Mark Vanhoenacker

Mark Vanhoenacker


Mark Vanhoenacker is a commercial airline pilot and writer. In his first book, the 2015 bestseller Skyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot, Mark shares his passion for flight—the beauty of airplanes, the joy of their motion, and the grace that height and distance bestow on everything we love—in an age in which such wonders are too easily taken for granted. He is also the author of How to Land a Plane (2017) and Imagine a City (2022).

A regular contributor to The New York Times and a columnist for the Financial Times, he has also written for Wired, The Times, and the Los Angeles Times. Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, he trained as a historian and worked as a management consultant before starting his flight training in Britain in 2001. He now flies the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from London to cities around the world. Please see his website for his recent writing, or follow him on Twitter @markv747.

Mark Vanhoenacker @markv747

I love, love love this story about cities and ghosts. Thank you @azania_patel and @aeon

Animation test for an upcoming project. The 'broad arrow' or W 12 engine configuration is a neat way of fitting 12 cylinders into a compact space

'When it comes to jet lag, there ain’t no cure.'

FT writer & long-haul pilot @markv747 knows several specialised tactics to beat jet lag— and he’d love to hear yours too. Let us know your top jet lag tips here, in the comment field below his piece ✈️

Hello from London.

Have you read @markv747's guide to beating jet lag? Everyone else has ✈️

My latest column for the Financial Times: A pilot’s guide to beating jet lag. About time I wrote this! @FinancialTimes

Happy Pride to NYC and elsewhere! and happy travels to all. New York Times: A Gay Pilot Reflects on What Travel Means to Queer Folks

I'm deeply touched by Pico Iyer's generous words about Imagine a City, in today's edition of Air Mail. @airmailweekly @PicoIyer

Financial Times: Best summer books of 2022: I'm thrilled to find Imagine a City in such fine company! @andreafelliott @AmyBloomBooks @OliverBullough @VesnainLondon @AliceVSherwood @TinaBrownLM @SeanWensley @NedBeauman and others

Harry Gesner, Architect of Soaring California Style, Dies at 97 - what a lovely obit by @greenpnyt. and those photos...

Here's my review for @BookReviewsAsia of @markv747's recently published Imagine a City (@ChattoBooks) - a great book this, which, like his previous one, Skyfaring, manages to bring a sense of fresh wonder to modern air travel and long-haul layovers...

I was thrilled to join Monocle to talk about Imagine a City on the latest episode of The Urbanist podcast.
Thanks to Andrew, Carlota and @Monocle24 for the chat and this lovely production.

I received an early copy from @markv747 of his new book, Imagine a City, and just want to say it is beautiful, stunning, wonderful, a great read. Get it!

A Gay Pilot Reflects on What Travel Means to Queer Folks

my New York Times article on the importance of travel to L.G.B.T.Q.+ people

what do you mean, 'not in word list'! sheesh! @NYTimesWordplay

Only two weeks until U.S. publication!

Pre-orders, early reviews and more information are here:

Thanks to *everyone* who helped me along the way - this book would not be here without you.

So I had a go at redesigning the London Tube Map:

‘Our stays in cities are time-bending’: a review of Imagine a City in the South China Morning Post via @scmpnews

Great shoutout to my old classmate @markv747 in here! Listen to Ms. Brooks and read his book "Skyfaring."

oh, wow. Driving Iceland’s Overlooked North