Marianne Holmes

Marianne Holmes


Marianne Holmes is the author of A Little Bird Told Me and All Your Little Lies. She was born in Cyprus and bounced around the UK, Germany, Kuwait and Belgium with her RAF parents as a child but is now firmly based in London with her own family. She has degrees in Classics (RHUL) and Linguistics (UCL), neither of which got much use while she worked in marketing.

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Brilliant! Notice of a new prize for #writers who are #carers⬇️

🧵 Shocking thread about the most vulnerable in society being treated as a source of profit. Oversees investors clearly identifying that children in need of care and/or special education is a growing 'market' in the UK.

Don't think I've said 'oh my goodness' so many times in a single hour, @CircusAbyssinia

Great show at the #UnderbellyFestival today

After my school event was cancelled for promoting witchcraft, I’m giving away a signed + dedicated copy of Yesterday Crumb, because witchcraft isn’t going to promote itself!

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Okay, I'll admit there's a lot to be said for a good dog walk

#BlondinPark #LoveEaling #Tulips

Great article by @ElizabethMistry featuring winners of the Blue Badge Access Awards.

'there are many types of disability, seen and unseen'

#Accessibility #Tourism

@BootstrapCook I'm able to give away another thirty copies of either Tin Can Cook, or Good Food For Bad Days.

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God help me, but I’ve made a Twitter because I can’t deal with “TERFs” and their ilk for another minute. My daughter has happily lived her life as trans for years. At first I felt so relieved seeing her finally at peace. In the last year, I do not recognise the same person.

Spring has sprung, I've handed in my edits for #IllNeverTell so... time for some new #PhilippasTutorials, yay!
These ones will be all about #StoryGenre. Use the hashtags to follow along.
Full credit to @storygrid for everything I'll cover here.
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Please share this picture of my 14year old nephew Noah and his friend Ivana boarding the Dunbar to Plymouth train at Edinburgh on Friday(11th March) . They have been missing since Friday afternoon and we don’t know where they got off the train. Please share for us

Shame on you, @RC_Southwark , this is the sort of bigotry that leads to the bullying of LGBT kids

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#TakeMyHand is a searingly brave and honest account of how @KerryandPat coped with their sons' life-threatening illnesses.

A heartbreaking read that includes humour plus advice if you or someone you know is going through something similar.


It’s unbelievable that we are watching a major nation state, a member of the UN Security Council, attack another nation state in Europe. We stand with the Ukraine. Putin and those that support him, have blood on their hands. #WeStandwithUkraine

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First promise of the new year fulfilled! Here is the INDEX OF MUSLIM WRITERS 2022. Please share and RT widely, I hope it will be an important resource for those in publishing, education & journalism: