Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson


Mark Dawson has worked in law and the film industry.

He has sold over 1m copies of his John Milton, Beatrix and Isabella Rose series. He lives in Wiltshire with his wife and children.

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Mark Dawson's The Cleaner:

John Milton is the man the government calls when they want a problem to go away... but what happens when he’s the one who needs to disappear?

What if James Bond admitted he had a drinking problem & tried to atone for his past? M16 assassin John Milton does exactly that in #TheCleaner by @pbackwriter...with some less than clean results...
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Life imitated art when the Novichok poisoning happened near author of the John Milton series @pbackwriter's home😮Find out more about his inspirations & journey to #TheCleaner's publication (@welbeckpublish) when Mark appears on @BBCRadioKent at 2:00pm

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And for the dad who wishes he was James Bond… and is willing to wait for his present
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The House in the Woods is available on audio now, read by Simon Vance

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Was called by international press to comment and was on BBC Breakfast. Was the small things I remember - my daughter’s school picnic in Lizzie Gardens day before cordons arrived. Scary in mundanity. #salisburypoisoning

I write espionage thrillers. I live in Salisbury. March 2018 was all very... meta. Sleepers was the book that came of it -… #salisburypoisoning

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Something to add - underpaying and discriminatory publishers aren’t the only game in town now. Self-pub is colourblind and entirely meritocratic. #publishingpaidme

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