Jonathan Gornall

Jonathan Gornall


Jonathan Gornall is a freelance British journalist, formerly with The Times, who has lived and worked in the Middle East and is now based in the UK.

While at The Times he wrote the humorous weekly column Microwave Man, which recounted the adventures of a newly single forty-something male. A novel based on the column was published by Penguin.

Subsequently happily married and now living in East Anglia with his wife and young daughter, these days he specialises in health, a subject on which he writes for the British Medical Journal and the Daily Mail. He also covers a wide range of topics for The National, the UAE-based leading English language daily newspaper in the Arabian Gulf, where he was on the staff from 2008 to 2012. During that time he lived in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and travelled to many countries in the region, including Iraq, Oman and Qatar.

In 2014 Jonathan was named freelance journalist of the year (professional media) by the Medical Journalists’ Association. The award was made for a series of articles for the British Medical Journal in which he investigated the power of the alcohol industry and its influence on public health policy throughout Europe.

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#OPINION: #Antisemitism and criticism of the behavior of Israel’s government have now become falsely but inextricably conflated, effectively shutting down debate about the behavior of #Israel toward #Palestinians, writes @JonathanGornall

Bank warns interest rates will rise again if firms hike prices … hey ⁦@bt_uk⁩ , I believe he’s looking at you #inflation

Indeed …

And Tony Blair did not intentionally or knowingly mislead parliament or the country when he led us into the disastrous Iraq war at the behest of the US …

More from @GhaithAbdulahad here …

More from @GhaithAbdulahad here …

Surprised to see no comments from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change @InstituteGC on the 20th anniversary of the “change” he helped to bring about for more than a quarter of a million Iraqis …

That’s nice. Any thoughts on this?

Anniversary of a catastrophe

. @campbellclaret … any thoughts you’d like to share on the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq?

. @campbellclaret … any thoughts you’d like to share on the 20th anniversary of the invasion of #Iraq?

@CostsOfWar #DeepDive: The #US Army’s review of the #IraqWar concludes an “emboldened #Iran appears to be the only winner”. Check out our latest #DeepDive “Anatomy of a Disaster” on the Iraq War:

#DeepDive: The #IraqWar was a costly mistake that destabilized the region, benefited #Iran, and caused untold suffering for the Iraqi people. Explore our latest interactive #DeepDive “Anatomy of a Disaster” on the Iraq War:

It’s 20 years on, but the sake of the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost we should never forget how the west forged a false case for attacking #Iraq . To this day no one has been held accountable for the lies that led to war.

I do, thanks: a detailed explanation of why BT is hiking prices so dramatically, rather than the throwaway and clearly unjustifiable one-word excuse of “inflation”, which is all customers have been offered. Please spell out the reasoning.

“Anything else” in addition to what, exactly?

So @bt_uk puts up its prices to consumers from March 31 by an inflation-boosting 14.4% - blaming #inflation! And the small print says this is “in line with the 10.5% rate of inflation” … er, plus a mysterious additional 3.9%. Nice.