Lisa Lueddecke

Lisa Lueddecke


Having been born into an Air Force family which gave her a love for travel, Lisa Lueddecke has spent her life moving between four countries and five states. She currently resides in England, is one of five girls, and is a former book blogger and publishing intern turned writer.

A Shiver of Snow and Sky, the first installment in her debut fantasy series, was published by Scholastic in October 2017; its sequel – A Storm of Ice and Stars – came out in October 2018.

The Forest of Ghost and Bones, a new stand-alone novel aimed at young adults, is published by Scholastic on May 7th, 2020.

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Lisa Lueddecke @LisaLueddecke

me, as a writer, reading something written by @say_shannon.

I am so curious how co-authoring a novel works.

where oh WhErE did this idea come from that those who write books for kids and young adults are just HOPinG to “break into” adult publishing? For some that’s the journey, for many it’s not.

Three months from today! Can’t wait for you all to meet these characters. #ghostsandbones

Will launch a full investigation next time I’m there.

If you wanna hear something spooky my parents live in the Maine woods and something PULLED THE WINDOW OFF their chicken coop, climbed inside and killed a bunch of their chickens, and then left. 🐔 🍗 💀

B O O K G I V E A W A Y!

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I could write a I could write a
book tweet

I’ll finally have a new book coming out three months from TOMORROW what even the heck.

NEWS Sqeueeeee! I’ve just heard the title we’re settling on for the new MG secret book for next Feb with @scholasticuk AND I’ve seen an A* cover rough by @jgregorydesign AND @JennyGlencross loves the draft and it’s all made my heart burst! So ready for the next edit! #secretbook

authors be like ‘I know a spot’ but first I gotta check twitter

Ends today! International!

Had no idea how long bathroom renovations take so I guess I was a bit too keen when I placed a Lush order eh. Look how sad it looks.

Is it too soon to rewatch Selling Sunset.

The Eve of Saints approaches and the poison rain which
shrouds Castle Marcosza strains at its boundaries...

Wrote myself out of one hole in this outline by writing myself into a different but much bigger hole so I can’t wait to see what future me has planned for that one.

Having a cat is like having a teddy bear that is always investigating a murder.

Tell me what TV you’ve watched in quarantine. I need inspiration.

I was going to write today but instead I’m ordering ice cream and watching TV and it’s going to thunderstorm and this is nice too.