Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson


Mark Dawson has worked in law and the film industry.

He has sold over 1m copies of his John Milton, Beatrix and Isabella Rose series. He lives in Wiltshire with his wife and children.

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Another awesome @audibleuk drama...another excuse for me to chew the scenery, in various scenery-chewing accents! 😬

Check out @holdbrooksMyth, Colin Morgan and a whole host of talented peeps in @pbackwriter‘s espionage thriller The Vault.

Another awesome read by @RadioDaveThorpe for my new novel, THE VAULT. Check it out!

It's #NationalAuthorsDay and we're reminded of each wonderful author who joined us for our #LiteraryFestival during last term. #GOinspire #FlashbackFriday

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Thank you Mark Dawson for speaking at Godolphin this afternoon. Very inspiring to our girls, @BWordsworths and @LeehurstSwanSch. #GOinspire @pbackwriter @GodolphinEng @GodolphinRead #GOlitfest2019