Jonathan Gornall

Jonathan Gornall


Jonathan Gornall is a freelance British journalist, formerly with The Times, who has lived and worked in the Middle East and is now based in the UK.

While at The Times he wrote the humorous weekly column Microwave Man, which recounted the adventures of a newly single forty-something male. A novel based on the column was published by Penguin.

Subsequently happily married and now living in East Anglia with his wife and young daughter, these days he specialises in health, a subject on which he writes for the British Medical Journal and the Daily Mail. He also covers a wide range of topics for The National, the UAE-based leading English language daily newspaper in the Arabian Gulf, where he was on the staff from 2008 to 2012. During that time he lived in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and travelled to many countries in the region, including Iraq, Oman and Qatar.

In 2014 Jonathan was named freelance journalist of the year (professional media) by the Medical Journalists’ Association. The award was made for a series of articles for the British Medical Journal in which he investigated the power of the alcohol industry and its influence on public health policy throughout Europe.

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Why Nigel Farage is wrong about London being 'minority white'

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Funny how civilisation managed to stagger on all these years without the help of #twitter. Seriously, @elonmusk, do you even hear yourself?

So having sabotaged the UK’s relationship with its biggest market, the #EU, the ⁦@Conservatives⁩ now plan to aggravate #China, the world’s biggest manufacturer. One way to balance trade, I guess.

Yes, that’ll be it, @elonmusk. It will have absolutely nothing to do with not wishing to be associated with the ravings of the army of racists, conspiracy theorists and other assorted lunatics to whom you are proud to give a platform.

It ain’t me babe: machine-signing aside, why does #BobDylan need a team of 5 people to sign a book? Trying to picture the world-of-crazy scene …

Another good reason never to visit #Australia.

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Yes, @FleurHassanN, but I’m not so sure the one cancels out the other, or diminishes the shock expressed by @GaryLineker . Do you have anything to say, or to correct, about this school story?

Except, of course, Carlin wasn’t talking about political correctness.

I actually think it's ok to hate somebody whose combination of negligence, indolence, arrogance and stupidity created a policy that caused tens of thousands of entirely avoidable deaths. And who then monetised it.

That's not hysteria. That's morality.

Consider me a hater.

The real curse of Twitter are these lifestyle “experts”, such as @artoflife_, telling everyone how to live their life, and offering vacuous advice on how to “succeed” in whatever. It’s a form of fascism, peddled by snake-oil salespersons.

@JonathanGornall argues that holding the #WorldCup in the #MiddleEast for the first time is so transparently beneficial for the region that "only those with a cynically negative agenda would fail to acknowledge any of this. Step forward the British press.”

The relentless sniping at the #QatarWorldCup ignores the seismic shifts in society taking place through sporting engagement, and the tremendous benefits these are bringing for ordinary people, argues @JonathanGornall

#OPINION: Addressing #ClimateChange demands a single-minded, united global effort and loss and damage is a divisive, politically motivated distraction, writes @JonathanGornall #COP27

"In May 1976, Majeed Khan, a young graduate of the University of Sindh, in Jamshoro, Pakistan, traveled to Saudi Arabia to join the Ministry of Tourism as an archaeological consultant. It was to prove an inspired appointment." @uosindh @JonathanGornall