Mark Vanhoenacker

Mark Vanhoenacker


Trained as an historian, Mark Vanhoenacker worked for several years as a management consultant before starting his flight training in 2001. His airline career began in 2003 on the Airbus A320 series aircraft. Today he flies the Boeing 747 to major cities around the world.

In his first book, Skyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot , Mark shares his passion for flight—the beauty of airplanes, the joy of their motion, and the grace that height and distance bestow on everything we love—in an age in which such wonders are too easily taken for granted.

Mark contributes science, opinion, culture and travel articles to The New York Times and to Slate, where he is a regular columnist. He has also been published in Wired, The Times, The Independent, Financial Times and various other UK and US publications.

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travel can be life-changing (ask me how I know). But of course, many people can't afford to travel, and so I'm happy to share news about this contest.