Lynda Gratton

Lynda Gratton


Lynda Gratton was named one of the top 15 business thinkers in the world by the Harvard Business Review and The Times. She is Professor of Management Practice at London Business School where she runs the world’s leading program on human resources. The Founder of The Hot Spots Movement, she has led the Future of Work Consortium for over 5 years, bringing together executives from more than 60 companies.

Lynda is a Fellow of the World Economic Forum and has chaired the WEF Council on Leadership. She chairs the Drucker prize panel and is on the governing body of London Business School. Lynda has won the Tata prize (India), the CCL prize (US), the HR prize (Australia), and is the annual Fellow of NAHR.

She has written extensively about the interface between people and organizations. Her eight books have been translated into more than 15 languages. Lynda’s case on BP won the EECH best case of the year, her article on ‘signature processes’ won the MIT Sloan award, and in 2012 The Shiftreceived the best business book of the year in Japan. Lynda’s book The Key(published 2014) looks at the impact of the changing world on corporate practices, processes and leadership.

Her latest work, The 100-Year Life, co-written with Andrew Scott, was published in June 2016, and has been shortlisted for The FT’s Business Book of the Year award.

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The success of implementing a redesign of work, and establishing a positive people experience, is reliant on your managers.

@HSMAdvisory's whitepaper investigates the role of managers, you can download it here

I am delighted to see that my latest book, Redesigning Work, has been listed alongside fantastic authors in the @FT Best business books of 2022!

Both human-centric and enabling hybrid skills are needed to shape people experience.

During @HSMAdvisory's Can Managers Do It All? webinar, 40% of people said creating a positive people experience is most important to the role of managers.

Successful managers lead in uncertain times by aligning behaviours to support sustainable high-performance, managing tensions.

@HSMAdvisory's white paper investigates the role of managers further. You can download it here

"Decisions about ways of working must depend less on the personal attitudes and preferences of leaders, and more on the ways of working that best support people to be productive." Thanks @lyndagratton @thetimes

Working families are a ticking time bomb.

Over the last 80 years, families have seen a shift in the balance of their household paid/unpaid ratios.

Founder of HSM Advisory, Prof. @lyndagratton's latest column for @thetimes discusses the situation

What is it that working parents need most?

Clearly what they need is more time. And specifically, more discretionary time: time they can decide what to do with.

My latest column for @thetimes is in print in today’s paper. Let me know if you get a copy!

Working families and the household decrease in unpaid time during a week are a ticking time bomb.

I am delighted to share that my latest column for @thetimes has been published today and will be out in print on Monday.

Managers are essential to shaping a performance-led, sustainable approach to hybrid work.

But, to do this effectively, they need to be supported.

@HSMAdvisory’s whitepaper, ‘Can Managers Do It All?’ shares more on managers, you can download it here

I am delighted to have joined guests and my team at @HSMAdvisory earlier this week for the FoW by HSM The Experience of Purpose Masterclass.

You can find more information about FoW by HSM here

Using the office as a tool allows organisations to be outcome-led in their design. Reflecting on the outcomes you want ensures an office that is central to how you work.

The latest @HSMAdvisory white paper, explores how you can reframe the office here

Many of us spend eight hours a day working, and if we have no one to talk to about what we are struggling with or celebrating, it creates the foundation of loneliness.

My new column for @mitsmr details why you should build friendships at work.

A wonderful book @lyndagratton full of real examples. I hope it helps the Japanese business world think through the best models for their success in future.

I am delighted to share that my eleventh book, Redesigning Work: How to Transform Your Organization and Make Hybrid Work for Everyone, has now been released in Japan!

Copies of the Japanese edition are available to purchase here

Founder of HSM Advisory, Prof. Lynda Gratton's latest column for @thetimes outlines advice to leaders looking for a solution to their battle over hybrid.

Assumptions, habits, and ways of working have changed, and as we look forward, many of us now realise that building personal resilience and more specifically friendships is key.

My new column for @mitsmr details how you can build friendships at work.

When considering the emotional impacts to office design, leaders should consider how the office and different spaces make their people feel.

Download the latest @HSMAdvisory white paper, Redesigning the Office here

My latest column in @thetimes outlines my advice to leaders looking for a solution to their battle over hybrid.

I am delighted to have joined my team at @HSMAdvisory yesterday for our webinar, The Role of the Office.

During the session, we explored how the office can be used to support the redesign of work.

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