Lynda Gratton

Lynda Gratton


Lynda Gratton was named one of the top 15 business thinkers in the world by the Harvard Business Review and The Times. She is Professor of Management Practice at London Business School where she runs the world’s leading program on human resources. The Founder of The Hot Spots Movement, she has led the Future of Work Consortium for over 5 years, bringing together executives from more than 60 companies.

Lynda is a Fellow of the World Economic Forum and has chaired the WEF Council on Leadership. She chairs the Drucker prize panel and is on the governing body of London Business School. Lynda has won the Tata prize (India), the CCL prize (US), the HR prize (Australia), and is the annual Fellow of NAHR.

She has written extensively about the interface between people and organizations. Her eight books have been translated into more than 15 languages. Lynda’s case on BP won the EECH best case of the year, her article on ‘signature processes’ won the MIT Sloan award, and in 2012 The Shiftreceived the best business book of the year in Japan. Lynda’s book The Key(published 2014) looks at the impact of the changing world on corporate practices, processes and leadership.

Her latest work, The 100-Year Life, co-written with Andrew Scott, was published in June 2016, and has been shortlisted for The FT’s Business Book of the Year award.

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To ensure that workplace design encourages sustainable high-performance, it is essential to reframe the office as one tool among many, rather than the primary place of work.

I spoke further on this on the @WSJ The Future of Everything Podcast last month

I am delighted that Redesigning Work has been listed alongside wonderful authors in @andrewtghill's @FT Summer books of 2022: Business.

You can read the full list and Andrew’s comments here

When redesigning work, leaders should consider what people want from work and their organisation

Find out more about how you can transform your organisation in Redesigning Work

UK edition or audiobook:

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The most important role of managers now is being a 'people manager'.

I spoke about the role of managers and more with @evamedilek on @VoiceAmericaTRN What’s Important Now, you can listen to the recording here

For many decades, the word “work” and “office” were synonymous concepts. But after two years of remote and hybrid working, many organisations are struggling to persuade employees back to office-based work.

Download my Redesigning Work Blueprint here

Be sure to add this episode with the insightful Lynda Gratton to your weekend playlist - it’s a conversation we all need to be having now! 👇🏼

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I have finally managed to start reading @lyndagratton’s “Redesigning Work” whilst enjoying a relaxing weekend in sunny Suffolk. It was a Birthday gift I kept dropping hints about and I’m thoroughly enjoying the book so far, just as much as “The Shift” whi…

There are actions that leaders, managers and employees can all take that will have a huge impact on people’s wellbeing within an organisation.

I spoke about this and more with Jean Gomes on @Evolving_Leader, you can listen to the episode here

Good managers must now balance managing people and managing work.

By focussing on performance-focussed leadership, human centric, and enabling hybrid skills, organisations can ensure their managers are well-equipped to manage in a hybrid environment.

Before decisions about the redesign of work are made leaders must consider how current networks and knowledge flows are operating.

I am delighted to share that my latest piece in @stratandbiz has been featured in their Summer 2022 print issue

Organisations must now co-create a sustainable future by developing their own unique approach to work

Redesigning Work guides you through how to plan, test and implement transformation at your organisation

UK edition:

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Very proud of my husband Nigel Boardman who was honoured today in the Queen’s birthday list with a knighthood.

Now is the opportunity for leaders to design an approach to hybrid that is unique to their organisation.

I had a wonderful time speaking to Greg Le Blanc for his podcast @UnsiloedPodcast, you can listen to the episode here

If the office is going to be a place for cooperation, we need to design our spaces to encourage it.

We now need to go back and say how do we build serendipity?

It was wonderful to have been a part of @WSJ CEO Summit, listen to the podcast here

I am having a such wonderful week at the Davos @wef Annual Meeting, catching up with many friends and learning lots from the panel sessions.

It has been fascinating to discuss my latest thinking and hear what others are doing within in the future of work space.


One of the best parts about being here in person is running into old friends. It was so nice to see you, @LyndaGratton! #Davos2022

Hybrid Work: What Happens Next? With @erikbryn, @CHoffmanUNI, @lyndagratton @lbs, @chanofer @Workday, @RepMeuser #wef22

We are about to go live for my second panel session at the @wef Annual Meeting.

This panel will be live streamed, you can watch it here


Hybrid Work: What Happens Next?

I am delighted to be taking part in my second panel session at the @wef Annual Meeting at 11:15 CET/ 10:15 BST today. We will discuss the future of hybrid work.

This panel will be live streamed, watch it here


Professor @lyndagratton of @LSB shares “It's incredibly important that we have 50% women in senior positions, not just as non-execs. You actually want them doing executive roles in the company.”

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