.
And I've no reason to think or suggest otherwise.
But as a general point, it is nonsense to say that when police are satisfied and go away, all is well 1/2

Boris Johnson’s pitch is all about his character. That’s why the row in the flat matters

@allisonpearson Most calls around DV are from concerned neighbours, the victim rarely makes that call through fear of violence.
Be careful by calling them out as they’re the reason we the Police can protect. #domesticviolence It’s real.

As so often, @alstewitn nails it.

'Boris Johnson was furious with me.' In April, @MatthewdAncona wrote about Johnson's anger at links made between himself and Bannon, part of Johnson's shift from popularity to populism. Today, video evidence obtained by @carolecadwalla confirms the link.

...& this is my background piece on Bannon, Breitbart & Brexit. Includes fascinating detail from @MatthewdAncona on how furious Johnson was with him when he published story on his relationship with Bannon last Sept.