Marcel Somerville

Marcel Somerville


Marcel Somerville, formally known as Rocky B, was a member of UK hip-hop group Blazin’ Squad, who had seven top ten hits. Since then, he has become a DJ and producer with his own record label, Dmode Music Limited, and is the break-out star of this years’ hit ITV2 show, Love Island.

Marcel’s debut book was released on 24th August 2017 – Dr Marcel’s Little Book of Big Love


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Gemma 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 #LoveIsland

Rate Deji for shooting his shot! Send in a bombshell for him please! 🙏🏿 #LoveIsland

#loveisland send some one in for Deji 🙏🏿

Oi Jacques has lost his head! #LoveIsland That energy ain’t gonna get you nowhere pal

Oi this love foursome between Dami Indiyah Deji and Summer is jokes! They both did the same thing so why are dami and indiyah so vex 😂😂😂😂 #LoveIsland casa amor does it again

Ekin-su’s acting was not convincing! #LoveIsland #crocodiletears

Catching up on yesterdays #LoveIsland Can’t lie but I feel like Ekin-Su is a Narcissist! Expert manipulator! Wow she’s horrid

Gemma is itching 😂 #LoveIsland the breadcrumbs are being dropped! It’s only a matter of time ⏳

The Bish is My Guy this season! Backing Luca all day #LoveIsland

Must say respect to #loveisland for getting rid of that awkward coupling ceremony at the start! It’s defo gonna help all the islanders start there journey on the same foot! 🙌🏿❤️🏝

Yo can’t lie Gemma’s energy is mad! How she coming across like this on the first day! The rudeness #loveisland

Huddersfield are getting bumped for pens #playofffinal

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Blazin' Squad and Love Island star to take to the stage at Wakefield Noughties bingo event
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It’s mad how much Edu and arteta have self sabotaged this season! Our squad is depleted and it don’t look like there trying to do anything about it. It’s mad. I was expecting growth in January all I’m seeing is regression! Come on arsenal give us hope 🙏🏿

Just watched the series finale of #Gomorrah 😭🤯 one of the best series to grace @SkyUK #skyatlantic 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

This ref is taking the piss!!! Martinelli had to fully move further out of the line of the goal to hit that. If he stayed on normal course he’s atleast a foot closer to the centre of goal so he wouldn’t hit the post! Poor from stuart aswell

This is such a wonderful campaign. The thought of children battling cancer away from home this year is just heartbreaking. I would urge people to buy these cards so that as many presents as possible can be bought for them

'When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I was worried about managing the condition. Since I got my flash monitor, it has made life so much easier.'

Half of Type 1 diabetes patients in England, like @marcel_rockyb, are using flash monitors.