Lydia Ripper

Lydia Ripper


Lydia Ripper is a full-time illustrator and writer with a history of designing for entrepreneurial startups. Lydia was former Head of Design at TucanBOX, a children’s craft box subscription. She studied graphic design at Nottingham Trent University and was headhunted to join the creative team at She brings an inimitable sense of style to everything she does: from makeup artistry and face painting to fashion and hair modelling.

The Ant’s Pants is her first illustrated book for children and it was published by Orion, under the Early Readers Series, Summer 2018.


Lydia Ripper @lydiaeveripper

It’s funny how we were told vaccine passports were the only way to keep hospitality ‘open and safe’ yet Northern Ireland are closing nightclubs and forcing table service.

You were lied to.

Dear @UK. This was Steve’s banner before it was taken away by the @metpoliceuk

So @GMB you’re only interested in running polls that fit with your agenda? Why did you delete this👇#NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere #MedicalTyranny @awareness_4all @Rainbowandsteel

#NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere #KBF #BorisMustGo #londonprotest 💙PLEASE RETWEET💙

If we don't stand up to be heard now it will be too late for our children.

🚨🚨🚨 STOP COVID PASSES PROTEST: SATURDAY 11 DEC | starts 12pm @ Parliament Sq 🚨🚨🚨

Rights & equality groups come together to stop Johnson’s Covid passports ✊

The time to fight back is now…

📢 Spread the word!


I want my old life back.The one where I didn’t feel I needed to protect my children from what is going on in their schools,the one where I woke up happy,the one where there was certainty and I could make plans and go on holiday and where I wasn’t constantly worried and sad.

• The government have one motivation in their social care plan.

Tax the workers to protect the assets of the wealthy

Capitalists are already framing the latest IPCC #ClimateReport as humanity's fault, when the vast majority of emissions and climate denialism can be traced directly to a handful of companies, like Exxon and BP.

We didn’t do this. Capitalists did.

⚠️ Warning: Can you hear the alarm bells ringing? ⚠️

The new #ClimateReport from @IPCC_CH shows that we have irreversibly changed our planet - but there is still a chance to limit warming to 1.5°C. Every action can change our future!

Despite promises by the UK gov, forests like the Amazon continue to be destroyed. @DefraGovUK please take action for our #OneSharedHome by adopting a 2030 global environmental footprint target and putting an end to the UK's role in all overseas deforestation

This is MarineLand’s concrete bear pit. Bears are starved and the public are encouraged to buy and throw food at them. This causes competition and aggression. Fact: in the wild, bears are largely solitary but at MarineLand they are often injured and killed due to overcrowding.

UPDATE: We have more heartbreaking video of Kiska, MarineLand’s last surviving orca floating listlessly at the surface of her concrete pool. She has lived in complete isolation since 2011. Witnesses say she often calls out for other orcas. #FreeKiska

I visited @MarinelandCan years ago when they had 2 orcas. I watched them circle in the tank for hours & witnessed Kiska pushing the other one to the surface for air. I read that the other orca died a short time later. Kiska has been alone ever since. Heartbreaking. #FreeKiska

BRILLIANT AGAIN: Charles Walker - “This House criminalised freedom of protest...we are up to our eyeballs in now is the time to decriminalise freedom of protest... not tomorrow, not next week, but this afternoon”
So true, so principled, so rare

@metpoliceuk But you let the far right anti masks, anti vaccine mob parade freely.
You also let anti #Brexit peaceful protestors be intimidated by far right thugs (I was there).
'Move away & don't engage'?
If it's PEACEFUL, you dive in
If it's VIOLENT, you stand back
#cowards #metpolice



Like all violence against women, this was not inevitable. The Met and the London Mayor could have worked with women on the ground to support a Covid safe vigil. Instead they are bringing more violence #ReclaimTheseStreets

As if we needed any more confirmation, tonight's violent behavior by the police demonstrates they are not here to serve and protect women, they are here to uphold our patriarchal system. More police on the streets is not the answer. #ReclaimTheStreets #ReclaimTheseStreets