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Kira McPherson


Kira McPherson is originally from Western Australian and has lived in London since 2013, where she works in politics and research for film and TV. Her short stories have been published in Westerly and the Stockholm Review of Literature. She was a recipient of a 2018 London Writers Award, highly commended in the 2018 Spread the Word London Short Story Prize, shortlisted for the 2017 London Magazine Essay Competition and longlisted for the 2017 Exeter Writers Short Story Competition. Hammerhead (Ultimo Press) is her first novel.

Kira McPherson @mcpherk

me and brian cox on the cover of this weekend's @westaustralian magazine. weird how similar our careers have been!

Great broadsheet review for @mcpherk’s novel: “an accomplished and sensitive debut that dares to [explore] Australia's class divides and what growing up between them is like when a person is still finding out what it means to love and be loved.” 👏🏼

interaction in the running shop 🫠

clerk: you're almost a 4ft runner

me: excuse me??? (i'm 5ft)

clerk: you're hitting the ground on your forefeet

Paging @mcpherk

People Change is finally out TODAY!

It’s both a second chance British Iranian love story, and a story about learning to stand up for yourself.

Get it in bookshops now or order via the link below pls!


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Very sad crossword news (an otherwise stable and peaceful world). @NYTGames Acrostic is the king of crosswords.

Happy publication day to @mcpherk - Higher Education is witty and knowing, a big wink in your face.

Honour to share a quote for it too. "Her characters remain with you, and the slow reveal of people and their privacies is a gift in McPherson's writing'
More here 👇

HIGHER EDUCATION is out today.

V grateful to the whole team at @ultimopress for working on it with me.

In stores today from @ultimopress HIGHER EDUCATION by @mcpherk and GOD OF NO GOOD by Sita Walker

Look at this: one of our brilliantly talented editors has written a novel! Congratulations, @mcpherk, we can't wait to read it!

It’s a bit surreal and damn exciting picking up things that friends have created! @mcpherk so ready to crack into this!

does anyone have Tár’s running playlist ?

My book is out in Feb, here are some ways to get a copy:

🇦🇺 Aus:

🌈 International:

it's about being young and feeling old, and feeling smart and being dumb. paradox!!

Book orders starting to go out!

You can get one here (free international shipping, wow):

Came back to London to the most exciting post - an early copy of @mcpherk’s book!

finished copies of my book from @ultimopress

can't wait for the world clup (how i say world cup)

i just think it’s none of my business who figaro marries

interesting discussion of first-person telling and narratives about sex.

my view is the figure of the lesbian is like the canary in the coal mine for anxious heterosexuality. see: bad sisters, conversations with friends, getting lost by annie ernaux