Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson


Mark Dawson has worked in law and the film industry.

He has sold over 1m copies of his John Milton, Beatrix and Isabella Rose series. He lives in Wiltshire with his wife and children.

Mark Dawson @pbackwriter

Two daughters. One lost. One found. Beatrix Rose returns in TEMPEST.

Never listened to @thecreativepenn on speed before. Sounds trippy.

The brand new Beatrix Rose book is on pre-order now. It's slated for July release, but is likely to be ready for May - pre-order now and you'll get it as soon as it is published.

A standing ovation, richly deserved.

3/3 @nick_bailey1772 was poisoned as he performed his duty. He is running the London Marathon this year to raise funds for the hospital that saved his life. It’s a wonderful cause and I’ve donated - if you’d like to do the same, the link is below.

2/3 But my stories are make-believe. I was honoured to share the stage with the real life heroes who responded to the Novichok incident in Salisbury last year. Police, civic officials, medical staff - an amazing team responding to a unprecedented and frightening emergency.

1/3 I make up stories about fictional heroes (and antiheroes) and was flattered and humbled to be recognised for my work at the Wiltshire Life awards last night. But my stories are make-believe.