Jonathan Gornall

Jonathan Gornall


Jonathan Gornall is a freelance British journalist, formerly with The Times, who has lived and worked in the Middle East and is now based in the UK.

While at The Times he wrote the humorous weekly column Microwave Man, which recounted the adventures of a newly single forty-something male. A novel based on the column was published by Penguin.

Subsequently happily married and now living in East Anglia with his wife and young daughter, these days he specialises in health, a subject on which he writes for the British Medical Journal and the Daily Mail. He also covers a wide range of topics for The National, the UAE-based leading English language daily newspaper in the Arabian Gulf, where he was on the staff from 2008 to 2012. During that time he lived in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and travelled to many countries in the region, including Iraq, Oman and Qatar.

In 2014 Jonathan was named freelance journalist of the year (professional media) by the Medical Journalists’ Association. The award was made for a series of articles for the British Medical Journal in which he investigated the power of the alcohol industry and its influence on public health policy throughout Europe.

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Learn more at @howtobuildaboat ...

“Farage's Brexit Party also poses a threat to the Conservative Party”. Wait. Isn’t that how we got into this mess in the first place? (Can’t wait for the book, Dave.)

Now that’s what I CALL a honeymoon :)

Super piece from @JonathanGornall arguing that publicly financed #UHC can build peace and stability in countries

Smug @trussliz. Clowns now, perhaps prophets tomorrow. We should all think about what they are saying instead of moaning about how they’re saying it - which is, after all, the only way @ExtinctionR can get airtime. Read recent @WMO climate report and @UNclimate call for action.

From Milan to Suffolk, first copies of the Italian version of my book @HowToBuildABoat have landed. As much a love letter to East Anglia as to my daughter, I predict Suffolk should expect a wave of Italian tourism 📸@Visit_Suffolk @allaboutsuffolk @suffolkmag @DiscoverSuffolk ⛵️

Hello @London_cf, I'm a freelance journalist ( Can you tell me the final sum raised by the Grenfell Tower appeal? The latest info on your site is that as of May 2018 £9,598,556.91 had been raised. Thanks, J.

Yet more evidence that the British people were largely deceived into voting for Brexit. What will it take for the corrupt referendum result to be overturned? Courage, which the government lacks.

Nige’s impressively muscular heavies, always in shot, look more nervous by the day. I do hope they’re getting above minimum wage. If they’re there to make him look all prime-ministerial, it isn’t working. I’d say “thuggish” is the main vibe emanating from Nige and his chunky crew

A story of ships, family and the unsailed sea, How To Build A Boat by Jonathan Gornall is a beautiful and inspiring book about the time and love invested into a life-affirming project @HowToBuildABoat

Calm down, everyone, it’s just a game ...

No, but neither are you the only person to smugly tell the world through social media that you have never watched Game of Thrones, as though that somehow makes you a better person. Spoiler alert: Watched it, haven’t watched it - no one else cares.

And yet all those who were willingly conned before are happy to be conned again, seduced by the chance to wave a flag and blame all their problems on foreigners. Farage has demonstrated that hateful prejudice is alive and well in our divided society.

Yes, you were right. Divisive is one thing, dangerous incitement quite another. Poisonous rabble-rousing of this kind will be familiar to a handful of surviving Europeans of a certain age.

What enormous fib will be spray-painted on the bus THIS time, Nige?

All the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order! Free-form and fun - exactly how music should be at this age. And what better start to a lifetime of creativity ...

That’s what happens when you decide to disrupt the status quo, I guess - the onus is on you to explain why. I voted to remain because to me a unified Europe clearly makes sense, as an effective trading bloc and an engine of cross-cultural harmony, tolerance and peace. Your turn.

This is the anti Establishment party - a squillionaire. A career politician - 20 years an MEP. And Annunziata Rees-Mogg. Where is PG Wodehouse in our time of need?

And again, who are you?