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Martin Moore


Martin Moore is the author of Democracy Hacked: How Technology is Destabilizing Global Politics, published by Oneworld Publications (2018). He is the director of the Centre for the Study of Media, Communication and Power at King’s College London, and a Senior Lecturer in Political Communication Education. Before joining King’s, Martin was the founding director of the Media Standards Trust, an award-winning NGO and think tank. Prior to that he spent over a decade working in media and communications in Britain and the US. He lives on a farm in north Oxfordshire and has four children, along with various other animals.


Martin Moore @martinjemoore

Over-collection and over-sharing of personal data promises to be a goldmine of stories for any journalist who spends time digging into it

'Under the arrangement, the data of all Ascension patients could eventually be uploaded to Google’s cloud computing platform' #platformhealthcare

Odd. I've signed up to receive election emails from each major party (coz political communication is what I do) but have yet to receive one from the Conservatives (vs lots from Labour and LibDems). Just me?

Bokrecension: Martin Moore – Hackad demokrati via @svtnyheter

Incredible list of digital campaign tools and resources at #UKelection2019 H/T @carljackmiller

TOMORROW: We live in a world of media manipulation. Joanna Kavenna, @martinjemoore, and @peterpomeranzev set out to understand the new propaganda, and what to do about it, by grasping both the cultural and technological dynamics. @LSEIGA #LSEDisinformation

Paul Chadwick's right abt dated broadcasting rules, tho it's even worse than he sets out - e.g. how shd broadcasters assess 'parties with previous significant electoral support or where there is evidence of significant current support'? [Ofcom S6]

This week I've been asked a lot about the lack of regualtion around online political campaigning in the UK, so I want to lay out my thoughts based on some work I've done as Special Advisory for the @HLDemoDigital Inquiry.

To help it track yet another part of our life, Google buys Fitbit (to add to Verily Life Sciences and Calico) #platformhealthcare

The geopolitics of gaming, and yet more evidence of the significance of Hong Kong to our political futures

Easy to forget how fragile some of the foundations of the news infrastructure are: 'The [Reuters] news operation contributes less than 3 per cent of group earnings and sits in a company now dominated by legal and corporate services'

Remarkable to think that had Mark Zuckerberg decided to follow @jack and ban paid political advertising from Facebook/Instagram, he would have changed the course of this #UKElection campaign

The propaganda campaign in north and central Africa was 'the first well-documented case of Russia “franchising,” or outsourcing, its disinformation efforts to local parties' reports @nytimes

If anyone wants some 'light relief' from GE2019 nightmares, I'm chairing an event at @LSEIGA Tues evening, looking at the much wider (terrifying) state of misinformation, trolls & propaganda, w/ fabulous @peterpomeranzev, Joanna Kavenna & @martinjemoore.

The early election bill looks likely to go through without any changes to the campaign rules, even though those rules are near-universally seen as no longer fit for purpose. Here are some thoughts on key problems we need to look out for. (1/11)

The letter Facebook employees sent to Mark Zuckerberg about Political Ads is more nuanced than its coverage

This decision is clearly politically influenced, though that doesn't mean there aren't good reasons for not choosing Amazon - Pentagon chooses Microsoft for $10bn 'Jedi' contract

Staring at Zuckerberg's free expression speech, I keep coming back to this line & its implications: "we’ve found a different strategy works best: focusing on the authenticity of the speaker rather than the content itself"

"Se os governos mantiverem os princípios liberais não intervencionistas, as plataformas vão cada vez mais se expandir e incorporar outros aspectos da vida pública." @martinjemoore

Is this an indication of how populations could react if govts try to take away their 'free' online tools? 'A tax on WhatsApp opens the floodgates of anger...'