Mark Vanhoenacker

Mark Vanhoenacker


Mark Vanhoenacker is a commercial airline pilot and writer. In his first book, the 2015 bestseller Skyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot, Mark shares his passion for flight—the beauty of airplanes, the joy of their motion, and the grace that height and distance bestow on everything we love—in an age in which such wonders are too easily taken for granted. He is also the author of How to Land a Plane (2017) and Imagine a City (2022).

A regular contributor to The New York Times and a columnist for the Financial Times, he has also written for Wired, The Times, and the Los Angeles Times. Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, he trained as a historian and worked as a management consultant before starting his flight training in Britain in 2001. He now flies the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from London to cities around the world. Please see his website for his recent writing, or follow him on Twitter @markv747.


Mark Vanhoenacker @markv747

Feeling my age on discovering that Olaf Eliasson's 'Weather Project' was installed at the @Tate Modern 20 years ago this year.

I'm not sure any artwork before or since has made better use of the Turbine Hall's cavernous space.

'Skyfaring' touches down in China! woo hoo! (thanks to a reader for sending me this)

I was really happy to talk about 'Imagine a City' with Bob and Elliot from the Travelers Blueprint podcast! have a listen here.

Good morning from London.

Today, our readers appear to be very keen on @markv747's latest column:

my latest for the FT: The 747 vs the Dreamliner: a pilot’s perspective

happy to be a part of @mjbwriter's fond farewell to the 747!...

from the first flight (a 747!) i ever took on my own. this was hanging in the galley and the crew let me keep it. Technology is great but you can't take the moving map on your seatback video home with you...

I was really happy to join @riadaaa and @newlinesmag to talk about a pilot's experiences of the urban world. listen here--

Mark Vanhoenacker (@markv747) writes on airplanes, movement, and intimacy on his travels from his childhood home in Pittsfield, Massachusetts to cities worldwide in IMAGINE A CITY: A PILOT’S JOURNEY ACROSS THE URBAN WORLD. (CC: LitFest @AmherstCollege)

#OmanAir Senior First Officer, Maha Al Balushi, speaks of her love for her country and her passion for flying.

in February 2009 my sourdough starter signed up for a Facebook account. Sour Stan is no longer with us, but please join me in thinking of him on his birthday.

hello western MA readers! I'm thrilled to be taking part in Amherst College's LitFest next weekend. I'll be reading from 4pm on Saturday, February 25th, and I'm looking forward to a weekend full of fascinating events. See you there! @AmherstCollege @KirunKapur

wow. New Auroras Found Glowing in the Skies of Jupiter’s Moons