Jonathan Gornall

Jonathan Gornall


Jonathan Gornall is a freelance British journalist, formerly with The Times, who has lived and worked in the Middle East and is now based in the UK.

While at The Times he wrote the humorous weekly column Microwave Man, which recounted the adventures of a newly single forty-something male. A novel based on the column was published by Penguin.

Subsequently happily married and now living in East Anglia with his wife and young daughter, these days he specialises in health, a subject on which he writes for the British Medical Journal and the Daily Mail. He also covers a wide range of topics for The National, the UAE-based leading English language daily newspaper in the Arabian Gulf, where he was on the staff from 2008 to 2012. During that time he lived in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and travelled to many countries in the region, including Iraq, Oman and Qatar.

In 2014 Jonathan was named freelance journalist of the year (professional media) by the Medical Journalists’ Association. The award was made for a series of articles for the British Medical Journal in which he investigated the power of the alcohol industry and its influence on public health policy throughout Europe.

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@RebeccaSeal Plus school fetes are a masterclass in recycling. You take in all your unwanted stuff and pay to take some more, but different, unwanted stuff home. No waste, income generated, House still cluttered.

Today is the NHS’s birthday. If you oppose NHS privatisation and want to fight for the NHS’s future, please RT💙🚨💙🚨💙🚨💙🚨💙🚨💙🚨💙,-greens-warn/

Extraordinary that every politician knows that Brexit is an act of economic self-harm, but are all too frightened of saying it, because their focus groups are telling them that a large section of the population would rather live with that harm than the fact they were tricked.

Congratulations, @Keir_Starmer. You have just made @UKLabour unelectable for a generation.

A #Brexit "policy" cooked up by cowards with no political authenticity or conviction. In saying this, #starmer has destroyed any chance #Labour had of taking power. Tragic for Britain. Majority would now vote to undo #BrexitShambles

So #labour "will do #Brexit better than #Tories"? Good grief. So if not Tory-lite Labour, which party will undo the #BrexitShambles? BBC News - Brexit: No case for UK returning to EU, Labour leader Starmer says

They’re privatising the NHS. And it is harming NHS patients. And they’re gaslighting the campaigners speaking up, denying they’re doing it. They’re degrading the working conditions of NHS staff.

We must REVERSE NHS privatisation.

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Here I responded to the argument that teaching young children about the history of racism is going to make White kids feel bad. Thank you @colbertlateshow for having me. #HowToRaiseAnAntiracist

Thanks for all the birthday greetings! To tell the truth, I don’t feel like 96 at all—I feel a lot more like 95.

Wow, @cretiredroy, and I'll bet you're just as much fun when it comes to sharing out the bill.

Lots of outrage and the odd libel in the responses, but not much in the way of actual facts to go on. What (or who) is @FewsLane? Does it have a dog in this race (such as opposing development in its backyard)? Is this really about greed, or does #Cambridgeshire badly need houses?

Thanks, @Nigel_Farage

Terrific writing and analysis by @tomowolade.

Presumably, @Snowden, you clicked "OK" in order to post this tweet? So brave.

Ideal first-time property for a young couple in #Aldeburgh, #Suffolk. Or it would be, were it not for the insane price imposed by the #secondhomes curse. Still, I expect the buyers will enjoy the two or three weeks a year they will spend there.

Er, what now? @Nigel_Farage, a man in search of the next divisive issue he can dream up. #tinfoilhats all round.