Martin Moore

Martin Moore


Martin Moore is the author of Democracy Hacked: How Technology is Destabilizing Global Politics, published by Oneworld Publications (2018). He is the director of the Centre for the Study of Media, Communication and Power at King’s College London, and a Senior Lecturer in Political Communication Education. Before joining King’s, Martin was the founding director of the Media Standards Trust, an award-winning NGO and think tank. Prior to that he spent over a decade working in media and communications in Britain and the US. He lives on a farm in north Oxfordshire and has four children, along with various other animals.


Martin Moore @martinjemoore

[New paper] 'There is a need for regular, independent, external audits of inauthentic accounts on #socialmedia.' Read more in our latest research article by @martinjemoore #fakeaccounts

1/10 There’s lots of epistemic uncertainty about the number & nature of social media accounts on major platforms (as Elon Musk noted when he was buying Twitter)… [thread]

*New* article by me just published @PolicyR: 'Fake accounts on social media, epistemic uncertainty and the need for an independent auditing of accounts'

New open access article by me and @martinjemoore on how Chinese media covered the 2020 US #election & #Capitol riots. CGTN coverage very critical of the US, but we found little effort to influence the election. @warstudies @LSW_RMAS @Kingspol_econ

*New* journal article just published [open access] - by @ThomasColley and me - which looks at whether China used its state-sponsored media to influence the process or outcome of the 2020 US election

Now Open Access - our research article contrasting Chinese and Russian international state propaganda models published by @JournPractice is now openly accessible @ThomasColley

The research report we launched this week, 'Local News Deserts in the UK', has a number of fascinating, and shocking, findings.

Here is a thread 🧵🪡of the Executive Summary, and some other curious headlines:


'...dogs were getting ill on the beach and it was linked with the shellfish deaths' - Facebook rumours, NextDoor campaigns - fallout from the loss of local reporting around the UK - new @charitablejp research (pdf)

Just published: 'Two International Propaganda Models: Comparing RT and CGTN’s 2020 US Election Coverage' by me and @thomascolley in @JournPractice

This week we're launching our first research report, 'Local News Deserts in the UK'.

It will show how the dearth of local news provision has affected 7 communities across the country, a developing crisis for UK journalism.


More info:

Elon Musk must be aware that Twitter cannot show proof of <5% because it took the decision - for practical and epistemological reasons - to focus on behaviour rather than identity

With the tragic #Buffalo shooting showing the role of 4chan and related sites in violent extremism, researchers may find helpful this article with @martinjemoore in which we examine the difficulties understanding and researching these platforms.

1/10 Re Elon Musk's rationale for putting Twitter deal on hold. It is quite odd that despite all the changes in Twitter & social media environment Twitter repeatedly reports fewer than 5% fake or spam accounts year-on-year, see:

What a backwards step in UK's efforts to address the power of #BigTech

Introducing the 2021 book by Tambini and Moore, at #ijf22 our panelists will address one of the key issues facing democracies today: platform dominance and its impact on journalism and society

📢📢 Book launch webinar

3rd book of the Media for Democracy Monitor 2021

🗓️ 16th March | 15:00 CET

Cross-country comparisons on major issues of media performance for democratic societies.

Free registration:,bwiwicymQEuJ5iwSEhaI3A,8XpFZN_ELEaMmC0nVRPyeQ,tpOju_KrRUCN8eaQ1MQVuQ,zOdsjJwheE-QGZ6FaqrKZA,hcbLHhnni0CINrWkfc3YUg?mode=read&tenantId=0798ed31-f5b0-4935-863c-73ee2505806e

Topics in the webinar ➡️

You can currently access chapters from our just published volume - Regulating Big Tech (OUP 2021) open access at @damiantambini

Our chapter with @benwagne_r "Establishing Auditing Intermediaries to Verify Platform Data" from Regulating Big Tech by @damiantambini and @martinjemoore is freely available online (as, amazingly, all other chapters from this excellent book).

Delayed by the impact of COVID on warehouse workers, by printer capacity in North America, shortage in paper supply, Brexit, the Suez Canal blockage, and a temporary shutdown in China’s largest container port… Regulating Big Tech has finally arrived!