Martin Dorey

Martin Dorey


Martin Dorey is a writer, surfer, photographer, presenter, cook and campaigner for the #2MinuteBeachClean. He writes about camping, fun, outdoor food, living the outdoor life and having adventures in his VW camper van and contributes regularly to CampsitedCoast Magazine, Camping Magazine and Motorhome and Motorcaravan Monthly Magazine. Martin’s first book, The Camper Van Cookbook, inspired the BBC TV series One Man and His Camper Van in which Martin cooked and camped his way around the UK. It has now aired all over the world. The follow-up book, The Camper Van Coast, celebrates Martin’s love for coastal living, playing, cooking and eating.

Martin’s third book, The Camper Van Bible, was published in June 2016, and has been described as THE definitive glove-box bible for anyone who owns or ‘would die for’ a camper van.

A writing career came late for Martin after a 12-year stint in the advertising and film industry as an Assistant Director on some of the more famous 90s TV commercials – Guinness, Levis, Gold Blend, Oxo — as well as promos for The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Annie Lennox (among others), a documentary about legendary British cameraman Jack Cardiff and various TV series and film projects.

The #2minutebeachclean campaign has been taking Martin in all kinds of directions of late. From being an idea to inspire others to help clean beaches it has grown into a global campaign with many thousands of followers and posts to Instagram from every continent, including Antarctica. The idea has been used in Ireland and the UK as well as in Israel and Puerto Rico. Martin has spoken about the campaign at the Blue Flag Operators’ Conference in Holland, was invited to speak at TEDx Kiel University and on BBC’s Springwatch.

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Spectacular start to #taketheslowroad France this morning....

Worst cafe ever.

10 years of campaigning about marine pollution has taught me:

- We can't just invent clever solutions to get out of the plastic crisis
- Unless it's 'home compostable' it's just more litter.
- We have to stop buying plastic
- Disposable BBQs are shit.

Jeez I hate disposable BBQs.
Here's why.

We say it every year.... for goodness' sake STOP using disposable BBQs!!!

The founder of #2minutebeachclean @campervanliving has a FAB book out on 1st August called KIDS FIGHT PLASTIC full of eco missions you can do over the summer holidays - illustrations by Tim Wesson #authors4oceans WILL YOU ACCEPT THE MISSION TO FIGHT PLASTIC?

Not the kind of revolution where we chop off the queen's head. The kind the queen would approve of. A revolution where our priorities change. From business to nature. From profit to people. From growth to good health.
A celebration of our planet.

After yesterday's tweet about our desperate political situation I went out last night to celebrate France's national Day.
Vive la revolution!!!

Today's political news is making me feel absolutely desperate.
That's all.

Fun afternoon filming about #2minutebeachclean & Barefoot Skip’s 1000km epic prone paddle around the south west in aid of @2minbeachclean via @AndyPBirkett @BBCSpotlight Catch the scoop on BBC1 South West from 6.30!

I have been saying this for years. Any loo paper that isn't made from recycled paper should be banned. No one's arse comfort is worth more than a tree. If you think yours is, get over yourself.

Bonjour! Je suis camping en France.

L'horreur!!!! #taketheslowroad

The PM who got us into this Brexit mess went to the same school & the same supper club at the same university as the person who will most likely be prime minister. Nobody thinks that is a coincidence. It’s how Britain works. It’s also why it’s not working.