Laura Pearson

Laura Pearson


Laura Pearson has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Chichester. She spent a decade living in London and working as a copywriter and editor for QVC, Expedia, Net a
Porter, EE, and The Ministry of Justice. Now, she lives in Leicestershire, where she writes novels, blogs about her experience of breast cancer (, runs The Motherload Book Club, and tries to work out how to raise her two children.

Missing Pieces was her debut novel.

Laura Pearson @LauraPAuthor

Has anyone seen a proof of the new John Irving yet? Is it too early to start getting excited? #TheLastChairlift @ScribnerUK

Long train journeys: The only thing more annoying than a fuckload of changes is noisy fuckers in the quiet zone.

Jesus, it’s a bit rough when you step outside of book Twitter, isn’t it? Have had some lovely comments on my vaccination story from yesterday but also been called a shit mum, stupid and selfish. One person said I should be charged with child abuse.

So, back to books?

I’m doing a 3.5 hour train journey tomorrow. Good reading time, you might think. Until you found out it involved four bloody changes. How am I supposed to settle with my new @LisforLia for a single minute, for crying out loud? #TheKeytomyHeart

My @HarrogateFest diary is getting very full! Dinners and drinks and Betty's dates. I cannot wait.

I’ve just read #TheDoubleLifeofDaisyHemmings by @joannanadin (out next week) and it’s a gem. Atmospheric and thrilling and sexy and so clever I want to climb inside her brain and have a look around. Her playfulness with language is a joy, too. Big fan. Huge. @MantleBooks

Thread about an NHS hero: Yesterday I was in the town centre with my kids and saw a walk-in vaccination centre. Been meaning to get the kids jabbed but it's only just been 12 weeks since the 8yo had Covid, so was planning to do it in the holidays. But we were there, so why not?

Everyone needs a writing buddy like @Mrssmithmunday, who promises to read your draft when she’s finished her own edits and then messages later the same day to say she’s on chapter ten.

Let the read-through commence. #amwriting #writingcommunity

Reading now - #TheDoubleLifeofDaisyHemmings by @joannanadin
Reading next - #TheKeyToMyHeart by @LisforLia


Pre-cancer Laura would be so baffled by the phone call I had this morning asking if I was available next week for nipple reconstruction.

Look, do I or do I not deserve to buy myself a dress for finishing my draft? It’s on sale. £24.

Proofs on my current wishlist include #BadFruit, #TheChange and #TheMovement. Just putting that out there.

What's on your wishlist?

It's a good job I was never a fan of tennis, because Wimbledon is forever associated for me with sitting in a hospital room waiting to hear whether my sister had survived her brain surgery.

I can't find who to credit for this, but this is basically how writing a book feels.

I'm scanning Twitter for all the #harpercollinssummerparty photos like some kind of creepy stalker. You all looked fabulous!

Things ‘the young’ don’t recognise as superpowers:

1. Being able to fall asleep at will
2. Moving their necks silently
3. Carrying out high-risk activities such as getting out of bed and showering without injury

Mums: when they’re not being told to breastfeed, they’re being told not to breastfeed.