Lisa Lueddecke

Lisa Lueddecke


Having been born into an Air Force family which gave her a love for travel, Lisa Lueddecke has spent her life moving between four countries and five states. She currently resides in England, is one of five girls, and is a former book blogger and publishing intern turned writer.

A Shiver of Snow and Sky, the first installment in her debut fantasy series, was published by Scholastic in October 2017; its sequel – A Storm of Ice and Stars – came out in October 2018.

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If you’re not eating cookies and weeping are you really on deadline

I don’t know who needs to hear this but there is never a right time to tag an author in a bad review.

(This isn’t technically the first draft but I’m counting as a first draft because reasons) BUT THIS IS OFFICIALLY THE LONGEST FIRST DRAFT I’VE EVER WRITTEN.

We took the little nugget out to a farm.

I know it varies by book, but writing Twitter, how long do your first drafts tend to be? Roughly.

Me: 55-65k.

That little wisp of hair on top god help me.

Having a newborn was one of the hardest times of my life. Having my 7-month-old is still hard. She is human. I feel like people forget that.

The storm tore down so many ancient trees in our town, and I’m finding that so sad. Stupid storms.

We finally have power again! But it’s still so windy and the tree branches sound like fingers scraping on the fly screens which is very October appropriate but also terrifying.






We have had no power for almost twelve hours.

This cold can go die now. I would like to once again be able to pronounce Ms without them sounding like Bs.

No power in the house means no coffee. Thanks, New England, for nothing.

Authors, if your book or WIP smelled like any candle, what would it be? I have to say mine smells like Yankee Candle’s Balsam Fir.

Pausing from writing to read through earlier chapters and mentally dancing because I actually love it. After SO MUCH WORK, I love it. #amwriting #spookyWIP

I am that person in this hotel listening to dark cello music and writing Moody Scenes™️ and ultimately living my best writer life. #amwriting #spookyWIP

I wrote possibly my favorite bit of dialogue ever today, so I’ll take that as a win. #amwriting #spookyWIP

I’m writing up a storm but also FaceTiming my baby every five minutes because 😭😭😭😩😩😩 but also yay words! Good words, I think, at least some of them!

Writing retreat day two: my plan is to double yesterday's word count, if humanly possible. I have coffee and snacks and I'm already 900 words deep. GO TEAM. #amwriting #spookyWIP