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Lynda Gratton


Lynda Gratton was named one of the top 15 business thinkers in the world by the Harvard Business Review and The Times. She is Professor of Management Practice at London Business School where she runs the world’s leading program on human resources. The Founder of The Hot Spots Movement, she has led the Future of Work Consortium for over 5 years, bringing together executives from more than 60 companies.

Lynda is a Fellow of the World Economic Forum and has chaired the WEF Council on Leadership. She chairs the Drucker prize panel and is on the governing body of London Business School. Lynda has won the Tata prize (India), the CCL prize (US), the HR prize (Australia), and is the annual Fellow of NAHR.

She has written extensively about the interface between people and organizations. Her eight books have been translated into more than 15 languages. Lynda’s case on BP won the EECH best case of the year, her article on ‘signature processes’ won the MIT Sloan award, and in 2012 The Shiftreceived the best business book of the year in Japan. Lynda’s book The Key(published 2014) looks at the impact of the changing world on corporate practices, processes and leadership.

Her latest work, The 100-Year Life, co-written with Andrew Scott, was published in June 2016, and has been shortlisted for The FT’s Business Book of the Year award.

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Three months on from @lyndagratton's first @LBS webinar, we face very different challenges as the novelty wears off. In her most recent webinar she tackled the issue of waning productivity and collaboration with @Jenpens.

Watch the full webinar here:

In this age of disruption, to learn is to lead by example. One of my takeaways (in my own words) from this great book by @ProfAndrewScott and @lyndagratton. Learning needs to be lifelong and those who learn the most will perhaps end up leading the most too...#LifelongLearning

Britain’s relatively low Productivity is #PositiveThinking’s first subject. We focus on office workers. @EddieObeng @lyndagratton help evaluate the ‘big idea’ from @SIEPR ‘s Nick Bloom. Many of us are unwittingly ALREADY putting into practice because of the pandemic...

‘A road map for both corporations and for individuals on how we think about living and well–being in a new era’ N. Chandrasekaran

#TheNewLongLife by @ProfAndrewScott and @lyndagratton


The book is worth reading

LBS's @lyndagratton will be on @BBCRadio4 shortly for their new series of ‘PositiveThinking’: finding solutions to Britain’s problems. Lynda will speak with @BBCSangita about #virtualworking Listen live here: #Productivity #PositiveThinking

Did you miss last week's #FTDigitalDialogues, Opportunity in Adversity: Mastering the Art of Self-Renewal? The session held in partnership with @iCoachLearning is now available to view on-demand. Register free here:

Tomorrow morning at 09:00 BST I am going to be on @BBCRadio4 speaking with @BBCSangita on the new 'Positive Thinking' series about virtual working.

Listen live and the recording will be available here after the broadcast:

LBS's @lyndagratton will be on @BBCRadio4 tomorrow at 9AM for their new series of ‘PositiveThinking’: finding solutions to Britain’s problems. Lynda will speak with @BBCSangita about #virtualworking Listen here: #Productivity #PositiveThinking

We are living longer and healthier lives. We need to invest as individuals and as a society in a longevity dividend to be more productive and happy, to promote lifelong learning and drop the ageist stereotypes.

Order my new book 'The New Long Life' here:

Was fantastic to join @MukoyamaJun and @jt_sayuridaimon for the @DaiwaFoundation webinar yesterday thinking about remote work in Japan.

"In the wake of this once-in-a-century pandemic, we will likely experience the worst recession since 1706."

As the UK emerges from lockdown, @profandrewscott and @lyndagratton share their predictions for what will happen next

“We are living through a period of profound change that will impact everyone”: @ProfAndrewScott & @lyndagratton talk to @EricaWgnr about their book #TheNewLongLife -- & life beyond Covid @BaillieGifford

What is the future of office collaboration? LBS’s @lyndagratton and @ArupGroup’s @Jenpens give us their take: #LBSWebinars

As the novelty of home working wears off and fatigue sets in, the sustainability of pandemic productivity and collaboration looks uncertain.

Watch the full webinar here where I discuss how to build collaboration and innovation over the coming months:

Employers offer employees a binary choice; either full-time work or full-time retirement. This is far from what people want or need.

@ProfAndrewScott and I outline insights and recommendations on how employers need to change for longer lives below.

The leadership challenge right now... ‘burnout, low diversity, being overburdened, authenticity’ @lyndagratton @HotSpotsMove #futureofwork

Looking forward to the @HotSpotsMove Future of Work ‘Leading into the Future’ today. @lyndagratton will be sharing her research & data over the day.... discovering what people leadership is shaped by now and for the future #futureofwork

We are kicking off our first ever #FoWConsortium Virtual Masterclass on Leading into the Future with a keynote from @lyndagratton.

Joined by attendees from 30 global companies, Lynda explores how people leadership has always been shaped by internal and external contexts.

Summer books of 2020: Business from @FinancialTimes

Looking for some more great books to read this summer? This is a great collection, including the new one from @ProfAndrewScott and @lyndagratton, The New Long Life. Make sure you pick that one up today!