Laura Pearson

Laura Pearson


Laura Pearson has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Chichester. She spent a decade living in London and working as a copywriter and editor for QVC, Expedia, Net a
Porter, EE, and The Ministry of Justice. Now, she lives in Leicestershire, where she writes novels, blogs about her experience of breast cancer (, runs The Motherload Book Club, and tries to work out how to raise her two children.

Missing Pieces was her debut novel.

Laura Pearson @LauraPAuthor

Toddler at the open front door: *waves and blows kisses to his big sister going to school*

“Bye! Love you! Nice day! Love you all my heart!”

Toddler as soon as his big sister rounds the corner:
*slams the door with all his strength*

*Now for some PEACEFUL.*

I just accidentally sped my audiobook up to 2.2 and I have to ask, why does that speed exist?

I’m so pleased #TheMotherloadBookClub has chosen #OneChristmasNight as a readalong book. I loved it! @HayleyThough

Illness update: feeling absolutely shocking.

In the eight weeks of the half-term that just passed, I wrote the first draft of a novel. It’s quite different from anything I’ve written before. It’s about five women who live in the same small town and range in age from 17 to 86.

Me: You know that when something dies it can’t come back to life, don’t you?
5yo: Yes
8yo: Unless it’s Jesus Christ

Blocked nose.
Hacking cough.
Not Covid (but getting a PCR to be sure).
Inset day.


#ShootTheMoon by @BellaMoonShoot was published in paperback on 22 September and you can win one of two copies (plus bath salts) in #TheMotherloadBookClub on Facebook! Closes tomorrow (Mon 25 October) at 9pm. UK addresses only.

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Ellie is so generous.

THIS. I don’t understand anyone’s job unless it’s something I knew existed at the age of 5 like waitress, police officer or shop assistant.

I read the first story in #AfraidoftheShadows in the early hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep (it’s the October readalong for #TheMotherloadBookClub) and…did I imagine it or was that Poe and Bradshaw dressed as a pantomime horse? @MWCravenUK @VictoriaSelman

No, YOU just bought three audiobooks (none of which were on your wishlist) on a whim.

So a combination of illness and lack of time have resulted in us failing to bake Stonehenge. Instead, my husband and son made it out of biscuits and then stones. I am very impressed.

My 5yo’s snuggly turned up tonight after being missing for WEEKS. He was next to the sofa. He cannot possibly have been there the whole time. Mystery. But it’s nice to have him home. I’ve put him in her bed and she’s already woken up and told us he’s back.

My 8yo: No one will ever be able to see what I write in my new lockable Harry Potter diary.
Also my 8yo: Leaves diary lying around unlocked.

I really want to keep reading but I have a headache.

Book Twitter! Who’s read #TheSurvivors? I’m halfway through and it’s gorgeous! I’ve fallen for these brothers hook, line and sinker. And look at that moody cover. @FleetReads

This girl, who’s never had a birthday party with her friends because of Covid, very happily sorted out the party bags and lunchboxes for her brother’s party. Then it was time for half-term school. She’s such a lovely one.

‘Everyone should read this’ @platinummaguk

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It's my nephew's birthday tomorrow. He's going to be ten. Which reminded me that a decade ago I went out for drinks with an agent. I was 31 and I thought it was my time. She was the first agent who'd asked to meet. We talked about the novel I'd just started writing.