Marianne Holmes

Marianne Holmes


Marianne Holmes is the author of A Little Bird Told Me and All Your Little Lies. She was born in Cyprus and bounced around the UK, Germany, Kuwait and Belgium with her RAF parents as a child but is now firmly based in London with her own family. She has degrees in Classics (RHUL) and Linguistics (UCL), neither of which got much use while she worked in marketing.

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Hello, would anyone with police or legal expertise be able to give me some advice please?

I've a scenario where victim of assault has given a video statement but case not yet presented to CPS. Victim wants to speak out about it. Can they? Would it affect case?

The @Soc_of_Authors AGM is this evening and have been thinking about how thoroughly depressing this whole thing has been. I feel like two issues have been at play that seem to have come to a head for this vote. Firstly, the literary establishment have had their views challenged

So many children at the door & they won't let me eat a single one!

#DogsOfTwitter #Halloween

Feeling like you want to staty your week by placing a cheeky bid?

Lots of lots still on £1 so do get the ball rolling my people #BooksForPakistan

Where is this energy for the homeless

An Open Letter in support of Joanne Harris

Owami Davies has been missing for over a month, last seen in Croydon. We pray for her safe return. Media; why is there no coverage of her case? Institutional racism puts black women at higher risk of gendered violence, and the state doesn’t even pretend to care. #FindOwamiDavies

So today I made the Times. The article is paywalled, but from what I can see, it is felt that as Chair of the @Soc_of_Authors, I am not offering enough aid to gender-critical women who feel threatened for their beliefs. I can't believe I have to say this again, but here goes.

Enough is enough. It's time to turn anger into action.

Join the campaign to fight the cost-of-living crisis.

#writers A thread on giving up if you get a #book published & it's not going anywhere. Bravehearts, welcome to what is most writers' experience of publishing. You might hit the jackpot first time, but even that's no guarantee so here are thoughts, from my experience. Dive in

Do bad things happen when it's too hot? It's a mystery...

Grab yourself a cool drink and listen to the lovely @laura_brydon

#heatwave #ALittleBirdToldMe #BookLover

My amazing 14 yr-old is raising money for @Samaritans

They're doing it while in hospital for their own mental health & I'm so, so proud of them💖

Any spare pennies or words of encouragement would be awesome! 🙏

#Samarathon #MentalHealth #Samaritans

Competition time.

You like audio books, don’t you? So, how would you like the chance to win the complete Embers of War trilogy on audio CD?

Enter here:

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There's still time to apply for an LGBTQ+ Free Read!

We're partnering with novelist & writing tutor
@mlanganwriter & @outonthepage to offer six UK-based LGBTQ+ writers free feedback on their work, plus a writer development 1-1.

🗓️ Deadline: 30 June

Brilliant! Notice of a new prize for #writers who are #carers⬇️

🧵 Shocking thread about the most vulnerable in society being treated as a source of profit. Oversees investors clearly identifying that children in need of care and/or special education is a growing 'market' in the UK.

Don't think I've said 'oh my goodness' so many times in a single hour, @CircusAbyssinia

Great show at the #UnderbellyFestival today